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Independence Day Dependence Part 1, Short Story as Requested!

Hi. Mariah, you’re so persistent about the short story I’m going to do it! Inspired by the July Fourths I’ve had when I was I was a little younger. It’s too long for one post, so it’ll be in parts. Here is  Part 1 girl. 🙂 Enjoy.

“Good morning America! And happy Independence Day! Here in Cali. it’s one marvelous fourth. Stay safe and enjoy your day!”
Carmella yawned, stretched, and tapped the alarm clock snooze button. Sleepily she sat up and dragged her feet off the bed. Suddenly her eyes popped open, (more…)

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This Summer Plans

Hi guys! Just a simple diary entry this week. Wanted to give you guys a briefing on what is happening to me this summer.

It’s getting pretty warm. This last Saturday we went and picked strawberries and ate a lot and relaxed. It was good. (more…)

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“Before You Meet Prince Charming” by Sarah Mally

Today’s review is on a book called “Before You Meet Prince Charming.”

Girls. We are called to SO MUCH MORE than dreaming of our future, dwelling on Mr. Right, and hoping he will ask you to the dance/date/party/game/etc.

We are first and foremost The Bride of Christ. He loves us girls. Yes. Look at Him as the One who will hold your hand. The One who smiles that one way that makes your heart flutter.

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Photos of Family

Hi guys! I have some photos of family.. Its a new app that lets me take pictures of more than just myself.  It does look different, so I am going to need you guys to comment down below which one I should keep using. The old app lets me take a lot more different pictures of different events, while this new one lets me take photos of different people. I think I’m just going to use both, but let me know which photo of me you like better.

Here are pics of my family. (more…)


What Do I Name This Post?


Unlike any previous posts, I have absolutely no plan for this weeks post. Let’s dive in and see what it turns out to be.

Graduation Week!

Ridiculously excited! I’m going to be a in High school next year! I’m home schooled, so I won’t be subject to the High School stuff I don’t want to know about, but still I mean that’s only 4 years of school left! AHHHH!
(SIDE NOTE: forgive me for running with scissors.)

Just a note guys, do I need to make my posts shorter? Are they boring to read if they are too long? Or are they a good length? Comment below and let me know.
Also, on the same note. (more…)

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The Resurrection

Hey guys. I was just thinking about a writing project I’m currently working on. I am SOO blessed to have such an amazing church with such amazing people to work with, and such amazing friends and piers. I absolutely love my life. This year I have permission to write the VBS skit. A small portion of the VBS Day is a skit, portraying the Bible stories, theme, and Jesus in the skit. I am so thrilled to be able to use my love for writing to bless the church. It’s an answered prayer, and I’m so excited.

VBS is three days long at my church, and so I have to write three short skits. The first day’s theme is focused on “Let’s Spend S’more Time With Jesus.” I felt convicted writing that skit, so I decided to sit outside on our porch and spend some more time with Jesus.

I wanted to get to know Him. I’ve been sort of distracted this last few weeks by a friend from church, and I want to focus on how much Jesus loves me. So I approached Him with a heart full of love that wanted to be expressed. Of course being a writer, I dug out my Idea Book and (I use a mechanical pencil) clicked my pencil, and began to meditate. Here’s what I came up with: (more…)

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3 Excuses We Make When We Read and How to Beat Them

What is it with Teens and young adults reading anything and everything these days?! It’s ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Everything we as people read, see, or hear is feeding our inner being. What are we feeding ourselves?! We have not been called to be of this world, but we tend to make excuses as to why we can make acceptations.

TRASH IT ALL! We as tweens, teens, and young adults need to move beyond the world.

First, we compromise our beliefs.

If we believe that certain things such as drugs, swearing, etc. are bad, we should avoid exposing ourselves to them unnecessarily. Is reading necessary? Ultimately no, although to some it may seem that way (talking to all you readers. XD) But when we get to the heart of it, we need to remember that God is reading that book with you. Are you proud of it? Are you glad to smile at the scenes, and laugh at them, and maybe comment to God what you think about certain parts? If you can’t read the book in question before God without squirming, then why are you reading it? He is there with you.

Second, we compromise our conscience.

Reading and writing (basically, dwelling on) any topic makes you used to that sort of language, behavior, and habits. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will start to think or behave that way, but it definitely changes the way you look at those things. It changes your “world view,” which is a high price to pay for a few hours of entertainment. We need God’s standard to be our standard, and when we compromise, that standard is moved away. Ouch!

Third, we push aside our responsibilities as Christians.

Ultimately, we are created for God. And through Jesus we can fulfill our purpose. When we compromise in different ways, including reading books, we set aside our purpose, and mar our relationship with Him. What is worth that? NOTHING!

And the excuses. They’re not acceptable, and when you have them come into your brain as you pick up a book, think of these answers. I always try to use verse because they are um… well… GODS WORDS, and nothing is more convicting that that.


“I am older, I’m mature enough to be reading this type of materiel.”
MY ANSWER: Aha… Right. I know. Everyone is. And yet it still bothers you. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this. You are old enough you say? 1 Thessalonians 5:22 simply says “Abstain from all appearance of evil.”  It doesn’t say “Once you’re 16 you can read ‘romance’,” or “Once you are 21 you can read witchcraft and such.” I literally want to past that verse in bold on my forehead and walk around. ABSTAIN FROM ALL APPEARANCE OF EVIL CHRISTIANS!!! THERE IS NO CONFUSION BEHIND THIS VERSE!
(Additional note, it’s been brought to my attention that some people take this verse to mean not to LOOK like evil. However in The Bible God never approved of Christians exposing themselves to evil, especially simply for the sake of entertainment!)


“My mom, dad, good friend, etc. gave this book to me. What am I going to tell them if I don’t read it?”
MY ANSWER: *eyeroll* I’m sorry. I’m really bad at this stuff. HAVE A BACKBONE for goodness sake! If you are willing to bend just not to offend your friend, something is not right! Romans 14:12 says “So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.” Your friends will give account of themselves, and you will give account of yourself. We want to please God, we want to make Him smile when He sees us and make Him proud of us. Stand up for yourself. You don’t have to be mean about it. “Hey, I really appreciate you thinking of me! I love to read, and thanks for remembering that, but I have made a personal commitment to avoid any books that contain [enter your stuff here]. Thanks for thinking of me, but I can’t read this book.” Most everyone will comply. 🙂


“I am very secure in what I believe, and nothing can move me from where I stand, so this book doesn’t really matter.”
MY ANSWER: If you are very secure in what you believe, then you should be so secure that you aren’t really challenged when faced with a decision like this. Standing for you believe includes reading. Man, just be really careful about what you read!! Verse for this one: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Oh boy! Do you know how vulnerable you are when you go off in your own strength? A quote from my Youth Pastor that I love. “Don’t get cute and try in your own strength.” “Hopefully you haven’t been unfortunate to try that, but it always ends in failure… I have, and trust me, you get smoked.” When you don’t have that strength in Christ, because you’re just slightly avoiding Him while you get through this book, you’re opening yourself up to challenges that you wouldn’t face normally.

Aw man. This is a very exhausting post. I’m drained. It’s really hard, when you look at this new generation of kids going out, and doing things, and you just watch them like “GOD! Help us! We’re so lost without You. We’re hopeless and blind. Please Lord! Open our eyes so we can see the things that glorify You, and so that we can live fulfilling our purpose to glorify You. That’s the only time we will ever be satisfied. Lord help us all. Help this generation. Amen.”