Blue Sky Tag

Hi all.

So, um, I wasn’t actually tagged for this tag, however I had such fun reading it I decided to go ahead and steal *cough* borrow it. So here it is.

Yes, it’s from another of the Willis’ blogs. XD Paul’s answers maked me laugh and I found his questions quite interesting.
Also, well you’re reading this, I’m in Oregon camping on the ocean with my family and some of our Russian friends, so I won’t be getting back to comments right away, but feel free to let me know what you thought! What do you guys think of tags in general? Do you like reading them? Should I do them more? Less?

Here are the rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you. (Thank you Paul for allowing me to use this tag. XD)
  • Answer their questions.
  • Tag other people.
  • Ask 11 questions.
  1. Why did you start writing? I started writing right after 6th grade. I hated it with a passion and avoided it at all costs and cost my mom many gray hairs with my writing subject in school. But then I discovered that maybe it’s great, and the rest is history.
  2. What are you currently writing? My readers already know this, but my debut Dewdrops and Butterflies is (going to be) finished today, and I’m also writing a lot of Fanfiction at the moment.
  3. Do/did you sleepwalk? Sleep talk? I don’t anymore, but I remember once talking to my dad when he came in to check on my sister, but I still have no idea what I was trying to tell him…
  4. What’s one book or movie that makes you cry every time? “The Christmas Shoes” by Donna VanLiere and Hatchi
  5. If you could time travel back in time once as far as the second century, what specific event would you attend? Umm…. I have no idea! There’s too many.
  6. Who is the most influential person in your life? My parents and my sisters and Ethan and Tanya Johnson and my youth pastor.
  7. What are the two most influential books you have read? Ah Paul, you ask good questions. The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer and The Bible of course.
  8. What is your favorite song? Why? It changes all the time. At this second it’s “Dear Me” by Nicole Nordeman. I really like the way that Nicole talks about life… and love, love, love, love.
  9. Do you like to eat sushi? Yes yes yes! I love sushi (but not squid or octopus or other yucky stuff) but I love raw salmon and so much sushi. Yum.
  10. Have you ever thrown a book across the room? Why? No. But I’ve been tempted to. There was this one writing book…
  11. What is creativity like for you? Is brainstorming like hitting your head on the wall or like peacefully soaring through the clouds, enjoying the view below you? Brainstorming is a bit like driving a convertible. Sometimes things hit you in the face, but most of the time it’s really cool.

And my 11 questions… Um…

  1. Do you like Burritos?
  2. What is your favorite song?
  3. Bunnies or Cats?
  4. What is your favorite tree?
  5. Do you like cheese?
  6. Hot weather or cold weather?
  7. Have you ever been in a hammock? Did you like it?
  8. When did you start liking books?
  9. How old where you when you got a phone? (do you have a phone?)
  10. Do you like to color?
  11. What’s your favorite flower?

I tag Gray Marie @ WritingIsLife
Penny Wood @ A Southern Bell with Stories to Tell
Kate Willis @ Once Upon an Ordinary
Kellyn Roth @ Reveries
Lexi Cowgirl @ Little Rancher

That’s all for today folks. See you later.


7 thoughts on “Blue Sky Tag”

  1. Penny Wood says:

    Thanks for tagging me, Libby! You had great answers and I can’t wait to answer your questions!! 😀

    1. Libby May says:

      Thanks for reading Penny! Girl We got to get to talking soon. I miss you!!
      Also, in half way(ish?) through going through chapter 4. You’ve got talent! I’ll tell you more a bit later. 😀

      1. Penny Wood says:

        I miss you too <3 We'll talk soon!! 🙂
        EEP! I'm so excited! Aw, thanks! You're so sweet!!! <3

  2. Fun tag! I love tags and reading your answers was so fun. =D

    1. Libby May says:

      Yay! Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind. I just don’t want tags to get annoying on here. XD

  3. Gray Marie says:

    Thanks for tagging me!
    I have to admit, I’ve thrown a book across a room before… >.<

    1. Libby May says:

      I hope you have fun doing the tag. 😀
      I would too though! I just really filter what I read before I read it so I don’t have to most of the time. XD.

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