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Hi girls. I signed up for Bethany House Publishers to receive free copies of books in exchange for reviews, so about once a month (not part of the normal post schedule) I’ll be posting a review for the book I read that month. Here is my review for Keturah by Lisa Tawn Bergner, book 1 of “The Sugar Baron’s Daughter” series.

I didn’t hear the greatest things about this book before I received it. I had a couple of mailing address problems, so I did not get a copy of this book until a month after all my friends had already read and reviewed it, so I didn’t have very high expectations when I started it. I guess that set me up not to be disappointing very badly.

Yes, I agree with a lot of my friends, there were plenty of scenes that made me go “bleh” out loud (16 to be exact). Most of the attraction between the main characters Keturah and Gray was physical and the mentions of his bare chest was yucky.
However! The plot was good, the story was good. Keturah’s determination, and Gray’s “change” were agreeable and believable. And Keturah’s wariness of males because of her past was very understandable. It did not feel (at least to me) as snobbish, but her protecting herself. (And she had a good reason to)

The whole thing (beside the romance part) stood on its own two feet. Then why the two stars off?

#1 As I was enjoying the story I would come across points of “romance” that would make me wrinkle my nose and reach for my pencil, which was annoying because it pulled me from the story. It wasn’t crucial to the plot and could have been better executed.

#2 The era. It really did not at all feel like the 1700s. It did feel like historical fiction, but not that far back! It was odd when the men would put on wigs, even though that was supposed to be the normal thing. There were a couple of plot holes that I’m fairly sure are not left there because they are going to be answered in future books in the series.
Also there were a lot of historical flaws that really would not have happened back in 1700s, and in turn, failed to make that the era. No way Keturah would have worn breeches. No way. Not in that time frame.


There was mention of molesting (did not happen), rape (also did not happen) manhandling, Keturah was physically abused by her husband, although this was only talked about in her memories because during the book her husband was already dead (semi-detailed). Lots of drinking (which the author talked about in her post-note, her attempt to fit the time frame) talk of muscles, curves, lips, (not detailed) mention of stealing kisses, wanting a kiss and kissing (semi to not detailed).

I recommend age 16 and up. Basically so you are mature enough to strain out the dirt and enjoy the story.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing Company for my honest review.

~Libby. 😀

4 thoughts on ““Keturah” by Lisa Bergren Book Review”

  1. This one didn’t look too good. Really?! Research research!!! I think I’ll pass on this one;)

    1. Libby May says:

      It was a Bethany House so I didn’t feel as bad because I got it for free, but yeah. I wouldn’t buy it.

  2. Gray Marie says:


    This sounded too romancey for me, no thanks.

    Thank you for your review, great job!

    1. Libby May says:

      Thank you. XD

      Right? Only when they want their readers to get all oogly eyed (let’s just say that you and I are not those readers. XD)

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