Hi all.

This Sunday Mom and Steve took us to the park. Kate, Lilly and I collected Acorns into a small 2 gallon bucket from Home Depot. We raked the leaves into huge piles, and our new puppy bounced and played in the leaves so cute!

Her name is Ginger Pumpkin, Kate and Lily named her. But I will call her Ginger Pye. It’s the name of a book where the dog’s name is Ginger Pye.

Nosing around

She is 10 weeks old and such a lovey! We have to train her out of licking the faces, she loves to do that. But beside that she is really really cute.

We were hanging out and playing. The playground was not big, but the girls and I got up there for fun.

I don’t know. The cold air, the wind, and the colorful leaves just bring out the kid in me, and I had a blast going down the spiral slide like 100 times. I went down upside down, and sideways. Lily and Kate were laughing so hard, and so was I and Steve and mom just watched us have fun from the bench.

Lily was excited to get back home and work on the acorns, so we only stayed about an hour. Then we went home and painted the acorns!
It didn’t turn out as well as the pictures on Pinterest had shown because the acorns are slightly oily, so the paint didn’t stick very well. It would scratch off easily, but I’m sure that’s cause we didn’t read any instructions and just went at it. We used acrylics and dried the acorns in the oven, but still, it didn’t work perfect. Plus we used the paints that Steve had diluted to paint the Catan pieces, so it took about A MILLION layers to get a solid layer, which ended up wiping off the previous three layers by moistening them. *eyeroll*

Anyway, we’re really enjoying this awesome time of year. We really need to get to raking up our own yard, we’ve got millions and millions of leaves, and it count’s toward my P.E. for a High school credit *woohoo*.

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How about you all? What’ve you been doing to enjoy the Autumn beauty? And what do you think of my Fall background for the blog? Excited for that to change through the seasons. I don’t plan to make it the wood table again, it was too dark.
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    1. Libby May says:

      Thanks! My pleasure. Hello Texas!

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