Gina Marinello-Sweeney Character Interview Part 1: Rebecca

Hi Rebecca! Such a thrill to meet you! I love you so much. After meeting you in I Thirst and absolutely falling in love with your method of writing poetry and expressing your random self, I had to meet you!

Thanks for taking the time off of your crazy school schedule for this interview. 

Hi, B.R.B.!  Awww thanks so much!  I’ve heard amazing things about you, too.  It is truly EPIC to finally meet you!!

 You’re too sweet! Anyway, here are a couple of questions about your writing. What is your favorite poem that you have ever written?

Wow, that’s a really hard question. 
Right? All of my writing seems to be really close friends, and I don’t how I could pick a favorite.
Exactly!!  Too hard to pick! If I had to pick, I would probably say “The Summer Orchard”.  It was a different sort of poem to write in that it was nostalgic, reminding me of my childhood, yet remained ultimately focused on the present and perhaps even the future.  

What is the most inspiring city/park/building that you just couldn’t wait to sit down and write in?

Hmmm I would say Erice, Sicily.  There is this beautiful castle on a cliff that is famous there.  It looks like something out of a fairy tale, and even pictures inspire my imagination.  It’s so beautiful.  Or perhaps somewhere in Naples or Palermo.  Or maybe Banff, Alberta.  My friend Peter lives there and actually does just that—sit on a bench and write near this incredible lake.  I hear that it’s really inspirational.

As a girl with standards, what do you look for in a guy?

I think I have high, but not impossible, standards.  I look for a guy who shares my values and faith most of all.  He would follow the code of chivalry, even if that seems to be a lost art.  It’s really important to be counter-cultural in the world in which we live today, and he would share that outlook of mine.  The sad thing is, many people either think that such a guy doesn’t exist or is boring.  But I believe he is out there, and the latter couldn’t be farther from the truth.  I also look for a guy who respects me for who I am.  I’m a pretty quirky person—random insanity is my lifestyle!  I take joy in the littlest things and can be pretty silly.  If he looks down on that because he sees it as less “cool”, then he’s not my type.  

YES YES YES! I totally get where you are coming from! Same here. I have really high standards. Some people feel bad for me because I have such a limited choice, but I seek God and I only want what’s best for my life, so I don’t freak out about that sort of thing.

*high five*  That is awesome, B.R.B.!  As one of my favorite authors would say, I think we are “kindred spirits” in this area.  It’s always so great to find someone else who agrees in this department!  It’s easy to feel like you’re on an island when it comes to “old-fashioned” values.  Trusting in God and His plans is definitely key.

Exactly! Now a few questions about your friends. What makes your friend Peter so awesome?

Peter . . . where do I start.  He’s such a paradox.  Ok, wait . . . dude, that is IT.  He is awesome BECAUSE he is a paradox!!!  He is quiet yet thoughtful and well-spoken, gentle yet firm, intelligent yet understated.  Most of all, he is just . . . Peter.  Sorry, does that even make sense?  Am I rambling?  I don’t know why talking about him makes me ramble.  It’s just hard to really, truly convey his epicness.  I know him so well, and yet it’s almost a mystery to myself, much like the way he appeared so suddenly in my life. 

No, you’re not rambling at all. Ok, maybe you are, but that’s ok, because I know exactly what you mean. I can be exactly the same way about some of my best friends! Lily and Kate, for example. My cousins/sisters. I never even tried to fully explain them!
What do you like most about Adriana?

Adriana is absolutely insane—even more insane than me—and not afraid to always be herself.  I think that’s what I admire the most about her because it goes deeper than that. I know that she will always be there for me because she never tries to be fake about anything and everything she does is sincere.  She is a loyal and true friend.

Absolutely insane. How Awesome is that? I’m excited to talk to her!

YES!!  I talked to her earlier today, and she said she was excited, too . . . only translated that excitement into some sort of superhero/Star Wars hybrid metaphor.  I’m still trying to decode it.

That’s next week though! Here are a couple of questions about your young life. What did you want to be when you were little?

When I was little, I wanted to be a pediatrician or an elementary school teacher because, to paraphrase a quote, even as a little kid, I loved little kids.  I still absolutely do, and whenever I visit my dad’s class or hear Peter talk about his experience as a teacher-in-training, some of those feelings return.  I eventually settled on psychology, though, as I’m fascinated by how the mind works.  I suppose that relates to my greatest love, writing.  I’ve always said that writers are psychologists-in-disguise.  
What is something most of your friends don’t know about your childhood?
Most of my friends know that I was shy (and still am), but they may not know about my experience in Kindergarten and first grade.  This was before I met Adriana, which wasn’t until third grade.  I went to a school for a brief time that was just completely surrounded by nature.  It was like walking into a forest.    Anyway, I didn’t have many friends at the time and, so, during recess, I would just imagine that I was a princess on a quest or waiting for her prince.  Inanimate things like logs became dwarves and trees grew closer together to become an actual forest.  My storytelling, you could say, began then.  I lost myself in that world, and it made me feel less alone.  Sorry, I totally just went into a serious story!!  

And a couple of questions just  randomly about you. What is your absolute favorite color and why?

My favorite color is pink, not because it’s “cute”, but because it’s feminine.  There is this quiet gentleness to it that reminds me of what I am and what I would like to be.  There’s also just something about that color that always puts me in a good mood if I wear it or even see it . . . which is pretty random, but also the best thing ever.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is when people say, “No offense, but . . .” because it is obvious that something offensive is going to follow it.  Or when they say, “It’s just a joke!” as if that makes it ok.  For someone as silly and random as I am, that really means something.  I enjoy joking around all the time, but some things just aren’t funny. 

Do you think you turned out the way your parents expected?

My parents are pretty quirky themselves, so, if they were expecting someone ten times more random and insane, I’d say so.  😉  

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Good question!  This may sound simple, but I would worry less.  I care deeply about those I love, which is a good thing, but sometimes I let my imagination take over a bit too much in moments of the “unknown”.  It’s like googling medical symptoms; just not a wise thing to do!  An honorary uncle once told me this acronym:  FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.  I try to remember that when I imagine worst case scenarios for various events.
That’s totally true. Thank you so much for sharing with me Rebecca! I had a lot of fun, and I hope so did my readers! 
Aww thanks so much.  I had fun, too!!  
And readers! Tune in next week for Part 2 of the interview, where we get to try and decipher some of Adriana’s crazy ideas and phrases. If you are not yet subscribed to my blog, there is a widget on the sidebar you can do that in! It’ll keep you updated so you don’t miss my post!
For those of you not 100% sure what happened. This week I was able to interview Gina Marinello-Sweeney, and she agreed to the interview with our characters! Rebecca is her main character from her books I Thirst and The Rose and the Sword. Adriana for next week is Rebecca’s best friend. Stay tuned! And thanks for your patience. I know this post is just a little bit late. *cring*

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