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A Poem, A Thought

Oh Lord, teach me to weep;
For the sins of my heart
Fill the oceans deep!
I hung you on that cross
To satisfy my lusts.
I stood beside, unfazed,
As the Creator died for dust. (more…)

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So I have personal experience in the struggle of trying to find wholesome and entertaining books. I have looked through so many lists of books for “Christian girls” but they are very rarely up to my standards of Christian. I’m a little (or a lot) more stricter and cautious about what I read. So I decided that it would be good to make a list of books that I have read and I enjoyed and (more…)

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Our Play House

Hey Guys! I want to tell you about the play house dad made for the girls and I in the shop. We renovate it all the time! Once it was a school house, it’s been a hospital, a ranch house, a jail (believe it or not that was Lilly’s idea), a vet office, and even once we made it a jewelry shop. We didn’t have very much jewelry though.

Normally when you think of a playhouse you think of (more…)

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Adventure of the Week

Oh my. The adventure I had this week!

So on Monday Kate, Lilly, and I went over to play in Joseph’s barn. We have a playhouse, but he has a barn, so we decided to swing on his rope thing that hangs from the ceiling. I fell off!! And of course of all things I broke my leg. UH!!! I have so much to do in the next 6 weeks and I’m tied to a cast and crutches! I was so disappointed. We were going to go hiking with my youth group Sunday, but (more…)

Journal Entries

Book Review

Hi guys! This week I am reviewing 3 books. I’m a huge reader, so I will be posting these a lot.


“Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur” by Frank L. Houghton.


This book was given to me by a person I very highly respect and is very encouraging in my life, especially in the part where I am trying to teach Sunday school, since right now I am not old enough to teach, I am just helping. Thank you Mrs. Jean.
Anyway. So this book is about (more…)

Book Reviews


So here I am again, with another email. Let’s talk about His Goodness.

First and foremost, who are we to define good? Who are we to decide what is good and what is not good. What is right, what is correct, what is perfect? In fact how could we even know if we are so ruined ourselves? We went over our disfigured state that we have been pulled from. The state that we have been rescued from. So how are we to tell what’s good if that’s all we came from? How about we leave the One who rescued us to define “Good” for us.

Take everything in your life, EVERYTHING. Throw out everything you define as good. Then ask God to define good. Because if anyone can do it it’s Him, right? I mean come one, we got to go back to the basics.

God is Good.

I so wanted to put “DUH!” after that. But out of respect, I didn’t. God is Good. He is not only good, not only perfect, God Himself (Jesus, remember the Trinity) He is Goodness. He is Perfection! So than what defines it better than the very measurement itself.
Here’s a super cool example. So you guys all know about the Kilogram, right? Well the Kilogram is measured by the exact mass of the Big K.

The Big K IS the kilogram. Everything is measured against it (or exact copies replicated off of it, because the Big K itself is priceless, and cannot be exposed to the elements in case of damage to the measurement!) So you can’t say “Oh, the Big K does not weigh a Kilogram.” Yes it does! The Big K IS a kilogram. It is the very base of the kilogram. Have I repeated that enough times? I hope you get the point.
God is our basis. Our measurement for goodness. And when we look at it like that it seems like everything else is totally worthless. XD Nothing compare to God’s goodness, and if He is goodness, nothing else is unless He says it. So you should go do a Bible study on what He says is Good. What He defines as worthy and good. I recommend getting out your concordance and looking up the word Good. There are way too many references to put into one email, but here are a few of the main ones.

The Creation Was Good.

Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25,  says that it was good, and here is Verse 31 “And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good…”

Being Alone is Not Good.

In Genesis 2:18 “And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
Wow, that verse just said a lot of different things, but focus, we’re sticking to goodness. God knows that it is not good for us to be alone. I’m sure each of us can vouch for that ourselves, and God knew that in the beginning because #1 He is God, He knows everything, #2 He made it that way.
And notice He doesn’t like that! He could say “Oh, it’s not good for man to be alone,” shrug and move on, but He didn’t! He made it good. God wants things to be good! He created a Help Meet. Us, women. When we were first created we were made TO BE HELPERS. We were not created to be independent. Sorry if that ruffles your feathers. It’s there in Genesis, we were created as helpers.
This also helps explain our internal desire for a man to hold us, someone to take care of us and listen, and to have a family. We were created with that as our purpose.

