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Road Trip Part 4!

Yes, there’s a part 4. And more. If you haven’t read the previous three parts, you can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here.

I’m sorry if I’m boring you all. All the commenters said they’ve enjoyed the posts, so I’m just gonna keep going!

Day 2 of New York started at a fun Bagel Buffet which wasn’t a buffet and sold a lot more than Bagels.

Took an Uber Downtown

Walked to the Empire State Building (Guys its so tall but SO TINY INSIDE)

Then of course we went to Time Square (When in New York….. go to Time Square? Also much smaller than I thought.)

Grand Central Station. Small, but there’s where the giraffes head goes.

Trump Tower with this crazy three (or four?) story waterfall going down the wall. Security everywhere, everything was gold colored. Crazy.

Central Park. We didn’t get good photos at Central Park. Moods were down because we were very hungry, hot, and our feet were dead. We walked for another hour in search of someplace to eat and finally found a Dunken Donuts. It was food, and we ate it. And then we got back and back and back and got caught in New York rain and I so wish I had gotten a picture of the boys huddling together under my sweater, but I was too busy trying not to get my phone wet XD.

The next morning we had chocolate chip muffins again and then drove to South Beach.

The beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Always I’ve been told that the Atlantic is freezing, windy and unfriendly. The beach I met was not any of those things. Having been to the Pacific Ocean several times myself, since it’s the place the boys are from and the ocean nearest me, I expected the Atlantic colder and less friendly.

It was amazing. The water was warm, waves were calm and serene and the sand was soft, hot in the sun, cool at the waters edge, and littered with tiny shells and smooth beach glass.

Gordon was especially proud to have touched two oceans. It was gorgeous. We spent an hour just walking up and down the beach collecting green and white beach glass and pretty shells and walking in the sunshine and soaking up the few hours we had on the other side of the continent.

We got on the road and drove to Philadelphia,

We stopped at Independence Hall. The place was amazing to see. This was where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Such a huge part of our nation’s history took place.

We had to stand in a long line to get inside, and because of big families slyly cutting in line, we got left outside the group (the groups are let in by number of people) to wait twice as long as we should have BUT not complaining. We got to sit. And…

It was so worth it. Amazing. To stand in the courtroom of that era and to listen to the guide set the stage. It was unreal. But no, this wasn’t the room the Declaration was signed in…

This was. the huge green room full of chairs, and full of history. We stood in the same room as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin franklin, as well as so many other monumental people. It was so crazy.

The chair (Which in this picture is conveniently right behind Virgil’s ear) was the original from when the Declaration was signed. The original that George Washington sat in and I might be getting a little carried away but UGH it was amazing!

We stood in the exact place where Abraham Lincoln stood, and not far away John F. Kennedy too.

Then we crossed the street and got to see the Liberty Bell. Philadelphia was crazy cool to visit.

Visitors center with plenty of souvenirs.

Signing our own Declaration. Then we got back on the road and drove loooong hours to get to… Washington D. C!

I’ll probably post more this week, because these are getting long, so keep an eye out for our D.C. trip soon!


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NEW YORK Road Trip Part 3

Goooood day everybody! Today I did not schedule the post so it’s coming out a bit later in the day but that’s ok I’m sure. Here’s part three of our road trip! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, just click on it to get there!

Also, Happy Independence Day everybody! I cannot believe that it’s July 4th tomorrow. Insane. Where does the time goooo?

It was too early for the squids when we got up the next morning. 5 AM. It was cold, so they cuddled in my hoody. I let them.

After a little while we got to Lake Erie and got breakfast there. Lake Erie…. was like 50% as good as lake Michigan. Lake Michigan was clean and bright and beautiful, and Lake Erie was muddy and had mosquitos the size of a triceratops.

We made some new friends on the road, picking up these two little cuties, Panda and Penguin. They’re from what’s called Banana’s and I was just willing to buy into them. If I’m honest I can say I looked it up and knew exactly what I was getting, so I wasn’t disappointed at all. 😀 Alan adopted them as his little friends right off the bat, but Gordon gave him a bit of a challenge too.

Our first glimps of New York City!

We were all exhausted, to say the least. Driving for 8 hours straight would do that to anybody. So we spent the rest of the night in the hotel, watching Finding Dory and other random shows. But it was worth it because we were all energized the next day for…

New York City! We first found a place to look at it from the Jersey side, and it was… insane to say the least.

