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Libby’s Birthday!

Believe it or not, it’s Libby’s birthday! And as her loving character, I have gifted her an ENTIRE POST for herself. So without farther ado (Marissa, I did see your comment, and watch for a GYH Guard Your Heart post coming up soon :D), everyone welcome…. Libby!

Hi everybody! Thank you to BRB for being so generous! I raised you well. XD

So yes, today is my birthday. I’m 18.
Comes as a surprise to a couple of you, but not too many. You all are such faithful followers I know you through email as well, so you already knew that. But to those of you who didn’t, there you go!

I’ve been so amazingly blessed in my life this last two years of my life, but this last year especially, and I think it’ll be fun to do a little review of what’s been happening in my life outside of the blog.  Read more »

A Bit of Encouragement for the Waiting Girl

It’s never impossible to wait for someone like the above.
He got to love God genuinely.
He got to seek Him.
He got to speak to God.
He got to trust God to guide him to the wife he needs.
He got to have such a close relationship with God that he tells Him about the girl he can’t wait to meet.
And God knows it’s me.


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“Hope” by Libby

Here I stand,
Only knowing this;
Pain and sadness are temporary,
Even though they seem forever.

Hurt, misery, suffering
Oblivious to what I have.
Pretending to last

Hugs only last so long.
Original pleas surface again.
People get annoyed.
Everything seems to fall apart.

Help is futile.
Oral confirmations,
Pointless words,
Eager to do nothing.

Here I stand,
Only knowing this;
Pealing back the lies,
Emmanuel will help!

Hallelujah, Alpha and
Omega; I will
Praise and seek You



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Why I don’t Hug Boys (and other tips)

Hey all! Welcome back to my blog again. It’s so cool that you keep coming back and reading all my random stuff. *hugs*

Oh… right.
So a couple weeks back I feel into this awkward situation, and it was probably all in my head, but still.

I have a lot of friends that are girls. I’m not gonna list them.
But beside that, I have a couple of friends that are boys.
Before I started getting all into youth group and church, I was totally not Read more »

New Year Resolutions

Welcome Back!

First, I want to just say that this post is a little bit late, most people already posted their resolutions, but I’m just doing it now. But guess what? I don’t really care. I want to post it now, so I am doing it! Who said I have to follow the rules?

So here are my different Year end lists.

Blog Year Recap!

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My Christmas This Year

Hi Folks! Remember last week I said that I had an epic Christmas party that I was gonna share with you all? Well here it is! Due to the fact that it was on my posting day, Wednesday, my schedule has been pushed back some, and so my Resolution and Accomplishments post will not be up until next week. But you all don’t mind, right?

So here is it, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday morning when I woke up my throat really hurt and my head was whining, but I got up at 9 like mom asked. I dressed in my big pink skirt and Clearwater Florida hoody because I was feeling sorry for myself.
I cleaned up randomly around the house because that day was my cooking day for chores, and I did not have an assigned room.
We extended the table and decorated it a little. Then I set the meatballs to cook in barbecue sauce and pealed a huge pot of potatoes (thanks mom for helping out there.)
After making sure the house was clean I curled up in my bed and fell asleep.

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HAPPY New Year


Y’all, I had the most epic Christmas party with my friends and that’s why I didn’t post last week. So I plan to share that party with you all in words, next week