BOE #4 (But I guess not really)

Hey all.

I got literally nothing in mind for this weeks post, and that’s ok. Let’s see where this goes.

I did not just eat a mini jar of chocolate kisses.

So I had my birthday party this weekend. It was like an all weekend thing. Friday evening I got to church at like 6. I help on the Children’s Ministry worship team Fridays. Youth group (YG) starts at 7, and I didn’t get home until after 9. That was a blast.
Then on Saturday we got to the coffee shop at church because we reserved it to have my party. we set up and hung out and then played some Frisbee. The party started for friends at 2, but for adults and family at 4. We had pizza and talked A LOT and just sort of hung out. 

I got soooo many gifts it was crazy. And awesome. I had some really influential people in my life that came, so it was really cool.

Then we had an after party at my house from 8 to like 11 and we watched Big Hero 6. (In the evening)

Then Sunday I had to teach Sunday school at 9 am, and then church and then right after church Joseph, Bailey and his brother came over and we ate more pizza and hung out and played more Frisbee and watched Big Hero 6 again, because half the people hadn’t been at my house the day before, so those of us who watched it the night before have this fun little thing where we count how many times the characters are supposed to die. (sorry, we’re not bad people, it’s just amazing how many times animators pass up the opportunity to kill a character.) (Like what if Big Hero 6 was actually a short and Hiro died going into the fire after Tadashi?) (And there would be no Big Hero 6) (and POOR AUNT CASS)(Poor Abigail) (Poor us)

Anyway, side tracked. We counted how many times Hiro was supposed to have died, which was 9 times total in the movie, and how many times Baymax saved lives. Which totaled to 11 times, but we didn’t count each life, we counted each time.

And then we ate again, and played Catan, and Joseph and Dave and I played Words With Friends 2  and Trivia Crack on our devices all together, which was oddly fun. We were all sitting in the same room commenting to each other and playing our turns. Now that was fun. You should do that some day with your friends.

And then that was over and people went home and I was exhausted and so sore for the next two days! We played Ultimate Frisbee for like an hour, so that’s why I got sore. PLUS Joseph is like a pro Frisbee player and I was the only one tall enough to try and block him so I ended up straining to block for every time he had the Frisbee and yeah.

And so that’s that.

What else?

My family and I started cleaning a small Rock church that our main church owns as volunteer on Mondays, and in that church they have a room where the Bible College interns would study between semesters and that room is a gold mine of scriptural and spiritual resources. I got a devotional called “My Utmost for His Highest” (Thanks Joseph) by Oswald Chambers, and I’m super excited to be reading it this year.

If you’re interested in seeing what else I’m reading, you can go to my goodreads account and friend me here.

Sorry guys, I’m super distracted this week, and probably next week too. I’m trying to get a lot of school in because I wanna graduate this year, and I’m just totally swamped. I hope this wasn’t too boring a post. My birthday was awesome, you can be sure of that. Sadly, though, for some reason, I was able to fit the entire party into ONLY 4 PAGES  in my journal. I don’t know how that happened. I can never fit anything into only 4 pages.

Good day and good week and I did not forget about the GYH post Marissa, I just want to have a fresh mind to be able to think and write it out correctly, and I haven’t got that at the moment.

See you all later!

3 thoughts on “BOE #4 (But I guess not really)”

  1. Marissa says:

    I am reading My Utmost For His Highest this year! Its really good (so far;))!!

    1. Libby May says:

      Cool! Yeah. So far I’m enjoying it. It’s really deep, like you can’t really read more than a page a day. At least I couldn’t.

  2. Gray Marie says:

    I like your rambles!
    And chocolate kisses are the best!! 😀

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