#Hashtags and *Asterisk


Well I had originally planned a Independence Day Dependence Part #4 for this week, but certain things were brought to my attention, and I think that’ll probably be moved a few weeks forward until things clear up.

Today I’m going to talk about #hashtags and *asterisks.


First, I don’t have a Twitter, so #hashtag literally means nothing to me except some sort of way of sticking a random word into a sentence well #technically still making sense. Here’s some random stuff about the hashtag.

One blog says: “Whether you first knew # as a number sign, the pound symbol, or a tic-tac-toe board, its incarnation as the hashtag has changed language for millions around the world.”

Another blog: “A hashtag is created by online users to discuss specific events and relevant issues. These are categorically arranged so that other online users can easily search for the topic and participate in the conversation, no matter where they are in the world. Information is updated and shared by social media users.”

Personally I think #hashtags are useful if you need to connect yourself with a certain group such as #homeschooler. But the #hashtag also places you in the group of people who use lots of social media, and are totally in tuned with the world on-going. Which is not a bad thing. But I oftentimes find #hashtags distracting! It’s like a secret message to the group you’re talking about #homeschooler, but it almost makes other people feel left out. 🙁

I will use #hashtags occasionally when appropriate, especially when I’m writing a post about #hashtags, but other then that I really don’t love them and they don’t mean too much to me since I don’t have a Twitter (which is where it came from in the first place, for #thoseofyouwhodidn’tknow).


Ok. Let me admit this. I didn’t know how to spell that word until I went to write this post. And I probably pronounced it wrong too *cring* but that’s ok.

Asterisk is pronounced “Ast-e-risk.” So I wasn’t too bad.

Random facts about Ast-e-risks.

Wikipedia says: “Origin Adamantius is known to have also used the asteriskos to mark missing Hebrew lines from his Hexapla. The asterisk evolved in shape over time, but its meaning as a symbol used to correct defects remained.”

And a definition is: “Symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter.”

Personally I really like this little flower of a symbol. It’s a lot of fun to animate your writing and posts *grin*. It just makes you so happy to see those little details added in. Some of my favorite Asterisk phrases are:

Livi Jane just so happens to be the Asterisk Queen of Phrases:
*wonders who doesn’t want more books*
*coughs* *coughs again* *hides*
*whistles innocently*
Bethany R.:
*acts offended*
*trumpets sound as confetti erupts*

That should be enough, but I couldn’t find my ultimate favorite! So sad. 🙁 XD I’ll post it later if I find it.

I like to use it. I plan to use it more so this is my favorite symbol.

Anyway, sorry about the short post this week. Like I said, stuff came up, I gotta work on it. Plus the lazy summer schedule has sort of gone very far away (wait, I had a lazy summer? I was running like a chicken without a head… except I had my head…. 0.o)


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