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Hello Everybody! Yes. I was late by a day AGAIN but the post is here now soooo.

Before we get started, I’ll say I have some very very VERY exciting news. Dewdrops and Butterflies first half is READY FOR BETA READERS! The first 22 chapters are going out August 1st and the second half is going out soon after that. If you’re on my Beta list, KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE EMAIL! If you’re not, ooo sorry. BUT. I’m still on schedule to publish the end of September SO there’s that. *is definitely not panicking* *Ok just a little*

On to the road trip (if you haven’t read any of it yet, start Here at Part 1). On the first day in Washington D.C., we went to the Museum of Natural History.

We had to go through security and to keep things short, let’s just say we’re not used to that and D.C. ended up being very unpleasant for us in general. The heat and humidity were UNbearable and NOBODY SMILES. *mumbles* *stops grumbling* I’m done whining. Let’s go.

Everything was so huge and awe-inspiring. The exhibits were interesting, and the ocean exhibit had so many dead relatives of the squids, including a GIANT squid (I didn’t get a picture ;()

My point exactly. This is from the third story. Look at that HUGE WHALE.

Lots of different animals.

That squirrel was… cold. Like pull a can of soda from the fridge cold. Gordon was shocked.

Just thought I’d say, if this little guy makes sure his voice is heard, you can too! Sing little hamster, sing!

Scott was looking at the beaver. Look at that jawbone.

There’s a separate gift shop PER exhibit! This was the mammals and other stuff exhibit, but mostly just dinosaur stuff in the shop. Gordon said they were nice to him and said he could move in, but he said it was squishy and he preferred his brothers.

Front of the museum (We came in from the street side of the museum, but the main entrance is from the Mall entrance.)

Next was the gems and minerals exhibit.

There were so many amazing gems and minerals and I got a lot of pictures but I think it would be boring to show here so I won’t bore you with them. Honestly, this was my favorite exhibit of the entire museum. If you ever get a chance, don’t miss this one!

The infamous Hope Diamond (also this is not me at the top. I’m taking the video). I got to see it and it was one of the reasons we actually went to the mineral exhibit (longs story, we weren’t gonna go, left the museum, I found out the Hope Diamond was at this museum and me and my sister and mom went back through security to go see that diamond and the diamond wasn’t all that grand but the exhibit was worth it [and also the AC])

Also the best gift shop in the museum.

John thinks rocks are better than strangers.

Alan gave me a minor heart attack at one point, but Scott’s brother instincts led him to the giant crystal cave (coffee table decor) and that’s where this child was hiding.

Did we get anything you ask? Yes. We adopted a tiny little Bismuth crystal. These are all bigger pieces, but when we FIRST went to the gift shop (before we left the museum the first time) I found my favorite one and loved it and left it and regretted leaving it, even tho it was a smaller one. So when we went back inside to see the Hope Diamond I went right to where the little boy was sitting snugly and he was still there and I took him in my hand and cuddled him and brought him home. (He will be getting a name soon via Instagram)

That’s all for the Museum of Natural History! The next post will finish day one of DC and go through day two! And then we’re on the way home! (I’m secretly looking forward to some non-road trip themed posts, but at the same time I’ve really enjoyed sharing this all with you guys and getting a little mental break.)

Live, Laugh, and love, girls!

4 thoughts on “Museum of Natural History”

  1. Lilly W. says:

    Looks very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Libby May says:

      It was!

  2. Emily says:

    Oh I love that museum! Did you do any other ones on your trip?

    1. Libby May says:

      We stopped at the air and Space museum, but we just barely had dinner and they were closing. But yes! It was a lot of fun. I’ll be sharing those pictures next week!

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