Before we move on I want to clear one more thing. You will feel attractions to guys. Trust me, I know! I KNOW! Personal experience has lead me to (at one point) feel guilty for wanting a man, for wanting someone to hold me and to listen to me. And I had such a strong desire to hold my own baby once, it was ridiculous. I felt guilty and begged God to help me fight these desires, and not to have them anymore.
But then my eyes were opened. These desires are NOT A SIN. We were created with these things hardwired into us! And we girls are created to be mothers. Yes, of course, some of us are lead to do something else, beside getting married, but when you surrender to God, nothing will shake you. The thoughts of a possibility of never having a man may bother you for a while, but surrender giving that to Him and He will take care of everything. Just know that Psalm 84:11 says God will never withhold that which is good from those who love Him. And He wants what’s best for you!

Moving on.

Fruit of The Spirit.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance: against these there are no law.” Galatians 5:22-23
Goodness is a Fruit of the Spirit. As soon as we accept Jesus’ gift, we are saved, and as soon as we are saved we receive the Holy Spirit. And we get to begin to grow and change and mature and become good. We cannot do it on our own EVER, but by the Spirit we receive the ability to become good.
Once again, the Trinity makes Jesus the Father and the Spirit at the same time. So Jesus Is Goodness!

Good Gifts Come From The Father.

When we allow God to define good we get to change our outlook on life. To us good is Fun, Love, Joy, Happiness, Friendship, Acceptance. So when we pray for God’s help, for His guidance, we tend to expect these things. Especially from James 1:17 where it says “Every Good and Perfect gift is from above…” So God will give us what is good!
We need to understand that His ways are higher than ours. Many times in our lives we will pray “God, I asked for your help and your guidance here, why did it turn out this way? Why am I left out/did I lose someone/I feel so sick/etc.” We need to understand that EVERYTHING in this life is a blessing when we are in Jesus. The rainy days, the mean people, the bad healthy, the sorrow. It is good, because God sees beyond where you can see, and in the Ultimate End, it all works out good for those who love Him!

In the end, we need to surrender once more. When we surrender everything to Him, everything in the entire world will be seen through a new pair of eyes. When we walk down the road of life holding His hand, pressed up against His body for strength to take the next step, it’s all for the Ultimate Good. And if you can trust anyone to know what Good is, you can trust God.

Dear Jesus,

I.. I don’t know what to say. I’m so hungry for satisfaction. I’m so tired of everything in life, and I just want to be loved. I just want to find something to hold fast to. Something that will never, never move. And I come to You in hope that You will once again take my shattered heart, my dirty soul, and my ever ever wandering thoughts. Please, take me and make me whole again. I know that you will, and that’s why I come to you.
Jesus, You are Goodness. You are the Ultimate Good. Help me to understand that, and help me to grow to love you even more.

In your wonderful and priceless name,

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Guidelines for Girls

Setting the Scores

Monday we Cleared the Playing Field. We learned the “teams” and the advantages and disadvantages of each. (Basically we are awful and Jesus has it all). Today we are Setting the Scores.

Yes. There is already a score. The game began back when Adam committed the first sin. -1 and below for the human race.
And for Jesus, well Him being God, He made His first point by not instantly killing us. Even though that’s exactly what we deserved. +1 and beyond.

Recently at a Bible study we had at Ethan’s house, one of my friends brought up a very good point.
There is a great example that helps us visualize God’s Righteousness and our sin. Look at this integer line.

Imagine the 0 to be exactly what 0 is. Neither good nor bad. When Adam was created and when we as humans are born, we are at point 0. If Adam had maintained obedience and walked in the ways God had called him to he would have stayed at that 0. Same thing with us. If we as humans could somehow possible not sinned from the beginning of our lives for any amount of time, we would also maintain that position at 0.

But we are human. We are born into a sinful world. We are born with sin in our blood, and we are sinning before we can even comprehend the idea that it’s wrong.

This took us down ← this way on the integer scale. We are now down to “Negative Infinity.” This takes us to Hell. We are 100% deserving to go there and we have earned it.

Hold on. Remember the 0? Well that’s Adam and Eve when they were first created. That is not what God is. We have earned Negative Infinity? Well God is “Positive Infinity.” He is unmeasurably Holy, Righteous, and amazing. He is so much so that… Well I’m getting ahead of myself.

