Independence Day Dependence Part 1, Short Story as Requested!


Hi. Mariah, you’re so persistent about the short story I’m going to do it! Inspired by the July Fourths I’ve had when I was I was a little younger. It’s too long for one post, so it’ll be in parts. Here is  Part 1 girl. 🙂 Enjoy.

“Good morning America! And happy Independence Day! Here in Cali. it’s one marvelous fourth. Stay safe and enjoy your day!”
Carmella yawned, stretched, and tapped the alarm clock snooze button. Sleepily she sat up and dragged her feet off the bed. Suddenly her eyes popped open, “IT’S THE FOURTH!” She jumped out of bed and began frantically digging through her drawer for matching socks. “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY EVERYONE!” She raced down the hall from her room down and slid down the stairs with a “WOOHEEE!”
“Carry! Maybe keep it down just a little?!”
“It’s the fourth mom! I’m too excited!” Carmella answered as she ran around the kitchen and down the hall to the bathroom. She skidded to a stop and jogged back to the kitchen. “You gonna be ready for church in a half hour?”
Her mom laughed, “More ready than you will be if you don’t get to the bathroom!”
“I’M FIRST!” Davin cried with a laugh, before slamming the door closed and clicking the lock.
Carmella ran back to the bathroom and banged on the door. “Please don’t be long!” She hollered, “I need to wash my hair before we go!”
“You shou– — earlier!” His muffled voice answered as the shower started.
“Humph.” Carmella slumped against the door. “Davin Please!”
“JUST TEASING!” He hollered back. “I’LL ONLY BE A MINUTE.”
Carmella smiled. Love my big bro. She thought.

“Hey Mello Yello! How are you?” Sue squealed when they finally drove into the church.
“Fizzy!” Davin answered with a laugh.
Carmella slapped him with a playful scour and jumped out of the car. “Sweet! How about you Sue?”
“Good! Did you see the ice cream truck they brought in for the event?”
“No way! Did you already get some?”
“No! Not without my Mello. Lemon?”
“Yeah! And coconut for you.” The girls laughed as they walked toward the truck. Three other girls, Davin and a few guys joined them there and after getting their treats, they all sprawled in the large lawn licking away.
“So.. What are you guy thinking to do after the picnic?” Davin’s friend Roy asked.
“Getting ahead of yourself Roy! We just got here!”
“Most of us are going down to the stadium to watch the game tonight. What about you and Mello? Gonna join us?”
Davin glanced at Carmella. “Um, actually I don’t think I can make it. I was going to join Sarah’s family for dinner and then I’m bringing her to our house. Bunch of our family is coming over to hang out.”
Carmella swallowed hard. Sarah, Davin’s girlfriend, had invited him for dinner on the Fourth almost two weeks ago. It made Carmella jealous, even though she was happy for him to have found such a good girl.
“Davin, maybe you can bring Sarah with us!” She exclaimed, hoping against hope he’d consider it.
“I’m sorry Carry, I’m not going to.”
She frowned, “Mom would probably excuse us from tonight if you came.”
“Sorry Carry, I promised Sarah I’d join them.”
Carmella sighed. She still wanted to go to that game. Maybe Mom would let her go with her friends this one year.
Beverly wiped her hands on the grass, and jumped up. “Last one to the bouncing house is a rotten egg!”
“Bouncing House!? Aren’t we all too big for that thing? We’d burst it!”
“So mature Beverly!” Jay called after her, but stood up and ran after her.
So did everyone else.

Happy fourth everyone! We are so blessed to live in a free country.

Mariah, I know you probably don’t celebrate the Fourth as much as we do here in the U.S. but it’ still a short story. XD


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  1. Mariah says:

    That’s cool! 😉 We were at our homeschool group’s sports day on the 4th and we all wore red, white and blue and brought a cake to share with the American flag on it! Great story!

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