Here is a list of books that I really enjoy reading. Please read this post as well. The age that I placed are for younger girls. For example, If you are 14 you will enjoy reading all the books except those in the “Ages 16 and up.” So if you are 18 you can read any of these books and will like them, but if you are 12 I wouldn’t recommend reading books over that age limit. The limits are set by my standards, so they may not be the same as yours, but that’s ok.

You can also follow me on goodreads here. ūüėÄ All books that are linked are linked to either my goodreads review or a blog post I reviewed them on. Read it and see if you think you’d enjoy it.

Books for life/none fiction:


Individual books for ages 10 and up

Individual Books for ages 13 and up

Individual Books for ages 16 and up. These are some of my Most Favorite books. I highly recommend reading these books if you are of age. Most of them include boy-girl relationships, but they are not in depth romance. That’s what I try to avoid.

I hope you have a big list at the library now! I’ll be adding more whenever I read any really good new ones, but I’ll be sure to post it, so you don’t have to check back randomly.

Thanks for reading this super long list!