So the score?

Guest: Negative Infinity. God: Positive Infinity.


Wow. That looks totally hopeless and useless. Guess what? It is. We were totally and completely hopeless. Destined to Hell and Eternity in suffering and punishment.

“Then like a hero who takes the stage when
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late
Well let me introduce you to Amazing Grace.”
~Flawless by MercyMe

Amazing Grace. Our Savior and Redeemer stepped in and took our place. He took all the penalties that we as the human race have earned. He took EVERY SINGLE ONE upon His own self, His own perfect form and body, and His perfect image was marred. It was deformed and disfigured by our sins, so that our images could be acceptable. His is the only body in heaven that will show witness to what used to be on earth.

Remember the score? And my unfinished sentence? He is so much unmeasurably Holy, Righteous, and amazing that He not only brought our score back to 0, filling every single Negative that we had earned, but He propelled us to the Positive Infinity! He has taken us to the place where we can come before the God of Revelations 4, the Creator of all, the King of kings. We are allowed to come into the Holy of Holies. His death tore the veil in the temple for top to bottom (which is practically impossible) removing the barrier between God and man.

And He is so unmeasurably Holy that He was still God and still Positive Infinity, even after taking the Negative from us.

Wow. It’s just mind blowing. That score is not your everyday football scoreboard. This is a God of Justice and yet God of Love scoreboard.
Nothing is impossible with God. And He proved it at the cross.

Rejection brought acceptance.
Bloody sweat brought peace.
Grief brought joy
Pain brought relief
Hatred brought love.
His death brought us Life.


Dear Jesus, Lord of all,

I am overwhelmed with your goodness. I am overwhelmed with your love. Thank you! Thank you for your life! Thank you for your Grace and your forgiveness. Thank you for your willingness to come to this earth and live a perfect life, knowing that you were living it to die. Thank you that I may come before you washed in your own blood. Thank you for the righteousness that has been placed on me because of you.
Jesus, I don’t want to be the same as I was before this day. I want this image of you, this realization to be a revelation that forever changes the way I approach you when I come to pray, and when I dwell on your goodness.

Help me to grow in you. Help me to fall in love with you and to live my life the way you want me to. I know that you love me and you want me to be very happy and full of joy. I trust that what you have planned for my life is better than I could ever imagine. Please help me to trust you in the dark times when I don’t see it. Grow me.
Thank you for your goodness and love.

In your wonderful and priceless name,

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Guidelines for Girls

The Verdict and Where We Come From

I feel like I veered off the last two emails. Let’s focus on Love today.

First and foremost, I want to summarize what I was trying to state in those last emails. Quite simply it means “Jesus Loves You Already.” When you absorb the fact that you are loved, it’s just natural to love that person back. Especially when you were a brat that rebelled at every possible moment, and yet He loved you then. He’s seen you in your best and your worst. He knows your weaknesses and your backstory. He has heard what others think of you and the mean backbiters at school. He sees you just the way you are. Do you know what He says? “I love you. You don’t deserve my love, but I love you anyway.”
Here is a short story I wrote to try and explain to myself how I was before I was saved. I wasn’t a prostitute like Mary, but most everything symbolizes my own relationship with the world.

