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A Bit of Encouragement for the Waiting Girl

It’s never impossible to wait for someone like the above.
He got to love God genuinely.
He got to seek Him.
He got to speak to God.
He got to trust God to guide him to the wife he needs.
He got to have such a close relationship with God that he tells Him about the girl he can’t wait to meet.
And God knows it’s me.


New Year Resolutions

Welcome Back!

First, I want to just say that this post is a little bit late, most people already posted their resolutions, but I’m just doing it now. But guess what? I don’t really care. I want to post it now, so I am doing it! Who said I have to follow the rules?

So here are my different Year end lists.

Blog Year Recap!

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My Christmas This Year

Hi Folks! Remember last week I said that I had an epic Christmas party that I was gonna share with you all? Well here it is! Due to the fact that it was on my posting day, Wednesday, my schedule has been pushed back some, and so my Resolution and Accomplishments post will not be up until next week. But you all don’t mind, right?

So here is it, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday morning when I woke up my throat really hurt and my head was whining, but I got up at 9 like mom asked. I dressed in my big pink skirt and Clearwater Florida hoody because I was feeling sorry for myself.
I cleaned up randomly around the house because that day was my cooking day for chores, and I did not have an assigned room.
We extended the table and decorated it a little. Then I set the meatballs to cook in barbecue sauce and pealed a huge pot of potatoes (thanks mom for helping out there.)
After making sure the house was clean I curled up in my bed and fell asleep.

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Sneak Peak into Fall in Love Challenge

Hey all.

So Christmas is like totally coming around the corner! I’m so excited!

I mean come on, how can you not be excited!
Hard times fall on people at all times of life. It seems they couldn’t care less what time of year it is, but WE get to chose what we do with that. We can chose to slouch and whine and complain cry all day, and in the end ruin everyone else’s Christmas, or we can take this opportunity to take our eyes off of ourselves and our struggles and pain, and bless others. We can reach out and chose to make this someone else’s best Christmas ever. Read more »