Wonder What I Look Like?

Hi guys! I know you are all DYING to see a picture of me. Well gee, thanks. Lol. I like to have my hair in a pony tail most of the time, even though it has to be short. I do have to keep it short like I said in the post before, but never to short to be put away.

Ok ok, here is a photo. Continue reading

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Get to Know Me!

Hi guys.

You hardly know me! Here are 23 random facts about me. Continue reading

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My Favorite Places

This is the entry where I write about my favorite places in the world. Buckle your seat belt. This might take a while. I am going to do my top 5, least to greatest.

#5 May View Pool

I love swimming. Back when I took swimming lessons when I was ten I made it a goal for myself to eventually get an Instructors Certificate and teach swimming lessons. But five years later I now look back and Continue reading

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Hello all you Folks!


Hi Guys! This is my brand new blog! My “Uncle” who I call my dad told me I should. I write in my diary almost daily, and recite stories to my family multiple times, so he thought I should have somewhere to share them where people will read them and I can tell them. XD

My life is a huge story. So here is the beginning. Continue reading

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