Independence Day Dependence Part #3

If you have not read Part #1 Go here. Here is Part #2.

“Come on you guys!” Jay sighed, rolling his eyes. He was hungry and they were taking FOREVER!
“Jay, you can do better than that!” Davin laughed, taking Carmella’s hand and dragging her along.
“Ok,” Jay took up the challenge, “COME ON! LET’S EAT!”
The whole laughing group found their place in the line and loitered. The couple behind them couldn’t help laughing at them, and it didn’t seem very long before they got to the food.
“Make sure you all try my huckleberry pie.” Sue scooped some onto her plate and then onto Lilly and Nadia’s. “Don’t try it and you will be missing the world.”
“You have issues with exaggerations Sue. Try and maintain them when you are in public.” Beverly giggled.
“Oh! This is too good!” Lilly cried, and pretended to take Nadia’s plate.
“Lilly! It’s mine!” Nadia scooted away, leaving the buffet line.
“Aren’t you going to eat anything else?” Mello asked after her.
“Don’t need nothing else when you have Sue’s pie.” Davin took a bite and made an exaggerated moan. “Soo good!”
Jay reappeared, his plate heaping. “Please tell me there is some pie left for me.”
Mello laughed and took up the tin, “Sue, why do you even set it out? We’re going to take it to our table.”
Sue blushed in pleasure, “So be it.”

Jay wasn’t a glutton. He just loved picnics. So what if Lilly and Nadia giggled at his four hot dogs with all the fixings. A growing man has to eat. He took a large bite. “So, how many kids do you think we can get together for Ultimate?”
“Jay, that’s gross. Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Davin frowned, elbowing his friend in the side.
“I’ll play,” Lilly said, setting off a charming smile, “And so will Nadia. Right?”
Nadia only nodded as she tried to wipe pie from her cheeks.
Mello nodded, “I will too. Don’t count on me too hard though. I never run very fast after eating.”
“At least 15 I think.” Davin nodded toward Beverly, “You going to join us?”
“I’m sure if we can get Ethan and Pastor Josiah to play we can get even more players.” Nadia put in.
“Yes, I am going to play, and I can probably get Brian and Bailey too.” Beverly answered.
“That’ll be plenty,” Jay grinned and dodged another elbow from Davin.

“Ok,” Pastor Josiah, the youth pastor, called, “Jay is Capitan Number One, and I’ll be Capitan Number Two.”
Everyone was in agreement, and the players were split to each team one by one. Lilly almost fell over when Jay picked her to his team, even though she was the third to last person.
“Josiah’s team this side, mine that side. Come on guys! Let’s rock this game!” Jay cried out, making a mad dash for the other end of the field. His team of 8 others followed. Lilly placed herself as close to his side as possible.
“Ok!” Josiah threw the bright green frisbee with all his might, “ULTIMATE!” and the game began.

Jay was gasping and knelt over to catch his breathe. “Ok team, this is not working.” He said as they huddled after Josiah’s team scored for the fifth time. “We don’t want to lose. This can’t keep up.”
“Come on man!” On of the guys on the team shook his head, “You honestly sucked at picking players. There are no bundle players on this team! You split up all of them.”
“That’s not true!” Lilly piped up, always ready for with a defense for a friend, “Nadia and I are on the same team, and he picked us.”
The guy scorned, “Whatever, Jay, what are we going to do? I don’t want to leave smoked.”
“Cool it Clay,” Jay said, shaking his head, “It’s just a game, so what if we lose? You’re sucking all the fun out of it.” He stood up straight, and placed a hand on two of his players shoulders, “Ok. Let’s try and do shorts. Short passes. The closest player you’ve got to you. Make sure they are open. Throw backward if you need to, since they are more likely to be open, but make sure you’re not throwing to the wrong goal.”
“I think that’s a really good idea,” Mello nodded. “Let’s do this.”
They spread out on their side of the field. Davin threw the frisbee and Mello nodded to Nadia and Lilly. They had to get this point. For Jay, for the team. Lilly ran to the far left side, opposite of where the frisbee had landed. Clay, Jay and a few others danced around Josiah’s team mate, who held the frisbee tight, looking for an opening. Nadia placed herself several feet closer to the goal line than Lilly, and Mello ran right behind Jay.
Josiah’s mate attempted a deep throw, but was cut short when one of Jay’s basketball-tall players knocked it down before it even made it four feet. With a quick whisk of the frisbee the game was leaning the other way, Josiah’s team still blinking away from the tall player’s success. Jay caught it and instantly threw it towards Nadia. Mello re-placed herself in a more useful place and was quickly caught the frisbee from Nadia.
Josiah’s team caught on and knocked it down before Lilly could make the goal, but they didn’t get very far before it was once again in Team Two’s hands, and at long last they scored.
“WOOHOO! That’s what I’m talking about team!” Jay did a dance.
Mello hugged Nadia, “We can do that again!”
“Yeah,” Clay nodded, “About five more times and then maybe we’ll have a chance.”
“Optimism is an issue for you isn’t it.” Basketball-tall Bailey rolled his eyes in sarcasm. “At least you can admit it was better than your sloppy ‘long throws’.”
“Boys,” Mello shook her head, “Let’s have fun ok? Forget the score if you have to.”
The game moved forward.

It ended 21 to 20, Jay’s team winning. The hollering and jolting that took place made everyone breathless from laughing. Excited at the moment, Jay forgot to pretend indifference, “Lilly! Come with me to the game. Our first date!”
Stunned silence followed as everyone looked back and forth from Lilly to Jay.


I hope you guys like it! I hate cliffhangers as much as you all, but to change character view I had to pause there.


Here’s a little bit of background on Carmella/Mello.

Carmella is a young girl I met at my church not to long ago. She is a foster child for one of the families that goes to my church and I was immediately drawn to her character. She was a strong girl, and a bit rough around the edges, but I was so drawn to love her in Christ I didn’t honestly care. She is almost legally an adult and will be in a few months time. I haven’t seen her in almost three months, and I am pretty sure that she has been moved to another family. I never wanted to forget her and pray for her all the time. I wanted to frame her in something that means something to me and keep her in my life forever, and that’s why I created Mello. Mello is what I imagine Carmella’s life if she were to have a happy family the way I know she wishes she was raised. It would be amazing if you would join me in my lifting her up to God whenever she crosses your mind.
I don’t want to share any information about her, even though I don’t really know that much about her, but I do know this, she’s lived a life a lot of us can’t fully understand, but we all know God was with her all the while, through all of it. I don’t know if she has come to Christ and His infinite love, but I know that “Prayer moves the Hand that moves the world.” And by prayer through God we can do amazing things.
Add her to your guys’ prayer lists if you have them. I really appreciate it. I don’t know if I will ever see her again, but I will keep you guys up to date. Thank you for reading!

I know I still owe you all a BTT post. AHH!! I’m trying to get a hold of a writer and I might not get to writing that until September sometime!

But I hope you enjoy the variety that I’ve been working on. 🙂 This summer is FRANTIC for me, so I post a day or two off, but anyway. Hope you guys enjoy. Let your friends know about I’d love to have more people around! 🙂



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