King’s Shadow by Angela Hunt – Bethany House Review

Hello! Is it fair to say I’ve been wildly busy? Yes! My job has been keeping me very busy! I’ve been dedicating almost every free minute to formatting my book and getting ready to order a proof copy, and spending lots of time chatting with my best friend about life.
And this summer has not been good for my reading life at all. It might be because I’ve been so swamped with editing and formatting and re-read my book so much almost every day for the last three months… or maybe I’m just in a reading slump. I don’t know. Either way, that’s why I haven’t gotten to review this book yet. I haven’t finished it even now. But the review is due! So I will write what my impression is and update it when I finish reading XD.

Things I liked.

I liked the era. I enjoyed the way that it felt like a stifling palace and a tense situation with people listening in everywhere.
I liked that the MC, Salome, has a devotion to her brother, and her loyalty and determination.

Things I didn’t like.

The attitude. Salome had a negative attitude about pretty much everything. Her husband Joseph was odd in that I thought it was a completely different character when he came in to play. At the first chapter Salome came across as a whiny twelve-year-old, and when I read that she was married I was certain it was a completely different character we were talking about.

Content List

There’s talk of affairs, and virginity/losing. Salome was assaulted when she was younger but her brother stepped in and saved her (this was really pointless to the plot so far and I feel like it was there to make us pity the character more which didn’t work very well for me) There’s also mention of inviting a man to one’s bedchamber but “the man behaved honorably” and there was simply a conversation.
No language so far, no witchcraft, no violence that I can remember, nothing graphic for sure.

I’m gonna give a star rating when I finish reading the book :[]. If you like Biblical fiction it’s not a bad one to pick up. I’ve enjoyed it for the most part so far and look forward to continuing reading it.

Recomended 15 and up!

Live, laugh, and love, girls! I miss you all.

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