“Come now! Hurry, or we’ll miss it! Slowpoke! We already missed the trial because of you!” Mary jerked angrily at her younger brothers hand as they wove in and out of the streets, trying to catch up with the crowd.
“I’m tired Mary!” the little boy cried. Mud streaked his arms and face where he had fallen earlier. “And my head hurt and I’m hungry!”
“Be a man, don’t whine you baby. You can have a fig when we got there, now hurry! I don’t want to miss it!”
The little boy trotted as fast as he could. His legs were short and he had to make quick steps to keep up with his sister. “Where were you last night?” He asked, thinking to change the subject. “Did you tell mama?”
Mary’s cheeks burned at the question. Of course mama didn’t know. Oh how much trouble would she be in if she had! “Marcus! Does she know I wasn’t home?”
Wide eyes looked up at her, “You didn’t tell her?”
“No.” A fierce look rose to her eyes as she stopped her hurried trek and lifted his chin to look at her. “I didn’t, and you won’t tell her either. If she finds out you’ll live to regret it. Understood?”
The little boy nodded fearfully, and with one more dark look, Mary resumed their race. Before too long they heard a loud commotion up ahead. “Hurry now, we’re almost there.”
Mary knew the scene would be too awful for her brother to watch, and searched for a place to leave him out of sight.
“Here Marcus. Sit here on the road. Do not look for me, and do not go anywhere alone or with anyone else for that matter. Here is a fig. Stay here and do not move until I come back.”
The little boy watched his sister frightened, as she ran down the road and around the corner. The yelling and and crying was loud even at the place where he sat, and he gobbled the figs with haste. He wasn’t going anywhere closer to that place, he could swear that.
Mary turned the corner the long road stretched before her. It was lined with hundreds of people. Milling, screaming, and raging people. This was Mary’s second home. Oh how she loved to hurl insults at those criminals and their no-good lives. It was the only place she could use the words her mother would faint from. And it fed her soul.
Today’s criminal was an interesting case. The news had spread like wildfire. The man said he was the son of god. Well whichever god it was sure had an interesting way of caring for his son. Frankly Mary didn’t even believe in any gods, not to mention son’s of those gods. And he claimed to be the king of the Jews.
Mary spat at that thought. Jews. The world would be a better place if all of those hypocrites were dead. Sure she was half Jew somewhere along the line, but that didn’t matter.
“GET OUT OF THE WAY! KEEP OFF THE ROAD, WE NEED ROOM TO GET THROUGH YOU DOGS!” The Roman soldiers roared, shoving aside anyone that got in the way.
Mary wiggled her way in as close to the road as she could. The procession was still heading their way. She had time.
And evil smile split her face as she rubbed the three large stones in her hand. Three criminals, three stones, three throws.  She couldn’t wait.
She rubbed her temple.
Last night she had escaped their small home late in the night, long after mama and Pap fell asleep. She didn’t need training to spin yarn or make a garden. She wanted a good time. She had joined a few of her nighttime friends on the way to the garden.
They were caught off guard and had to hid from a HUGE group of soldiers. Sarah was sure that they were not there for them, and she was right. They had come to take a man. Of course looking at them all armed and cautious, Mary was sure he was either possessed or a killer, but the man they took looked like any other person. In fact he hadn’t even run or fought back.
After the soldiers left Sarah, Mary and the others gathered next to one of the walls.
Her head ached from the drink that one of the men had brought. She had made it home before her parents woke, and complained of a headache, and gotten out of going to the market. That left her with the task she hated just a little less, taking care of Marcus. Plus she wanted to see the criminals! So she had dragged him out here with her.
There he was! The first of the three walked past, carrying the cross beam of the Cross. It was heavy and dug into his shoulders.
With a quick flick of her hand, Mary’s stone hit its mark and the man flinched but kept going, afraid of the angry soldier’s whip. Mary spat and yelled along with everyone else. Her dress was getting torn and dirty from being jostled, but she would just burn it when she got home.
Now she was excited. Her blood was pumping and her eyes darted from place to place. She couldn’t wait for the next.
But when she saw him her heart fell. What a disappointment. He was covered in blood. His breath came in gasps. It was highly unlikely her stone would make any impact. But then confusion baffled her. They had scourged him and were now going to execute him? That was an unusual punishment. She wondered what he had done to deserve that.
