Bit Of Everything #3

Hi guys! I have a couple random things to throw out into the world, so lets get started:

First, I want to make you smile, here are two of the cutest photos I have on my Pinterest:

and this one. XD

Aren’t they too cuuuuttee!! LOL.

Next, I want to bring up a topic I’ve been really thinking about. A lot of girls I’ve seen, been hanging out, and gotten to know are so eager to grow up. And to mature. They dress grown up, they wear makeup for ladies, they talk oddly, and they don’t behave like 13 year olds! Where have all the little girls of the world gone? Why are they all so crazy to be big and overly mature?

A couple weeks ago a friend accused me of being immature, I’d been running across the church parking lot to the youth group building, and teasing her about her painting blue highlights in her hair. We were on good terms, and she wasn’t offended, just stating her thoughts on me. She is two years younger then I am. It caught me by surprise, and I blurted what I had thought. “It’s not my goal in life to be mature, that comes with time.” And that caught her by surprise. Being her friend, I knew that being “mature” was a big part of her life, a goal almost, so with confusion in her eyes she asked me “What is your goal?”
“To have fun and serve Jesus.” (Looking back, I phrased that in the wrong order, but you get the point.)
She didn’t know what to say, and it just opened my eyes to the different way that girls look at life.
Kate is partially that way, trying to grow up too quickly, trying to match our friends her age that do that. It’s a challenge that needs to be exposed and noticed.

If you are one of those girls, I really want to encourage you to give it up. Be the girl God made you to be. He didn’t make you a 16-year-old yet for a reason. Enjoy your years as a young girl. Have fun, don’t care what other girls will say, about you being mature. Be wise as a serpent, gentle as a dove, and happy as a young girl. There is so much more satisfaction, so much more joy in just being yourself. When you let that weight of being “mature” fall off, your shoulders will come back up. A smile is worth so much more than you’re mature collectedness.

And one more thing, no matter how hard you try, your attempts to be mature will not impress the adults. They can read right through that, and it only shows the true immaturity behind the mask. I know because I know adults that have told me that very thing about those girls!

I have created a page for all my characters titled “Main Character Log.” Here I introduce all my main characters from stories I have written over the years. It’s a lot of fun! Some of them have pictures, and others are just “not capture-able.” XD Check it out! Later, I might do a “Sub Character Log” where I will introduce my sub characters, and all these main characters best friends, and enemies, and just everyone else special in their lives.

Check out the thought of the Week. I’m listening to an audio class on the book of Ephesians, and there are a couple super cool thought’s I wanted to post up here.

I like doing photo graphics. What do you guys think? Am I doing ok? Any tips?


3 thoughts on “Bit Of Everything #3”

  1. Marissa says:

    This has been on my heart lately. You spoke exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!

    1. Libby May says:

      I’m blessed that God used this, praying for you. 🙂

      1. Marissa says:

        Thank you, Libby!!

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