End of November Update

Heyo girls. How’s life? How was your November? Thanksgiving? I had a great month. I’ve just about reached my Nano goal and am more than ready for a December break. I’ve missed you girls and writing on this blog and keeping up. I absolutely love writing but after a while everyone needs a break.

I’m taking the month of December to do the other things I love. Hanging out with my family, organizing a Christmas party for my friends (you can read about last year’s party here!) reading, blogging, buying gifts and relaxing. You know, normal December stuff.

For my blog I have a couple of plans. I want to grow it. I want to post consistently, reach more girls, make more friends. I’m very excited for the coming up year. So many things are happening for me; graduating school, working towards and publishing Dewdrops and Butterflies, getting a job and just growing up in general. I’m so excited for what God has planned for my year. So for Geoturtle I’m going to keep you updated on my major events, and also keep bringing you helpful tips and articles.

I’m going to get into other blogs and do more guest posts. I’m going to do more collaborations and try and share more short stories. Here’s to a brighter, funner, more consistant blog year!

Now, moving past those boring facts I just wanted to say Hi! I’ve really missed you girls a lot. Life gets busy a lot you know. But I’m ready for it to slow down.

I’m going to schedule posts for this coming up month that way if I get to writing one or not there should be a new one in your inbox every week.

What about you? How has your blog been going? Do you enjoy blogging or are you wishing you could get a break? Do you have a blog? Are you wanting to get one? What are your tips for me to get out and make more blog friends? I want to talk!

Also, Penny mentioned that I should make my blog compatible for the WordPress Reader App. I thought it was, and I’m wondering if any of you guys use the WordPress Reader app and have trouble with my blog?

Keep smiling and laughing and living!

1 thought on “End of November Update”

  1. Marissa says:

    Hey, Libby! Sounds like a lot exciting stuff is coming up for you!
    Is BRB going to come back or is it just your blog now?

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