The thorns on his head pierced his scalp and blood ran freely down his bruised face. He stumbled and fell. The cross beam was too heavy.
The soldiers ordered people around to keep the procession moving.
Mary lowered her stone and felt her throat close up. Something was very wrong. Her chest felt heavy, and she could hardly stand.
Mary blinked to clear her dizzy head and looked at the man.
This was not just any man. He lifted his heavy head and before she could turn away his eyes met her’s.
A gasp escaped her as she couldn’t turn away. He was fully sane and aware of the surroundings. He wasn’t crazy, and he wasn’t possessed. The weight that dragged her to her knees threatened to kill her with guilt.
“I love you.”
She heard it. Among the shouting and crying and spitting, she heard it in her heart. And it tore her open.
A sharp kick got Him back to His feet and they began to move along again.
And Mary was desperate. “You can’t love me!” She screamed, eyes wide in terror. That man was the Son of God. How could they treat Him this way. Why isn’t God striking them all dead? And why is she still alive? The things she’d thought and said, she couldn’t just stand there, that was crazy, how could she be in the presence of God and not dead?
“You can’t love me! I’m too bad! You should kill me! I deserve to die!” Mary shouted wildly until her throat was sore. She couldn’t watch the procession, and now stumbled through the crowd too dizzy to make any real progress.
Finally she fell down and buried her drenched face in her muddy hand. “God! God of Whoever You are! I don’t know what..” Sobs muffled her speech and nothing she said made sense to the passers by. “I know You are real, and really are God. I don’t know which one You are or what happened, but that man was from You.”
“Almah, are you alright?” Someone placed a hand on her shoulder.
“No! I’m not alright!” Mary shook the hand off and ran back to where Marcus was.
He was scared to see Mary so distraught. She was a hard girl and never cried at home, but she was desperate now.
“Go home Marcus,” Mary sobbed, slowing her sprint for only a moment. “I’ll meet you there later.”
“Where are you going? Mary! Wait!”
But Mary didn’t wait. She had to get away from that road, from that man, from what he had said to her.
No one ever truly loved her. She was a rebel, doing only what she had to, but never happily. She never smiled, and never cried. She never showed love. She was lazy. No one ever loved her.
Oh sure. Some of the boy claimed too, when she met them in the night. But the guilt of keeping it secret. The guilt and fear that it would spill and she’d be stoned. The guilt that she was smearing her family name in the mud and filth. It all was too much. She wanted release. She wanted relief. She wished for something to pull her out.
Some days she swore never to do it again. She would do her chores without being asked, although never anything more. She would wait for her mother to finish her boring lectures on gardens, on spinning, on raising a family, and then do what she thought was wanted of her. But that love was never enough, because she was never enough, and she was always empty.
But Him. He had spoken of true love. Love that lasted, love that gave itself up. Love that cared for more than the temporary. Love that promised to take care of her if she would let him. And He called for more than just her heart. He asked for her soul.
Oh how she wanted that peace! That honest care and love. That selflessness that never surfaced with the others. Everyone wanted her to do something. But they never gave her what she needed.
Blinded by her hot tears, terror, and confusion Mary still ran. She didn’t know where to run, or even that she was still running. Her heart uttered cry after cry, begging for release from her guilt. Begging for something. Begging even for death.
Gasping for breath, she had to stop. Swiping at her cheeks, she glanced around through the blur, trying to understand where she had come to.
Horror gripped her as she realized that she had come to the temple. The Jew’s Temple. Was that man this God’s son?
She felt pulled to go inside, pulled to beg for forgiveness.
Guilt weighed her down and she felt filthier than she had ever been before. Every sin, every lie, every night, every curse that she had uttered, every hateful thought she dwelt on, everything dumped itself on her.
She couldn’t even raise her head.
Quietly she knelt before the gate of the courtyard. She spread her arms and hung her head. “God. I am dirty. I am unworthy. I don’t understand. I don’t think I ever will. I am evil and full of guilt.” She paused as her throat closed up again, and the tears made tracks down her face and dripped onto her soiled skirt.
“I want to be loved. I so want to be loved. But I am unloveable. You said that you love me. How? Why? It’s not possible.
“Be merciful on me, sinner that I am.” She finally whispers.