We saw whatever this is. I can’t remember if it’s the Stock Market or Wall Street… Ok it’s on Wall Street. Anyway, we went to Wall Street.

One of the first streets we walked down. If you look really hard you might see the famous Brass Bull. I did not get a picture with it because I chose not to… But my dad did XD

We went to the new World Trade Center…

And the memorial for both of the old ones.

It was huge and magnificent, and solemn.

From there we walked to Oculus Plaza, and it was so BIG and TALL because from the outside it’s the smallest of the buildings in the world trade center, but most of it is UNDER ground. If you look at the picture you can see the yellowish lighting coming in. That’s the ground level. That’s where you come in from the grass outside. INSANE RIGHT?

All that walking drove us all a little tired and Alan almost had a meltdown, but I train my babies and we avoided the crisis.

From there we walked to the Staten Island Ferry. There were actual scammers right outside the door trying to sell tickets on the ferry when THE FERRY IS FREE. Not all tourists know that and they get scammed…

That photo was expectations…

This was their comfortable reality. It’s a good thing they’re light or I would have made them walk.

Waiting among lots and lots of people.

On the Ferry.

Trip back after dinner.

We got to see the Statue of Liberty.

We walked back to the Oculus and stopped at a couple of shops, including this little tea shop with tiny cups.

Scott wanted to try these crazy crayons. He protested after he found out I took a picture, so don’t tell him I posted it.

Good ol’ New York Subway. It was actually really clean, sleek, easy to use and not overcrowded at all. New York has a bad reputation for no reason.

Falafels and American Ninja Warrior Premier for dinner. Day One in New York had been a success.

Have you been to New York? What was your impression of it? Did it seem dirty and crowded and rude to you? I liked it more than I thought I would. Are you getting bored of these road trip posts? I have three more *hides* Want them broken up with other posts in between? Let’s chat in the comments!


To read Part 4 go Here!

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Road Trip Part 2 (More Pictures!)

Hello! Welcome back for part 2 of our road trip! Let’s jump back in. (If you haven’t read part 1 yet, go Here.)

Waiting for the train…

Are they adorable or what?!

We got on a Train to get from our hotel, in Deerfield.

It was so cool to ride the train for the first time! We got to…


I don’t know how many of you know this but I’m just at tiny bit bias towards Chicago. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, there are several awesome people that live there. Ethan Swanson, Jesse Flex Lebreck, Chris Digangi and multiple other ninja warriors live there. My youth leader Jamie also goes to Bible college there, and Michella Bates Keilen also lived there for some time. (I can’t remember if she still does at the moment.) Anyway, this was one part of the road trip that I was most ecstatic about. Originally when we were planning this road trip we were only going to stop in Chicago for the night. And I was not ok with that! I needed to see Chicago! I hadn’t been there in my life and didn’t know when I’d be back. So after a bit of prompting my family looked and found that there were a couple things that they did want to see there. So we set aside a full day for it and I was very glad.

Of course we went to see the bean. Or “Cloud Gate” as it’s more commonly known as. Let me get a better picture of it…

Believe it or not that was a lot of walking and we got super tired and very hot. So we walked up the street from Cloud Gate and got Giordano’s. We got Classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and that was some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life. I was so happy eating that pizza in the middle of Chicago I almost cried. XD

This place was just so pretty. Of course, we got a bit lost trying to walk to Navy Pier from the restaurant, but the views were awesome and we got to see more of the city.

I took these pictures. That’s how gorgeous it is here.

Skyline from the Navy Pier. Did I fall in love?

Farris Wheel at Navy Pier. So much aesthetic love.

These swings are awesome! I’ve ridden them both at the Santa Cruz Pier and at Disneyland California Adventures, but these on the Navy pier were the best that I’ve ever ridden. I was so happy it was spilling out of me.

So tired from walking around the city all day. We got an uber.

Back at the train station. The trains left at scheduled times and it was so cool!

We went to a place called Zupa’s for dinner and it was delicious!

I had a nice sandwich with tortilla soup. The salads were amazing too!

A little shopping…

They wanted Mochi. Have you tried Mochi? It’s like a Japanese ice cream sort of thing.

Told them they had to eat their veggies *facepalm*

More Hotel Shenanigans.

Tired babies.

So that was out Chicago day. (I also snuck the driving day in there too *hides*) We had one more driving day (thats for next weeks post) and then NEW YORK!

Have you been to Chicago? Ridden on those type of swings? Do you like Mochi? Let’s talk in the comments!


