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Jan 4, 2018 - Journal Entries, Photos    2 Comments

My Christmas This Year

Hi Folks! Remember last week I said that I had an epic Christmas party that I was gonna share with you all? Well here it is! Due to the fact that it was on my posting day, Wednesday, my schedule has been pushed back some, and so my Resolution and Accomplishments post will not be up until next week. But you all don’t mind, right?

So here is it, I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday morning when I woke up my throat really hurt and my head was whining, but I got up at 9 like mom asked. I dressed in my big pink skirt and Clearwater Florida hoody because I was feeling sorry for myself.
I cleaned up randomly around the house because that day was my cooking day for chores, and I did not have an assigned room.
We extended the table and decorated it a little. Then I set the meatballs to cook in barbecue sauce and pealed a huge pot of potatoes (thanks mom for helping out there.)
After making sure the house was clean I curled up in my bed and fell asleep.

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Dec 31, 2017 - Photos    1 Comment

HAPPY New Year


Y’all, I had the most epic Christmas party with my friends and that’s why I didn’t post last week. So I plan to share that party with you all in words, next week



Hi all.

This Sunday Mom and Steve took us to the park. Kate, Lilly and I collected Acorns into a small 2 gallon bucket from Home Depot. We raked the leaves into huge piles, and our new puppy bounced and played in the leavesĀ so cute!

Her name is Ginger Pumpkin, Kate and Lily named her. But I will call her Ginger Pie Read more »

Bit Of Everything #2

Hi guys! I have to do a BOE because I have a bunch of random stuff that has to go up here, but not enough to make each its own post.

So this week, I took part in Lydia’s blog tour, and I never really found those to make the most interesting posts, so I wanted to throw some fun stuff in this week too.
Next week we talk about… ok, so I won’t tell you. That way you can’t just go and look it up by yourselves. XD

So first and foremost, I started a Read more »

Sep 1, 2017 - Journals, Photos    4 Comments

My Journals! Part 2

Hi all. Here is Part 2, cause I didn’t get to it all on Wednesday.

Gray Marie commented on my previous post and said that she used to journal, but she stopped because her siblings got into her journals. I understand that. Such a bummer. I mostly don’t write things I haven’t already told my family, so even if they did try to get into my books they’d just be reading what I’ve already told them. Our family is super close, so we all know everything.

And back to my Journals! So I’m gonna continue the categories.

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Aug 23, 2017 - Photos, Random Facts    No Comments

The Eclipse!

Hey Guys! I’m sure you all heard about the Epic Eclipse we had this Monday. It was AWESOME. Like we all use that word way to much, but in this case I’m using it correctly. I was amazed! Honestly when I first saw the “bite” or “First Kiss” as it was called, I was like “Hey! That is awesome! It’s actually doing it! Like the Eclipse is for real!”

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