Main Character Log

Hi! I thought it would be cool to share my character family with you all. Me being a writer, this group of people is constantly growing, coming from different backgrounds, eras, stories, and their own lives are all different. More likely then not, they will never meet anywhere beside on this page, but that’s that. 🙂

Let’s get started!

This is a girl, her name is Elizabeth Patricia O’Toule. She is my original B.R.B.! When this blog was only an idea in the back of my head, I drew this picture, to show what I wanted to capture in my fictional character for the blog.

A lot has changed. For starters, she now has red hair, and her name is completely changed. Her story has stayed the same, which you can read here. Her family is pretty much the same, but the blog has largely expanded from just being her “diary” which is what I originally planned for it to be. I like what it is now a lot better, don’t you?

The system I use to create my characters on paper is really simple actually. I use a Crayola trace pad with it’s stencils, and then customize the cloths based on what I’m going for. It’s really blast. Sometimes I wish I had more characters so I can draw them. But the characters in dresses never turn out, so I don’t have my ultimate best friend of my characters.

Folks, meet Maryann Grace Moran. Yes, this is just a photo I found online ages and ages ago. This has been my Maria for the longest time. Almost since I started writing about her.
Maria is a 16 year old girl (I know the photo model is not 16 XD) based in St. Bernard Ohio in 1825. I wrote this when I was 11! I was just getting to know computers, so I couldn’t go on Wikipedia and find out that St. Bernard was only laid out in 1851. XD
Inaccurate as it is, Maria’s story is the first novel that I actually completed (which I finished in 2014…) and it’s the closest to my heart. Maria is real to me! I love her. She’s just such an inspiration, and I look up to her.  Isn’t she beautiful?

This is Kelly Murry. A brilliant figure skater that ultimately met and married her childhood crush and world famous figure skater George Hamilton. I honestly apologize for her shorts, I don’t feel comfortable wearing things that short, but to capture her sort of figure-skater personality.
She’s really shy and really skinny, which she has to be to be a skater. Health issues in her childhood created a bumpy start in skating life, but her parents were really supportive, and after two surgeries she went on to win the title of “State Champion Figure Skater.” (Is that even a real thing? I totally made all this up.
At age 17 she met, and two years later married George. They have won two silver medals in partner skating in the Olympics.

Bryce! She’s a feisty one. Married for 5 years before the story starts. She’s the only one I put a face on.
Based as a sci-fi, when her husband leaves unexpectedly, leaving her clues to where he went, why, and how to get them back.
100 years earlier, a group of scientists abducted 9,000 teens, taking them to space, and throwing away the key. The ship was self sustained, and being bored, and desperate to continue their lives on earth, the kids invented a holographic image of themselves, and that way were able to live a mirror life of themselves. Bryce’s husband was one of these, and he needed her to help them get back to earth, to be the real them.
So the story is her discovering all this through his texts to her phone, traveling illegally across borders, finding the key, and making it to the base, to get the ship to get back to earth. All on a time crunch, because the key is light sensitive, and therefore shrinking all the time.
I did not evaluate this story much after the basic, which is here. I probably won’t, but Bryce was so much fun to create. 😀

Kayla! I have a close friendship with all my characters, because I created them! I know all their secrets, and their future. It’s pretty cool.
Kayla is one more sci-fi that I actually wanted to write out as a novel. I got about 11,000 words of her story down in Camp Nano in July of this year (2017) and discovered as much as I like her, I didn’t love her story enough to write it as a novel.
You can read more about her here, and read the Epilogue here.

And then we have Christina, who goes by Chris. Homeless, rough life, taken in by a church, and her whole redemption story. This was a short story I wrote on a whim, without much purpose behind it, except to show the love of Jesus and His willingness to go anywhere and take anyone.
Her story is not going to be published, and not very long. In fact, I only have it written out on paper. Another side note, all my stories are written out on paper, and then typed out, which is one of the biggest reasons I’m not yet published. It takes so much time to type books up from journals that I end up editing the entire story over three times, and I still don’t have it all typed.

Next we have a character with no picture. Her name is Elizabeth, and her story is set in the World War II as well as the Orphan Train end. DON’T yell. LOL. I know now those two where ten years apart, without ever crossing. But I didn’t care. This story was inspired by “Letters From War” by Mark Shultz.
Beth is partially why my name is Bethany. An orphan adopted by a wealthy lady who’s only son is away in the war, Beth ends up writing letters back and forth with Private Christian White for her adoptive mother, and gets to know the guy. Long story short she finds out that Christian was her only brother’s best friend, and the reason she was put up for the adoption she hated so long ago.
I never completed this story, because I got the basic story down, and I can sit down and finish it any time I want. Focusing on forgiveness, being grounded in Christ, and over coming difficulties, this is one of the longest short stories I’ve written.

And my WIP (those of you not familiar with writer lingo, that’s Work In Progress) Dewdrops and Butterflies. 14-year-old Rose Wells is just a girl. A foster girl. Ok, a run-away foster girl. This books is written in three POVs (writer lingo, Point Of Views). First chapter is first person from Rose’s POV about her life as a run-away; second chapter first person from foster dad Alex Johnson’s POV; and the next chapter is third person, Rose’s life before her foster process, revealing the life she doesn’t admit, and what Alex doesn’t know.
The story is mainly set the Johnson’s and state’s search for her, her life away, as she gets to know a Christian girl Angel, and blah blah blah. This is a really complex story because it’s still in work and my brain is a factory, trying to make everything play well together.

So that’s that. There are a couple more that I have to add, and I will do that next week and remind you in next week’s post, if you’re interested, to read the rest of them. I also may find a better way to organize this in a millions years, by each story, that way the sub-characters could stay close to their main character. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this and getting to know some of my favorite people in the not-real-world. XD