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Road Trip Part 1 (loads of pics!)

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Hello my girls! I’m so happy to be sharing with you. It’s crazy that you guys read my blog and I’m so blessed every time a comment or a like goes through and I’m reminded that these posts actually reach people.

Today I’m sharing with you the first part of my long roadtrip. There are going to be crochet squids in most of the pictures, and that’s because I started an Instagram account to track our roadtrip as if my little squid brothers were taking the trip. (If you have an Instagram account, you can follow @tracysquidbrothers to see more photos)

Intro and Mount Rushmore

We got on the road and drove all day and spent the night at a hotel. Our view was a cemetery, but we only needed to sleep there.

This is (youngest to oldest, left to right) Alan, Gordon, John, Virgil, and Scott. Yes, of course, they are named and created after my fandom brothers, which you can read about in my old post here.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Got back on the road.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip


Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Yes, it was snowing when we visited. Seriously snowing.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Focused on the presidents and the brothers came out blurry *facepalm*

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Drove some more and stopped at an old western town called 1880s Town. It was really cool to see how much old stuff they had!

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

And old Saloon. This was one of the only well preserved buildings on the property since it was actually being used as a place for entertaining. The rest of the buildings and accessories were very worn out and dusty.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

We also stopped at an old Minute Man Missle Silo.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

I touched a piece of the Berlin Wall.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

More driving.

And our first official destination was…

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

The Mall of America!

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

This place is huge! Four stories, 520 shops (I didn’t count, that was from the website), 50 restaurants and a theme park.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

So many things!

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

A Crayola store…

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Go karts…

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

And ropes course that I took. There were a whole bunch more rides, including two or three rollercoasters that were awesome, and many other fun ones.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Also there was this yarn store…

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Huge Lego store.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

I’m telling you this place was huge.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

My little monkey children.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

We were thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

After a good night’s sleep and another day of driving we got to see beautiful Lake Michigan.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

It was good to spend a day driving to rest from a full day of walking around the mall.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

But it was also fun to watch the squids be silly at the hotel.

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Some shenanigans. Those got quite popular with my Instagram followers XD. If you don’t know what’s happening here, Alan scared Scott in the shower and Gordon snatched a picture of them while Scott chase Alan around. It was quite the post. XD

That’s all for today. Next week I’ll post Part 2. Any guesses where we went next? No cheating and checking the account!
Are you planning a roadtrip this summer? Did you already take yours? What do you think of the squids? Let me know in the comments!


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Traitor, Flash Fiction by Libby

Traitor flash fiction by libby

I know I said I’d be posting about my road trip when I got back, but a three week long road trip is packed too chock full, and the post isn’t ready yet sooo… Instead I decided to share with you a bit of flash fiction I submitted to a little writing contest. I hope you like it!


I cock my pistol and spit on the palm of my hand, wiping the mud off on my black cargo pants. Crouching down, I push back a rebellious wisp of hair that had escaped my braid and shoot the raccoon on the pond edge before it realizes I’m there. I need to get a deer for Chelsea but, grabbing the dead animal by the tail, I know any chance would be too far away now.
I slit the raccoon down the middle, cleaning and skinning it quickly. Then I rinse the meat and my bloody hands in the pond.
I leave the bones and tramp through to the dirt road. My motor bike stands waiting and I stuff my kill into the cooler strapped to the back. I plop down and my mouth waters at the thought of dinner as I ride down the old road, but I’m stopping at the Crazy’s first or, the Carters, as Chelsea called them.

I called them that too. Back when mom and dad would take us to visit. But that was before the accident killed Mom and Dad, and she had only been three.
I’d been the only one left to take care of her, but I couldn’t. I’m too wild and too immature to raise a kid. So I left her at the Carter’s doorstep, promising her I’d visit once a week in secret.
They say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. Maybe I don’t care. I enjoy my freedom and home in an old mechanic’s shop. It’s untidy and perfect. I have a bed and couch, and no responsibilities.

A bump in the road jars my jaw and my thick black braid flips over my shoulder. I flick it back, knowing it was probably time to wash. Chelsea will comment on it when I get to the shed.

