So here I am again, with another email. Let’s talk about His Goodness.

First and foremost, who are we to define good? Who are we to decide what is good and what is not good. What is right, what is correct, what is perfect? In fact how could we even know if we are so ruined ourselves? We went over our disfigured state that we have been pulled from. The state that we have been rescued from. So how are we to tell what’s good if that’s all we came from? How about we leave the One who rescued us to define “Good” for us.

Take everything in your life, EVERYTHING. Throw out everything you define as good. Then ask God to define good. Because if anyone can do it it’s Him, right? I mean come one, we got to go back to the basics.

God is Good.

I so wanted to put “DUH!” after that. But out of respect, I didn’t. God is Good. He is not only good, not only perfect, God Himself (Jesus, remember the Trinity) He is Goodness. He is Perfection! So than what defines it better than the very measurement itself.
Here’s a super cool example. So you guys all know about the Kilogram, right? Well the Kilogram is measured by the exact mass of the Big K.

The Big K IS the kilogram. Everything is measured against it (or exact copies replicated off of it, because the Big K itself is priceless, and cannot be exposed to the elements in case of damage to the measurement!) So you can’t say “Oh, the Big K does not weigh a Kilogram.” Yes it does! The Big K IS a kilogram. It is the very base of the kilogram. Have I repeated that enough times? I hope you get the point.
God is our basis. Our measurement for goodness. And when we look at it like that it seems like everything else is totally worthless. XD Nothing compare to God’s goodness, and if He is goodness, nothing else is unless He says it. So you should go do a Bible study on what He says is Good. What He defines as worthy and good. I recommend getting out your concordance and looking up the word Good. There are way too many references to put into one email, but here are a few of the main ones.

The Creation Was Good.

Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 18, 21, 25,  says that it was good, and here is Verse 31 “And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good…”

Being Alone is Not Good.

In Genesis 2:18 “And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
Wow, that verse just said a lot of different things, but focus, we’re sticking to goodness. God knows that it is not good for us to be alone. I’m sure each of us can vouch for that ourselves, and God knew that in the beginning because #1 He is God, He knows everything, #2 He made it that way.
And notice He doesn’t like that! He could say “Oh, it’s not good for man to be alone,” shrug and move on, but He didn’t! He made it good. God wants things to be good! He created a Help Meet. Us, women. When we were first created we were made TO BE HELPERS. We were not created to be independent. Sorry if that ruffles your feathers. It’s there in Genesis, we were created as helpers.
This also helps explain our internal desire for a man to hold us, someone to take care of us and listen, and to have a family. We were created with that as our purpose.

Before we move on I want to clear one more thing. You will feel attractions to guys. Trust me, I know! I KNOW! Personal experience has lead me to (at one point) feel guilty for wanting a man, for wanting someone to hold me and to listen to me. And I had such a strong desire to hold my own baby once, it was ridiculous. I felt guilty and begged God to help me fight these desires, and not to have them anymore.
But then my eyes were opened. These desires are NOT A SIN. We were created with these things hardwired into us! And we girls are created to be mothers. Yes, of course, some of us are lead to do something else, beside getting married, but when you surrender to God, nothing will shake you. The thoughts of a possibility of never having a man may bother you for a while, but surrender giving that to Him and He will take care of everything. Just know that Psalm 84:11 says God will never withhold that which is good from those who love Him. And He wants what’s best for you!

Moving on.

Fruit of The Spirit.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance: against these there are no law.” Galatians 5:22-23
Goodness is a Fruit of the Spirit. As soon as we accept Jesus’ gift, we are saved, and as soon as we are saved we receive the Holy Spirit. And we get to begin to grow and change and mature and become good. We cannot do it on our own EVER, but by the Spirit we receive the ability to become good.
Once again, the Trinity makes Jesus the Father and the Spirit at the same time. So Jesus Is Goodness!

Good Gifts Come From The Father.

When we allow God to define good we get to change our outlook on life. To us good is Fun, Love, Joy, Happiness, Friendship, Acceptance. So when we pray for God’s help, for His guidance, we tend to expect these things. Especially from James 1:17 where it says “Every Good and Perfect gift is from above…” So God will give us what is good!
We need to understand that His ways are higher than ours. Many times in our lives we will pray “God, I asked for your help and your guidance here, why did it turn out this way? Why am I left out/did I lose someone/I feel so sick/etc.” We need to understand that EVERYTHING in this life is a blessing when we are in Jesus. The rainy days, the mean people, the bad healthy, the sorrow. It is good, because God sees beyond where you can see, and in the Ultimate End, it all works out good for those who love Him!

In the end, we need to surrender once more. When we surrender everything to Him, everything in the entire world will be seen through a new pair of eyes. When we walk down the road of life holding His hand, pressed up against His body for strength to take the next step, it’s all for the Ultimate Good. And if you can trust anyone to know what Good is, you can trust God.

Dear Jesus,

I.. I don’t know what to say. I’m so hungry for satisfaction. I’m so tired of everything in life, and I just want to be loved. I just want to find something to hold fast to. Something that will never, never move. And I come to You in hope that You will once again take my shattered heart, my dirty soul, and my ever ever wandering thoughts. Please, take me and make me whole again. I know that you will, and that’s why I come to you.
Jesus, You are Goodness. You are the Ultimate Good. Help me to understand that, and help me to grow to love you even more.

In your wonderful and priceless name,

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