Hi all.

This Sunday Mom and Steve took us to the park. Kate, Lilly and I collected Acorns into a small 2 gallon bucket from Home Depot. We raked the leaves into huge piles, and our new puppy bounced and played in the leavesĀ so cute!

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Oct 13, 2017 - Random Facts    2 Comments


Hi. A very random post today. I want to post about my almost most favorite thing. I really really love Willow Tree Figurines. So much! I know that it’s odd to a lot of people, the fact that the figures do not have faces, but I put so much into those faces from my own imagination.

Each piece has its own unique meaning to each person that has one, so to me each of my figures means something.

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Oct 11, 2017 - Bible Philosophy    No Comments


Here is an article I read recently about the Tabernacle. It’s amazing. Take the tour and soak it in.



“Travel backward in time with me 3,500 years, and I will take you into one of the most awe-inspiring buildings this world has ever seen. It is no skyscraper–fifteen feet tall it stands, barely a story and a half. It has no glistening windows, no resplendent dome, no paintings like modern cathedrals. From the outside, it is actually drab, a tentlike structure covered over with skins, bleached nearly white by the hot sun.

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Oct 6, 2017 - Random Facts    3 Comments


Ok first, I’m so sorry about the complications over the comments. Shout out to Gray from Writingislife for letting me know about the problem and it’s now fixed! I want you to know that I really appreciate all your guys comments, thanks for taking the time to do that!
Today is a fun post! Kate made a cardboard version of the game Catan, which is awesome people. We didn’t really want to buy it new so she decided to make the exact same thing with cardboard!

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Oct 4, 2017 - Bible Philosophy    3 Comments


Hi all. I am sorry to say that I really ought to stop making promises. My original topic for today has been moved forward to Friday, and today I’m talking about the Conscience. I also tried something new, from now on my titles will be all CAPS to make it stand out better.

A few days back I had a super fun get together with my friends. It’s something we try to do once a month. Joseph was there, Ethan and Tanya, and Bailey, of course Kate and Lilly, and a bunch of my other friends. We hung out, ate pizza, played frisbee, and watch the movie “The Resurrection of Gaven Stone” (A really good movie, I recommend watching it with you family of group of friends). We were very busy, so we didn’t get to Bible study until later in the evening. It was really good. Tanya played the guitar, and we sang worship songs. And I got to bring up this one point that I’ve been really lead through in my life right now.

I wrote it all out the day before, so here it is for you guys to read. I think it’s something every Christian should approach and think about.

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