She does. “Ellen, you are just a fair mess.” Her language matches her adoptive families.
I roll my eyes.
Her little eight year old face burst into a grin and all the polite lady the Crazy’s had trained into her flew to the wind as she bounds up to wrap her arms around me. “I miss you and you stink,” she mumbles, her hug tight and needy.
“Bug.” I reply curtly.
She breaths a deep sigh and lets go. “I brought three cookies.”
“Yay.” I motion to my bike. “I’m making another ‘coon cap. Want one?”
Chelsea wrinkles her nose. “Why would I wear dead skin on my head?”
“Fine with me.” I growl. “Crazy’s still feeding you?”
Chelsea laughs, “Of course. They never stopped.”
I let loose my braid and wind it up into a tight bun. “Good. I’ll see you next week.”
“See you.” Chelsea presses a kiss to my cheek and then wipes her lips roughly. Her personality developed into a Carter girl, but no matter what  they speak about me, she still loves me for the mess I am.
I am old enough now to support her on my own, but I chose to leave her where she is. It’s best for both of us, even if I do have to wear the title of a traitor.

I’d even gotten a deer to bring to the Carter’s table. But the house is empty. The doors are locked, windows dark.
My stupid breath sticks in my throat and reality crashes hard. The Crazy’s had moved. And they hadn’t left Chelsea.
“Chelsea! Peter, Claire?” I call the kids’ names.
I punch the window so hard it shatters. It only takes a glance to confirm what I already know.
I’d come to the shed where we always met. Where the “Phantom Hunter” leaves his offerings, but Chelsea hadn’t been there. This was the first Wednesday in five years that I didn’t know where she was.
I’d found a soggy piece of paper crumpled in her hurried scratches. “They didn’t tell me.”
I believe her. I’d never see Chelsea again.

Dropping my knees to the sharp gravel and grinding my teeth, I survey in vain the emptiness. My eyes flood and I hear myself scream in rage. They’d taken my sister away. The foreign, wet tears run down my dusty cheeks. Nineteen years old and I’d lost my sister.
My throat shuts and my jaw clenches so hard my head throbs. I ball my fists, leaning forward to sob.
Maybe I hadn’t before, but I care now.

I care with all my heart.


What did you think? Anything you would change to the story? What’s your opinion on sibling relationships? Was Ellen wrong to leave Chelsea with the Carters? Let’s talk in the comments!


Fiction by Libby My Writing

Ten Things I Learned in School

Happy June/Summer girlies!

Ok, to be fair, I learned a whole lot in school. What I meant was during my years in school, over time. Life lessons, outside of cranial knowledge, you understand?

Let’s get to it.

.1. What seems impossible now, will make an insane amount of sense… eventually.
There were some things, especially in Math and Physics felt like complete jibberish, and it all was. Until I learned one step further, and the extra facts that I had to learn earlier fell into place, and I found that *news flash* THEY WERE THERE FOR A REASON.

2. You will, actually, use that in life.
I’m honestly surprised about the amount of things in life I’m actually able to calculate or make an educated guess about now that I KNOW these things. Cooking or cleaning, hosting a yard sale, even creating my own journal cover and crocheting literally ANYTHING I’ve been able to practice the things I would otherwise go without. I mean yes, it’s true that I probably could get by without them. But since I do know them I do use them.

3. If it’s too hard now, set it aside and come back later.
Fractions guys. When I first started learning fractions it was like pulling out my hair. So much so that it was frustrating my mom along with me. There was a page, I remember now, in my 4th grade workbook that my mom waved off and let me skip for the day. Then, the day we were celebrating my graduating that grade, as I flipped through the book, I stumbled across that page.
My mom had me get out my pencil and try it again, and guess what? I had it done in a couple of minutes. It may not be that you can’t get it, but you need a little more time.

4. Don’t give up on something forever, just cuz you hate it now.
Talk to me about writing. Until 6th grade (when I was 12) you wouldn’t catch me writing anything I didn’t have to. I hated it with a PASSION. Writing anything, especially fiction, was grinding my teeth. It just hurt. I dreaded the end of every unit because I had to write a first draft of a basic topic. It was… awful. I still remember the pit in my stomach.
Obviously, that’s changed. For some reason at 12 I decided I was going to write a book. And I did. Granted it took me two years to finish, but I worked hard, and I developed the plot and I grew to love my characters and their story. I haven’t stopped writing since.

5. Always listen to your mama. She can help!
I just put this one to brag my mom. Guys I have the best mom. She’s the wisest, smartest, most patient, loving lady you will ever meet. She grew up with exactly my personality and understands me more that I could possibly explain to her. We relate. And that just means the world. She got me through this. Through twelve years of labor. I owe her an innumerable amount of credit because without her I would not be where I am today. The work she put into finding my curriculum, the stress she put up with going through it all with nothing to go off of. Girls, my mom is a super woman. I love her so much.