And then she knew; He loved her.

That’s that. Does it make you feel heavy? Do you understand it? We as humans are defined right there. You can also read Romans 1:18-32 to understand exactly what we are.

Verdict: Guilty

But we are loved. LOVED. Put aside all the sins. The guilt, the thoughts, the filth. It’s been washed in Jesus’ blood. We are clean. He chose to clean us. And then He chose to love us.

Why? Why does He love us? We don’t deserve it. We deserve death. Why does the God of the Universe, and the most best thing ever and always, and the Creator of all love US?

Because of He is Good, and He is Love.

Dear Jesus, Lord of all.

Why do You love us? I’m still confused. And yet I don’t really need to know. I don’t really need an answer. All I know is that you do love us. You love me. Thank you for that love. THANK YOU JESUS!
Help me to return that love. Help me to love you. Help me to love others through you. And help me to grow closer and closer to you. Help me to find my satisfaction and love in you.

In your wonderful and priceless name,

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Guidelines for Girls

Drawn to Love God

Let’s understand what exactly it means to love GOD. Understand why we should love Him. Just look at the raw truth.

Jesus is Love. But we tend to push that away, to over look it. It flies into our head, and out the other ear. Instead take hold of that. Grab hold and swallow it. Let it burn deep inside your soul.
Look at what GOD is doing right now. Yes, looking back, that picture of the Cross is the best image of Love ever displayed. Sometimes we go numb to it though! Unbelievable! But here are a couple of illustrations to help refresh the awe and love that should radiate from our hearts.

First. Jesus washed the disciples feet, right? He was bringing us an example of servanthood. He was serving the the disciples.
If we look at it though. Jesus is still serving us right now, right? He is constantly serving us, constantly offering intercession to the Father for us.
The Savior of the universe wraps a towel around His waist, fills a bowl with water and kneels down to wash your feet EVERYDAY. Every single day, Jesus washes you clean. He takes your filthy, smelling, sin stained, dusty feet, and with nail pierced hands gently washes all of that filth off. And we don’t always want it. We yell and spit at Him, and we deny the need, we pull back. But He still washes us. Removing every stain, every trace of our sinful lives, giving us a clean feet to start over with. And that was not free. He paid with His own blood to be able to wash us!
And then we go through the day, dragging our feet through manure, mud, dust, rotten pieces of whatever that is. And Jesus goes, and washes us ALL OVER AGAIN!

I mean is that amazing or not? I am just in awe of the love we have been given! And there is nothing that could make GOD love us more! Ready for the next wave?

GOD loves us to eternity. How can He love us more than Eternity? He cannot. His love for us is INFINITE! Why is this? Do we deserve this? Not in a million years! Why does He love us this way then?
Because when GOD looks at us, when He sees our faces, He does not see the scars, the dirt, or the sins that have stained us through our whole lives. We have been washed. When GOD looks at us, He Sees Jesus! He sees His Own Son. He sees His BELOVED SON. His only begotten, His beloved.
When GOD looks at you He sees His Beloved. That is why GOD loves you. Because you have been washed and hid in Christ. Our Messiah!
Nothing we could ever do could make Him love us more. We don’t go to church to gain GOD’s favor. We do not read the Bible or pray to gain His favor. Why? We can’t gain it. Because We ALREADY HAVE IT! We already have the favor and love of GOD poured out upon us!

GOD of all, GOD of everything has given us the most precious thing He has ever owned, given for us to live with Him forever.
Ok, are you gasping for a spiritual breath? Does this blow your mind or what? Doesn’t your heart want to explode in love and worship for our GOD! Hang on, there is one more wave.

GOD is likened to a man that was walking down the street. He saw a little new born baby abandoned on the street. Brand new and totally vulnerable. She was still covered in the blood and fluids from being born. Completely naked and screaming from the cold.
When He saw that girl, he was drawn to her. Drawn to love her.
As she grew, the baby became a beautiful young lady, and He loved her so much. He took care of her, He fed her with the most nourishing foods, clothed her in the most beautiful cloths. He taught her to be smart and wise with infinite patience and kindness.
But as the girl grew, she became interested in life outside the safety of home and started to play with the world. At first she played with other people, hanging out with the wrong groups. She thought it was adventurous, thrilling. But soon she began to see temporary benefits for it, and became a prostitute, making money off of that kind of lifestyle.
All the while her Father looks on and reached out, calling for her, warning of the dangers, hurting for her, wanting her back, because He still loved her.
Refusing to turn back to His love, the girl got so addicted to the world, she got sucked into paying for what she had been working for. She became a slave to sin, a filthy, ugly worn slave.
Still her Father kept calling her back. “Come, my daughter. I love you! Come home. Repent, I will forgive you. I will still forgive you, even though you had rejected me.”
He was not only willing to take her back and forgive her, He was ready to cloth her in Queen’s attire. He was ready to give her a virgin’s clothing! How is that even possible! This filthy young lady who completely rejected and abandoned Him, spitting in His face even as He reached to pull her from Hell’s teeth, and He was still willing to take her back.

God loves you that much.

Dear Jesus, Lord of all.

Thank you Yahweh, for loving us. Emmanuel, how is it possible? Why do You love us this way? Glory and Honor to You forever! Thank you Lord God! My Savior! The Alpha and Omega! Glory and Praise belong only to Jehovah!

