Clearing the Playing Field

First. We need to establish four things.

1.Who we are
2.Who Jesus is
3.What He did for us
4.What that means

Who Are We?

We are human. First and foremost we were created, which leaves us with the accountability to a Creator. What else?

  • We were created with a choice, because Love requires a choice.
  • We messed up almost as soon as we were created. Imagine that. Of the hundreds of thousands of millions of people over the last 6 thousand years of the created life, the FIRST PERSON EVER messed up. Gives you an idea of how “smart” we are. Entropy has started since then, and I can tell you we aren’t getting any better.
  • We are slaves to sin. We CANNOT refuse sin. We cannot do good on our own. Anything that we as humans do for the better is done with an evil motive behind it. Earning salvation, proving our worth, making a name for ourselves, etc. Everything is for us which is not what we are called to live life doing.
  • We deserve punishment. We are indebted and we owe more than we could ever ever pay. Being created, we have a Creator to answer. It only makes sense that when a standard is not met, a price must be paid. In this cast, the price is Death.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the most amazing Man in the entire universe. He lived in the eternity and beauty of God’s presence. If that’s not mind blowing:

  • He is actually God. Part of the Trinity. He was part of the “Us” in Genisis 1:26. He was there when the world was created.
  • Being God, He is all knowing. He knew when the world was created, what it would cost. He loved us so much that He was willing to take that curse upon Himself for those of us who would accept Him. He could have not created man, But He Did Anyway.
  • He didn’t have to. He didn’t have to come to earth, be born in a barn to a virgin, grow up poor, live scorned by the Religious Leaders, heal us, get beaten, take Our curse, and die the most humiliating and painful death known to mankind at that time. But He Did Anyway.

Why? Why did He do it anyway? Hold your breath. He Loves Us. And we will never understand it. The good part? We don’t have to. Peace passes understanding.

What Did He Do For Us?

Our due price is Death. And us being the sinful people we are that death is defined as “Eternal Separation from the Creator and Lover.” Misery, flames, pain, guilt, every evil thought, word, and deed running through your head over and over for eternity. We can’t even comprehend what Forever really is. But we would be required to suffer forever.


“Then like a hero who takes the stage when
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late
Well let me introduce you to Amazing Grace”
~Flawless by MercyMe

Jesus comes into the picture. HE took that away from us, if only we give it to Him.

He left His starry crown
And laid His robes aside.
On wings of Love came down,
And wept, and bled, and died.
~Author Unknown

Or if you want a longer, amazing, tear-your-heart-out-and-cry article about what Jesus suffered in His body during the Crucifixion click here. It will take you to an article written by a doctor about what exactly was happening to Jesus’ body as He suffered and paid the Price for us. If you are a younger girl, you might want your parents to read this article before you and summarize it, as it is rather graphic. And it won’t hurt them at all.

What Does That Mean?

Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, came down to earth, lived a sinless life, loved others, was rejected, suffered and died on the cross, was buried, and in three days He rose again. That’s the gospel message. (By the way, Gospel literally means “The Good News”)

What does this mean to us?

  • We have been made free.
  • Our debt has been paid.
  • Our sins have been washed away.
  • We are cleansed white as snow.
  • We are covered in His blood.
  • We are made Righteous in Him.

It means we do not have to go to eternal suffering. We are not have to go to Hell.

The freedom that should run through us. The joy that should course through our veins as we realize what we honestly deserved, and what has been done for us to save us from what we are going toward. It’s indescribably and incomparable. Nothing matches it.

Dear Jesus, Lord of all,
You are beyond my comprehension. You are amazing and unmeasurable. Thank you for your goodness to us. Thank you for the price you paid so that we can be free. Thank you for your word that reveals these things to us and your Holy Spirit that helps us to understand it. Thank you for being my Personal Savior. Thank you for rescuing me, and for changing my life. Help me to live my life to glorify you, and guide me with your wisdom and love.

In your wonderful and priceless name.


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