6. You won’t die. You think you will, but you won’t.
All through my junior year I felt like I would never get through Physics. It was literally killing me. I complained to everyone who would listen. I cried sometimes, skipped other parts. Screamed at my own self and scourged the internet looking FOR SOMEONE TO GET THIS TO MAKE SENSE. I thought I would be doing physics forever. And yet… Steadily, I moved forward, until, unbelievably, I finished! I was in awe, and still am, actually. How did I get out of it? One booklet at a time.

7. Reviewing really helps.
As much as you think to know what you know, it’s always good to review. Reminders are PRICELESS and humans constantly need to be reminded of things, we even need.

8. U.S. History, Biology, English, and Math are not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
Almost my entire life I’ve been waiting, sweating about when it’s finally gonna get… schoolish. It never did. It never got too hard, impossible. I never thought I would consider dropping out. I mean it’s pretty hard to drop out of school when you literally live at your own school. But I just thought, when am I going to get to the point where drop-outs drop out? I never got to it. I guess It just was never that hard for me. Maybe I was raised differently. Maybe things just never got that hard for me. I don’t know. I never got there.

9. The grade is not what matters, it’s what you learn that you walk away with.
I’d walk away from tests of low Bs and I’d be disappointed, almost upset to tears. But I would review and one time I had an epiphany. After you finish school, the grade you got on that test will LITERALLY never matter again. What matters is the knowledge you walked away with. It’s ok to learn something AFTER you’ve done the test BECAUSE you didn’t do as well as you wanted to. The test is just a test. It doesn’t mean anything when you choose to learn the things you need to learn, even if you can’t go back and change that grade.

10. It does end. And it’s wierd.
School ends. I always knew it would but I guess I never actually thought it would. Like…. I’m done. Forever. I’m done. I don’t know how many time’s I’ll have to say/write that before I actually grasp it. Not too long maybe. Or forever.

I just have to say thank you to my Mom for being the best teacher, my dad for being the best principle/tutor, my sisters for being the best classmates and God for getting me through all of it.

And thank you guys for reading through this! XD I hope you enjoyed. Have you finished school? If not, what grade are you in? Are you excited?

(I’ll be back next week from my trip and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share with you girls!)

Live, laugh, and love, girls!

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I’m Graduated


Yeah. I did it. I’m graduated.
I’m not even a senior anymore. I’m graduated. That makes me want to cry.

Goodbye schoolwork. Tests, quizzes. Days sitting at my desk studying my work. The excitement that comes with getting a good grade, accomplishing another booklet, finishing that DUMB PHYSICS SEMESTER THAT LITERALLY KILLED ME (technically that was last year but it still plagues me).

Ok so technically I finished school April 19th. But I haven’t said anything about it yet because.. I finished during Camp Nano and honestly it didn’t feel all that much like I’d finished since had to write every day still and it was an equal amount of brain power being used. So I guess when I wrote my last 5k to reach my 55K goal of Nano, that was when it hit me. Like

Guys. I’m done. With School. Forever.

My mom will walk into the playroom and say “Girls do you have any tests I need to correct?” And I go into a mini panic because I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT MY LAST BOOKLET WAS ABOUT AND I’M TOTALLY GONNA FAIL THE TEST AND OMGOODNESS WHEN AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO TAKE It oh wait I’m done.

So that’s fun. To sit back and grin and be like “I’m done. No more tests for me.”

What am I doing now? Well that’s a good question. Probably taking a million pictured of Philadelphia… oh wait, you mean now as in now that I’m done with school. Well.. I’m not going to collage. Not now at least. Maybe in a couple years I’ll go to Bible collage. Maybe I’ll take a couple classes on English or writing or something like that. But pursuing a collage degree isn’t in my near future.

I’m taking a gap year. Which means that I’m taking a year between finishing school and going to work. But I’m not sitting here doing nothing. I’m working on publishing.

At the moment, God has me writing Playgrounds and Black Markers, editing and preping Dewdrops and Butterflies for publication, teaching sunday school, and once in a while my dad will pass on some projects that I can do for the company he works for. That’s where I’m at.

