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Hello Girls! Welcome back for yet another Blog Tour! I had the honor of jumping in on this one later in the game, however, I am excited to share this book with you all!

I reached out to Eliza via Instagram a couple weeks ago and let her know I was interested in participating in this blog tour. I love helping authors! Staying true to my standards, however, I requested a review copy so I could know exactly what I was talking about when I went to write this tour post. Guess what? I enjoyed the book!

Before we get into the review, let me show you the adorable cover:

This little story is aimed for ages 9-12 but after reading it I can recommend it to girls up to 16 years old too! It was very clean, entertaining, fun to read and the thread of hope and lesson was so well ingrained into the story that I personally enjoyed it!

Dawn Chandler likes the way her life is— or was. She liked going to the mall with her best friend, excelling at middle school, and attending church with her family. Typical life for a twelve-year-old in the city of Fresno.
When Dawn’s parents announced they were going to homeschool her, on her birthday no less, she felt like her world was falling apart. Normal kids are supposed to go to school, not read books at home. To make matters worse, they may be leaving the only home she’s ever known.
What are her parents thinking?
Before making the final moving decision, the Chandler family visits Lone Pine, a small town between Mt. Whitney and Death Valley. While there, Dawn and her siblings become acquainted with their eccentric great uncle, explore the new area, and meet a large homeschooling family. All of this makes the ‘vacation’ more bearable. Still, Dawn isn’t sure if she can make the move and leave everything she’s familiar with behind.
Can Dawn learn the values of faith, family, and contentment?


When I started reading this story, I did it for the blog tour, for the sake of leaving a review, but after I finished, I was very sad that I had come to the end of the story. I connected with the characters and liked them as my own friends. I saw the colors and felt the snow and understood the things that Dawn was going through. It reflected on some of the things that I’m going through, and it both encouraged me and made me smile.

Some of my very favorite points that this particular book touched on were homeschoolers being normal too. The way that Dawn handled her troubles with her best friend Abigail were very very sweet and encouraging to watch, and the character arc, though pretty rough in a spot or two, worked very smoothly from beginning to end. I also admired so much the fact that this book was so CLEAN and yet so fun! I couldn’t be more excited to share this with my own sisters, and that’s why I’m so excited to share with you girls on my blog! I highly recommend checking it out! You can add it to your goodreads here.


Dawn Chandler comes out May 18th, which is Saturday. You can pre-order the Kindle version via a link in Eliza’s blog! However, if you’d like to join in the wonderful giveaway to try and win a paper copy, here’s the box!

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It’s honestly so hard to find clean, wholesome, and yet not vain books for girls. I’m so happy with this book, I’m excited to get it onto our family bookshelf soon. You should too! Finding contentment, as well as a good attitude when obeying our parents in things we don’t quite understand is something all of us struggle with and have to learn.

About the Author

Eliza Noel is a home school graduate with passion for Jesus, people, and literature. Growing up, her favorite books were always Nancy Drew, Anne of Green Gables, and Pride and Prejudice. Around age twelve she wanted to read something with positive values in a modern setting, but couldn’t find what she was looking for. So she wrote it.
When not doing something book-related (reading, writing, blogging, bookstagramming), Eliza works at her day jobs, spends time with her many younger siblings, longboards, has coffee with friends, eats chocolate, and listens to music. California is home, but she would like to travel more and feels she could learn to be content anywhere.
You can follow her writing journey and see snippets of her everyday life on elizanoelauthor.blogspot.com or by following @elizanoelauthor on social media.

Her blog: http://elizanoelauthor.blogspot.com/ Is also the base for all the blog tour goodies, so don’t forget to check it out! Thank you guys for reading.

Live, laugh, and love, girls!

3 thoughts on “Dawn Chandler: Blog Tour”

  1. Kassie says:

    This book looks so sweet! I’m so excited for the rest of the blog tour. I know I’m older than the target audience but it’s so something I would’ve loved at 12 I want to read it!!

    1. Libby May says:

      I think you’ll really enjoy it even if you’re older!

  2. Eliza Noel says:

    Hearing it encouraged you makes me so happy! Thanks for posting

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