I ask Lord Jesus, please come into my heart, fill me a fresh with your Holy Spirit. With Your love. I want to love You more. Let me live my life for Your Glory, because You are worthy of all of me. Forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and empower me to live the Life You have Given to me.

In your wonderful and priceless name


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Guidelines for Girls

Clearing the Playing Field

First. We need to establish four things.

1.Who we are
2.Who Jesus is
3.What He did for us
4.What that means

Who Are We?

We are human. First and foremost we were created, which leaves us with the accountability to a Creator. What else?

  • We were created with a choice, because Love requires a choice.
  • We messed up almost as soon as we were created. Imagine that. Of the hundreds of thousands of millions of people over the last 6 thousand years of the created life, the FIRST PERSON EVER messed up. Gives you an idea of how “smart” we are. Entropy has started since then, and I can tell you we aren’t getting any better.
  • We are slaves to sin. We CANNOT refuse sin. We cannot do good on our own. Anything that we as humans do for the better is done with an evil motive behind it. Earning salvation, proving our worth, making a name for ourselves, etc. Everything is for us which is not what we are called to live life doing.
  • We deserve punishment. We are indebted and we owe more than we could ever ever pay. Being created, we have a Creator to answer. It only makes sense that when a standard is not met, a price must be paid. In this cast, the price is Death.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the most amazing Man in the entire universe. He lived in the eternity and beauty of God’s presence. If that’s not mind blowing:

  • He is actually God. Part of the Trinity. He was part of the “Us” in Genisis 1:26. He was there when the world was created.
  • Being God, He is all knowing. He knew when the world was created, what it would cost. He loved us so much that He was willing to take that curse upon Himself for those of us who would accept Him. He could have not created man, But He Did Anyway.
  • He didn’t have to. He didn’t have to come to earth, be born in a barn to a virgin, grow up poor, live scorned by the Religious Leaders, heal us, get beaten, take Our curse, and die the most humiliating and painful death known to mankind at that time. But He Did Anyway.

Why? Why did He do it anyway? Hold your breath. He Loves Us. And we will never understand it. The good part? We don’t have to. Peace passes understanding.

What Did He Do For Us?

Our due price is Death. And us being the sinful people we are that death is defined as “Eternal Separation from the Creator and Lover.” Misery, flames, pain, guilt, every evil thought, word, and deed running through your head over and over for eternity. We can’t even comprehend what Forever really is. But we would be required to suffer forever.


“Then like a hero who takes the stage when
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late
Well let me introduce you to Amazing Grace”
~Flawless by MercyMe

Jesus comes into the picture. HE took that away from us, if only we give it to Him.

He left His starry crown
And laid His robes aside.
On wings of Love came down,
And wept, and bled, and died.
~Author Unknown

Or if you want a longer, amazing, tear-your-heart-out-and-cry article about what Jesus suffered in His body during the Crucifixion click here. It will take you to an article written by a doctor about what exactly was happening to Jesus’ body as He suffered and paid the Price for us. If you are a younger girl, you might want your parents to read this article before you and summarize it, as it is rather graphic. And it won’t hurt them at all.

What Does That Mean?

Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, came down to earth, lived a sinless life, loved others, was rejected, suffered and died on the cross, was buried, and in three days He rose again. That’s the gospel message. (By the way, Gospel literally means “The Good News”)

What does this mean to us?

  • We have been made free.
  • Our debt has been paid.
  • Our sins have been washed away.
  • We are cleansed white as snow.
  • We are covered in His blood.
  • We are made Righteous in Him.

It means we do not have to go to eternal suffering. We are not have to go to Hell.

The freedom that should run through us. The joy that should course through our veins as we realize what we honestly deserved, and what has been done for us to save us from what we are going toward. It’s indescribably and incomparable. Nothing matches it.

Dear Jesus, Lord of all,
You are beyond my comprehension. You are amazing and unmeasurable. Thank you for your goodness to us. Thank you for the price you paid so that we can be free. Thank you for your word that reveals these things to us and your Holy Spirit that helps us to understand it. Thank you for being my Personal Savior. Thank you for rescuing me, and for changing my life. Help me to live my life to glorify you, and guide me with your wisdom and love.

In your wonderful and priceless name.


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