Here’s the thing. I was feeling guilty about not getting a job. But listen. It’s a conviction my family has, that the girl (or boy even) stays in the parent’s home, with a sort of umbrella of protection over her, until she moves on to live with her husband. I know not everybody believes that and you’re welcome to it, but at the same time I’m welcome to believe what I think it correct. SO because of that, I will not be moving out. I will not be getting an apartment. I don’t have a drivers license yet because… I don’t have anywhere to drive to just yet.

Eventually, I plan on getting a job. I felt pressured to, but one night my mom came to me and told me this. “Honey, you’re not moving out, you don’t need to provide for yourself. Your contribution to this family as you’re home and doing chores and cleaning up and doing your part in keeping this household running is your way of contributing. If you went away to go work, you would not be contributing with money to this household. That money would be for your fun.” And when she said that, I understood better, that my place right now is at home, serving my siblings and my parents, doing my chores, cooking, cleaning, doing my part. And writing my book.

So now you know where to find me for at least the next year or so.

Part Two comes next week, where I share the Top Ten Things I Learned During in School. 😀 (Also yes I”m still out somewhere on the other side of the US and this is scheduled, however I have my phone so I am responding to comments!)

Live, Laugh and Love, Girls!

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I’m Not Here!


Hello! This isn’t actually me! Ok, yes it is. But at the same time it’s not. At the time you’re reading this, I will be somewhere on the east coast. Not exactly sure yet… maybe New York City?

Let me back up a bit. Last September my family and I were like “Hmm. We need to plan our next family vacation.” Once every couple years we go on big trips. One year we visited San Diego, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Disneyland. Two years after that we made a donut around Nevada, going to Salt Lake City, the Grand Canyon, San Diego Zoo and San Fransisco. This year my mom really really really didn’t want to go to California. So on a whim she suggested we strike out and go to New York. It was a laughing sort of suggestion.

Now, eight months later, we’re going. We spent the time saving, planning, gawking at the fact that we’re actually going, and getting excited.

But no, we’re not only going to New York. This is a big deal. A huge trip. We’re going to be on the road for three weeks. We’re taking full advantage of it.

I am going to post all these goodies, photos and fun stories when we get back though. For now I wanted to share different types of music I enjoy listening to. Just cuz I want to. This blog is for sharing things I like, right?

Writing Music

I listen to both instrumental and lyrical music when I write. It really depends on my mood. Some of my favorites are Jazz albums.

Songs by Hallal Music which is an acapella group.

I also really like the Tron Legacy music soundtrack for more intense scenes or when I’m writing dystopia.

Jamming Sessions

When my sisters and I are home alone, we like to turn the speakers up and sing our hearts out. These sort of songs are awesome and make me smile and sometimes we dance and other times we float. It’s a lot of fun to hang out and enjoy each others music.

One song I really like is by Alessia Cara.

Another is from the cartoon “Mr. Peabody and Sherman.” I just love the lyrics and the way that the emotion is played through the music. It’s a good song!

And then of course we have The Greatest Showman. I haven’t seen the movie and don’t think I plan to, but the soundtrack y’all THE SOUNDTRACK!

Worship Songs!

Majority of what I listen to is Christian music, worship music. Just good, soul filling songs! Here are a few of my most favorite.

This playlist has 496 songs on it at the moment, and is forever growing. If you have a Spotify go ahead and give it a follow!

That’s all for this week. See you later!

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Dawn Chandler: Blog Tour


Hello Girls! Welcome back for yet another Blog Tour! I had the honor of jumping in on this one later in the game, however, I am excited to share this book with you all!

I reached out to Eliza via Instagram a couple weeks ago and let her know I was interested in participating in this blog tour. I love helping authors! Staying true to my standards, however, I requested a review copy so I could know exactly what I was talking about when I went to write this tour post. Guess what? I enjoyed the book!

Before we get into the review, let me show you the adorable cover:

This little story is aimed for ages 9-12 but after reading it I can recommend it to girls up to 16 years old too! It was very clean, entertaining, fun to read and the thread of hope and lesson was so well ingrained into the story that I personally enjoyed it!

Dawn Chandler likes the way her life is— or was. She liked going to the mall with her best friend, excelling at middle school, and attending church with her family. Typical life for a twelve-year-old in the city of Fresno.
When Dawn’s parents announced they were going to homeschool her, on her birthday no less, she felt like her world was falling apart. Normal kids are supposed to go to school, not read books at home. To make matters worse, they may be leaving the only home she’s ever known.
What are her parents thinking?
Before making the final moving decision, the Chandler family visits Lone Pine, a small town between Mt. Whitney and Death Valley. While there, Dawn and her siblings become acquainted with their eccentric great uncle, explore the new area, and meet a large homeschooling family. All of this makes the ‘vacation’ more bearable. Still, Dawn isn’t sure if she can make the move and leave everything she’s familiar with behind.
Can Dawn learn the values of faith, family, and contentment?


