Here it is guys, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Long-anticipated, months of waiting, hyping, signing up, and FINALLY it’s here!

Now I don’t believe in making people wait too long to see whatever exciting news posts have, and in fact, you probably already scrolled down to see it and came back up to see what I had to say, but either way! I believe in giving people thanks when they deserve it. I need to sit down and write my acknowledgment and I’ve realized that, girls, there’s no way I’m going to fit the entirety of what I want to put into my acknowledgment SO my super great friend and alpha reader and his wife (portrayed by Ethan and Tanya in the book and on my blog) suggested creating a web page that could easily be 72 pages long if I needed it to be, without actually having to write an entire second book on the back of mine! So I shall do that, and it will be under my “The Author” thingy on the header (it’s not up yet give me time XD)

But I did want to say a couple of short thank you’s for now.

  • Thank you to all my alpha readers. Mom, dad, sisters, Ethan and Tanya and my new friend Rebecca.
  • Thank you to Penny for coming along side me and being my cheerleader in the earliest process of the story. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had this book where it is today. And thank you for always supporting me in my indie publishing dream even though it wasn’t yours. That meant a lot.
  • Thank you to Rebekka and Anna and Kate Willis and so many amazing girls and ladies in my 2018 July Nano Cabin that pushed me to finish this book. Thanks for all the advice you guys gave, and for the tips. Thank you for helping me get to know my characters better, and thank you for the endless sprints and that OC Picnic!
  • Thank you to all the indie authors that I’ve seen work so hard and succeed. Especially Kate Willis, Livy Lynn, Jesseca Wheaton and so many others that I can’t all name.
  • THANK YOU to all you girls, especially Lydia, Mariah, Lexi, Jordan, and my other blog readers that have really given me the push to write for this audience and for girls that need good literature.
  • I know I already pushed this too long but I have to put in one more. Thank you Lilah for being my publishing cheerleader. Where Penny was by my side in the writing process, you are there in the publishing process and God knew exactly what He was doing when He brought you into my life. I love you.

Now, without futher ado! The Official Cover for my debut Novel…

Dewdrops and Butterflies

*cue peanuts cheering gif* (because it doesn’t want to work *frowns*)

There it is! Now that you’ve seen it, a tiny story time.

If you’ve seen the cover on goodreads… This old one…

This was the temporary cover y’all sorry! When my dad first redesigned it, it was a beautiful night sky with the stars behind it and a gorgeous blue butterfly.

And I was like “Dad… I love it.– But it’s blue.” My entire online presence, my blog and my social media and EVERYTHING is purple because of this book. So I took a deep breath and looked at him and said “Can you do exactly the same thing except in purple?” And my dad, being my dad and amazing and superman and able to do the impossible, nodded and came up with this, which I will, of course, post again. Because it’s beautiful enough for that.

Dewdrops and Butterflies

So that’s that. If you haven’t added it to your Goodreads TBR you can do it here and here and here and here. If you don’t have a Goodreads yet, write it down on a sticky note and super glue it to your bathroom mirror… or don’t… but something!

Now I know you all want to know “OK LIBBY when can we actually READ it!?” Well!…. I don’t have an EXACT answer just yet and HOLD ON DON’T BOMBARD ME YET! I have a very legitimate explanation for why.

Here’s why. I’m currently going through my last round of editing. This is where I say yes or no to my beta reader’s grammar suggestions. As soon as I finish that, which I will get done by September 10th, I will format and submit it for approval to my printing source (Amazon, fancy shmancy). I haven’t heard super great things about their processing system and they tend to take a long time blah blah blah. I can tell you this. Once I have the proof copy in my hands, I will set a publishing date. Because I will be able to see #1 how long it takes them to approve my file, #2 How long it takes them to ship it to me, and #3 how much formatting/grammar adjustments I will need to make and how long that will take me. My current goal is the First Week of October, but we all know one of my pastor’s favorite jokes is “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” So I’m going to leave that open for Him to guide (and I am NOT WORRIES ABOUT IT AT ALL because He has been one step ahead of me this entire process and that will take a whole post of it’s own.)

So that’s that! What do you think of the cover? Do you like it? Is it purple enough? Are you excited? Have you added it to your TBR list yet?! Let’s chat in the comments! (Questions are welcome too!)


P.S. If you have an instagram account follow me @libbymay117 and there’s a whole cover reveal party and posts and reposts and everything going on over there. You can also follow my other social medias via the side widget!


  1. Angie says:

    Very, very excited for this, Libby! <3<3<3

    1. Libby May says:

      Me too!!!

  2. Liz - Home with the Hummingbirds says:

    LIBBY!! It’s so pretty!!

    1. Libby May says:

      THANK YOU! I love it tooo

  3. Lydia Williams says:

    Eeeeeeek!!!! It’s so cool, Libby! Yayyyy!!! 😀

    1. Libby May says:


  4. Marissa says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I love the cover!!! It looks A-Maze-Ing!!! Can’t wait till its published!

  5. Oh, that cover is beautiful!!!

    1. Libby May says:

      Right?! Thank you!

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