Hello! Welcome to Day 2 of my blog birthday!  Today I’m sending shoutouts to some of my online friends!

When I first entered this amazing world we call the “Blogsphere” I had no idea what I was getting into! I didn’t know that there were so many special and amazing and encouraging people out there that were writing posts about living life to its fullest, standing up for what you believe, the truly important things in life, and of course, writing. And there were some people that surprised me with their boldness and courage to stand up and say the thing they said, and speak their opinions. The way that they continue to do what they love to do, and continue to encourage girls like me despite the bad comments and the hurt that some people cause, it really is awesome to look up to.

And of course, I’ve made friends who are not particularly bloggers, but never the less, they are stilll pretty awesome. Without further ado, here are my shoutouts!

First and foremost I have to say THANK YOU MARIAH! You were one of my first commenters and my very very first follower and you’ve been a super duper great friend online. I’m so happy that we met over Mrs. M’s blog last year and that you decided to contact me over email. I remembers when I first got your email. I was sort of new  and wary of it all, but I’m so glad that I got to know you! Thank you for putting up with my late emails and my long replies and all the times I repeat that “I’m so busy.” You’re super special and you’re so fun and I love talking with you and learning about your life and just getting to know you. We really need to Skype again soon. I’m still working on making time for that. *sends vertual hugs*

Lydia my buddy. You will never have any idea how much you have encouraged me. Knowing that you are praying for me and that you trust that I will pray for you means so much. *hugs* I love receiving your emails and your magazine. Your so special. I hope someday God might bring us to a place where we can meet face to face and I can give you a real hug. XD.

Gray Marie from WritingIsLife. Gray! I can’t even express how happy I am that you put up with me. 😂 I look up to you so much as a blogger. You’ve got so many followers and your posts are always such a blast! I love reading about your charies and watching you *one* vlog (hint hint) and especially all your fun writing tips. Plus you read so much and you love to tell people what you think and #sarcasm!!! Sarcasm is my second language face to face. (Well technically my third since I also speak Russian, but who’s really counting?) Thanks for always being so patient with me when I message you all the time. XD.

Those are my major people. I’ve also made a bunch of friends that I haven’t gotten so much time to know, but I still really appreciate them as people. This includes Marissa (thank you for your sweet comments, and your request for a GYH post. :D), Kenzie, (you know who you are. XD), Sveta (like wow. I just started following your blog and you’ve already blown me away!) Melani (you don’t actually know me, but your posts are so awesome I have to mention you so all these people reading can check it out). Also Maddy, Karyssa, Cowgirl Lexi, Rosalyn, KELLYN ROTH, Ivie, and all my Camp Nano Cabin girls! *sends hugs* P.s. If you need a cabin this Camp Nano, I’ve got a ton of space left. We mostly write contemporary Christian fiction, but comment below and I’ll definitely look into getting you an invite. 😀

Shoutout to all of my Goodreads friends as well! It’s so much fun to see what you’re reading and comment and you guys are amazing. Thanks you to everyone who added Dewdrops and Butterflies to their TBR. I know how precious those slots can be. XD.

And now for our next stop of the scavenger hunt! Gray Marie, (as mentioned above XD) has posted the next BOLD word on her blog! Go check out her post and find your next word! Go Go Go! Have fun! And thank you so much to you! Reader! For taking the time to read my stuff. 😀 I’ll see you tomorrow.

~B.R.B and Libby.

NOTE: if you are reading this post and have no idea what the scavenger hunt is, you can go here and read all about it. If you still have questions, feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Tootles!

7 thoughts on “BLOG BIRTHDAY DAY 2”

  1. Gray Marie says:

    Aww, thank you so much, Libby! That made my day. <3
    Sarcasm is awesome, more people should learn it. XD

    And you know Russian?! That's so cool!

    1. Libby May says:

      One of my best friends, he’s in Bible College right now, he’s like an expert sarcasm speaker. I love having conversations with him and I’m trying to teach the art of sarcasm to some of my other friends. I think, you either got it or you don’t.

      I do speak Russian. My mom is from Siberia and my dad is from Estonia. They both grew up here in America, but they speak Russian pretty well and I’ve got totally Russian grandparents, so it’s good practice. Plus, where I live, there is a large Russian Speaking community, so it’s not weird. 😀

  2. Gracie says:

    Happy Blog Birthday to you, Libby!

    1. Libby May says:

      Thank you Gracie!

  3. Rosalyn Rooney says:

    Aww, you’re so sweet, Libby!!!!!! <3

  4. Mariah says:

    Aww, Libby. Thanks. 🙂 I have been so blessed to know you and to email with you too! I have enjoyed looking on while your blog changed and improved over the past year. You have a done an awesome job with it! A big well done to you Libby and a big Happy Birthday to! *Big Hug*

    1. Libby May says:

      Aww! Thank you so much Mariah!
      Right? I’m sort of surprised how much it has changed around. I was worried at first that it’s not supposed to change and that I need to keep it the same as it was, the writing style, the topics, all of the stuff. But I don’t! I want to like blogging and I can blog about whatever I want whenever I want. So I’m pretty sure it will continue to change through the next year and for a long time still. 😀
      I do really like the new theme, even though I’m working on it still to fix some of the bugs. XD

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