When I started reading this story, I did it for the blog tour, for the sake of leaving a review, but after I finished, I was very sad that I had come to the end of the story. I connected with the characters and liked them as my own friends. I saw the colors and felt the snow and understood the things that Dawn was going through. It reflected on some of the things that I’m going through, and it both encouraged me and made me smile.

Some of my very favorite points that this particular book touched on were homeschoolers being normal too. The way that Dawn handled her troubles with her best friend Abigail were very very sweet and encouraging to watch, and the character arc, though pretty rough in a spot or two, worked very smoothly from beginning to end. I also admired so much the fact that this book was so CLEAN and yet so fun! I couldn’t be more excited to share this with my own sisters, and that’s why I’m so excited to share with you girls on my blog! I highly recommend checking it out! You can add it to your goodreads here.


Dawn Chandler comes out May 18th, which is Saturday. You can pre-order the Kindle version via a link in Eliza’s blog! However, if you’d like to join in the wonderful giveaway to try and win a paper copy, here’s the box!

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It’s honestly so hard to find clean, wholesome, and yet not vain books for girls. I’m so happy with this book, I’m excited to get it onto our family bookshelf soon. You should too! Finding contentment, as well as a good attitude when obeying our parents in things we don’t quite understand is something all of us struggle with and have to learn.

About the Author

Eliza Noel is a home school graduate with passion for Jesus, people, and literature. Growing up, her favorite books were always Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, and Pride and Prejudice. Around age twelve she wanted to read something with positive values in a modern setting, but couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she wrote it.
When not doing something book-related (reading, writing, blogging, bookstagramming), Eliza works at her day jobs, spends time with her many younger siblings, longboards, has coffee with friends, eats chocolate, and listens to music. California is home, but she would like to travel more and feels she could learn to be content anywhere.
You can follow her writing journey and see snippets of her everyday life on or by following @elizanoelauthor on social media.

Her blog: Is also the base for all the blog tour goodies, so don’t forget to check it out! Thank you guys for reading.

Live, laugh, and love, girls!

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Never ever let people define you. Never let their words, their actions, their behavior make you doubt yourself as a person. Never let their judgment or their prejudice or their issues undermine who you are and what you are and how your blessed and what has taken place in your life and how much you’ve grown and are growing. Don’t let someone’s blunt comment or elaborate rant or even their absence snatch from you the confidence that you have inside. They do not own it. They cannot have it. You are not defined by their opinion or their presence. You are loved, you are forgiven, you are blessed and adopted and renamed and righteous in the priceless,precious blood of our Savior Jesus, the Creator of the universe. He came to earth and lived a sinless life, and suffered beating and humiliation and died on Calvary to show you how much HE loves you and what He thinks of you and the depth of His dedication to you, love, is beyond your comprehension. He has given His flesh and blood so He could claim you as His own. He sees in you His beloved and is His heart and His Bride. You are the Bride of the Son of the Living God and if anyone ever tries to take that humble confidence from you then turn away and leave. You are not defined by their opinion. You are defined by the person that He has made you, the person that He is shaping you to become, the person that He already sees you as, and loves you, and died for you and the person that He waits patiently for the day when He can finally take you as His Bride and show you just how much He loves you. 

This applies not only to people outside, people who speak or don’t or look, cast glances, or ignore you. This also applies to your inner doubts and thoughts, whether planted there by someone or simply planted there by Satan. Yes I say it. Never in this life will God send you doubts about your own self worth. That is always always always the enemy. It’s lies, attacks to throw you off. Don’t listen to them. There is no truth in them. You are loved and forgiven. Remember the lengths that our God went to to save you. 

We fail sometimes to deflect those attacks, but there are two important things to remember. First, you will ALWAYS get back up if you’re saved. And second, never ever doubt your position in salvation. It was not by works nor by glory that you earned your salvation but by the blood of God that you have been purchased. You are non-refundable. And God has throw away the receipt because He is so in love with you He’s washed you clean and He will NEVER let you go. 

That’s all for today.

Live, Laugh, And love, Girls. 😀

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