Gina Marinello-Sweeney Character Interview Part 3: Peter and Mrs. Gina Herself!


Goodness Gracious Peter. It’s an honor to meet you. Just wanted to say you are an awesomely random guy. I like you a lot and am super excited to get to talk to you.
My pleasure! I am honored to be here with you today.

So what is something that you really admire in Rebecca?
Rebecca has this profound depth to her. Unlike many in our world who focus on shallow things, she is very real. She has a poetic spirit and has never lost that childlike wonder at the world around us that many forget as they grow older.

Was it hard going back to Canada? (in either book)
Yes, it was difficult. I grew . . . accustomed to those around me.

Are you excited for Adriana, Rebecca, and your’s next adventure?
Our adventures in Spring of 2013 were excellent.  😀  While our adventures in Winter of 2015 were filled with unexpected danger, there were still moments that I shall treasure always.

I’d say it was rather nerve wrecking. On the note of danger, do you love Rebecca?
*pause* I greatly admire and care deeply about her. She is… my best friend.

What is your favorite color? Why?
My favorite colors are blue gray and green—the color of the mountains and trees, respectively, that surround Lake Louise. I find a great peace there.

What is your favorite climate? Desert? Beach?
Like Rebecca, I love the sea, but prefer quiet days when the beach is less crowded. I like to get away from the noise of the world and reflect.

Wow Peter, you’re deep. I seem to understand how you cope with the two girls. You need a cool head to do that. XD
Thank you, Bethany!  Yes, this is, at times, required.  😀 But I must admit that Rebecca’s randomness is starting to ‘rub off on me’, to use a conventional phrase.  Perhaps, in the end, we all have our own form of insanity. And that insanity may, perhaps, be more sane than the sanity around us.

You are starting to sound like one of my best friends. He says the same thing. XD


And now we get to talk to the creator of it all! Mrs Gina! I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent to do this for me. You slip right into each character at moments notice. It’s amazing! How do you do it?
It is always a pleasure to interact with fans!  I must say that this was an especially fun—and creative!—way to do it.  Thanks for the great questions and kind words!  To hearken back to an earlier discussion point—much like my stories and poems, my characters themselves have become like friends.  To speak as them is to roleplay as people dear to my heart.  There is something natural about that.

What are some of your favorite ways to get new ideas for stories?
I love the observe the world around me and take in each and every little detail.  Like Rebecca, I tend to immerse myself in the “intermissions” in life—those “little” moments in time that may seem incidental, but really are important.  I’ve found that inspiration can come just as easily at the optometry department, as weird as that might sound, as during some big, life-altering event.  I love those random moments when inspiration takes you by surprise!

And last but not least, what is your most best tip for new writers and those (me) who are possibly looking into publishing soon. Do you think a publishing company is important or would you recommend self publishing? What did you do to spread your book and get people to read it?
Great question!  It really depends on the publisher and your goals.  I am an author under Rivershore Books, a small publishing company based in Minnesota.  Since it is a smaller company, there is more individualized support and freedom for creative input from the author.  It is a great balance.  Working with larger publishers also has its advantages due to the resources it has at its disposal.  As for self-publishing, there is no shame in that choice.  That’s important to remember!  But it requires additional skills and resources, as you take on many roles. It may also be more difficult when it comes to publicity.  But, if you love to design books in addition to writing, that may be the thing for you.  So, in the end, it really depends on what you feel is the best choice for you.  I personally would recommend sending cover letters to multiple publishers that specialize in your genre.  See how that goes, and, if you decide to self-publish instead in the end, you have the freedom to do so!
While my publisher has also promoted my novels, I took on the role as marketer, as well.  Unless you are famous, it is difficult to do otherwise.  Social media, from Facebook and Twitter to the more specialized Goodreads, have been valuable tools to get the word out about my books.  When possible, I also try to be available for in-person events such as book signings.
That’s amazing! Such good stuff. I’m so glad I was able to chat a little. Thank you!

Thanks for having me!

Gina Marinello-Sweeney
So guys! That was my interview with Mrs. Gina. She was so much fun and I really enjoyed do it. I hope you all enjoyed reading it.
Again, here are the links to her books.
I Thirst
The Rose and The Sword
Hold on tight. I have a blog tour next week for Jessica Wheaton and her sequel A Question Of Courage. And then I promise to give you a break from books. XD

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