Drawn to Love God

Let’s understand what exactly it means to love GOD. Understand why we should love Him. Just look at the raw truth.

Jesus is Love. But we tend to push that away, to over look it. It flies into our head, and out the other ear. Instead take hold of that. Grab hold and swallow it. Let it burn deep inside your soul.
Look at what GOD is doing right now. Yes, looking back, that picture of the Cross is the best image of Love ever displayed. Sometimes we go numb to it though! Unbelievable! But here are a couple of illustrations to help refresh the awe and love that should radiate from our hearts.

First. Jesus washed the disciples feet, right? He was bringing us an example of servanthood. He was serving the the disciples.
If we look at it though. Jesus is still serving us right now, right? He is constantly serving us, constantly offering intercession to the Father for us.
The Savior of the universe wraps a towel around His waist, fills a bowl with water and kneels down to wash your feet EVERYDAY. Every single day, Jesus washes you clean. He takes your filthy, smelling, sin stained, dusty feet, and with nail pierced hands gently washes all of that filth off. And we don’t always want it. We yell and spit at Him, and we deny the need, we pull back. But He still washes us. Removing every stain, every trace of our sinful lives, giving us a clean feet to start over with. And that was not free. He paid with His own blood to be able to wash us!
And then we go through the day, dragging our feet through manure, mud, dust, rotten pieces of whatever that is. And Jesus goes, and washes us ALL OVER AGAIN!

I mean is that amazing or not? I am just in awe of the love we have been given! And there is nothing that could make GOD love us more! Ready for the next wave?

GOD loves us to eternity. How can He love us more than Eternity? He cannot. His love for us is INFINITE! Why is this? Do we deserve this? Not in a million years! Why does He love us this way then?
Because when GOD looks at us, when He sees our faces, He does not see the scars, the dirt, or the sins that have stained us through our whole lives. We have been washed. When GOD looks at us, He Sees Jesus! He sees His Own Son. He sees His BELOVED SON. His only begotten, His beloved.
When GOD looks at you He sees His Beloved. That is why GOD loves you. Because you have been washed and hid in Christ. Our Messiah!
Nothing we could ever do could make Him love us more. We don’t go to church to gain GOD’s favor. We do not read the Bible or pray to gain His favor. Why? We can’t gain it. Because We ALREADY HAVE IT! We already have the favor and love of GOD poured out upon us!

GOD of all, GOD of everything has given us the most precious thing He has ever owned, given for us to live with Him forever.
Ok, are you gasping for a spiritual breath? Does this blow your mind or what? Doesn’t your heart want to explode in love and worship for our GOD! Hang on, there is one more wave.

GOD is likened to a man that was walking down the street. He saw a little new born baby abandoned on the street. Brand new and totally vulnerable. She was still covered in the blood and fluids from being born. Completely naked and screaming from the cold.
When He saw that girl, he was drawn to her. Drawn to love her.
As she grew, the baby became a beautiful young lady, and He loved her so much. He took care of her, He fed her with the most nourishing foods, clothed her in the most beautiful cloths. He taught her to be smart and wise with infinite patience and kindness.
But as the girl grew, she became interested in life outside the safety of home and started to play with the world. At first she played with other people, hanging out with the wrong groups. She thought it was adventurous, thrilling. But soon she began to see temporary benefits for it, and became a prostitute, making money off of that kind of lifestyle.
All the while her Father looks on and reached out, calling for her, warning of the dangers, hurting for her, wanting her back, because He still loved her.
Refusing to turn back to His love, the girl got so addicted to the world, she got sucked into paying for what she had been working for. She became a slave to sin, a filthy, ugly worn slave.
Still her Father kept calling her back. “Come, my daughter. I love you! Come home. Repent, I will forgive you. I will still forgive you, even though you had rejected me.”
He was not only willing to take her back and forgive her, He was ready to cloth her in Queen’s attire. He was ready to give her a virgin’s clothing! How is that even possible! This filthy young lady who completely rejected and abandoned Him, spitting in His face even as He reached to pull her from Hell’s teeth, and He was still willing to take her back.

God loves you that much.

Dear Jesus, Lord of all.

Thank you Yahweh, for loving us. Emmanuel, how is it possible? Why do You love us this way? Glory and Honor to You forever! Thank you Lord God! My Savior! The Alpha and Omega! Glory and Praise belong only to Jehovah!

I ask Lord Jesus, please come into my heart, fill me a fresh with your Holy Spirit. With Your love. I want to love You more. Let me live my life for Your Glory, because You are worthy of all of me. Forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness and empower me to live the Life You have Given to me.

In your wonderful and priceless name


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