My Blog Plans (and of course the raffle results)

Hello! Welcome to another post by me.

So I have like millions of ideas for blog posts swirling in my head, from short stories to book snippets, to journaling tips, to just life updates and so much other stuff. I just can’t seem to decide what to do. So, I’m going to list a couple of my favorite ones and see which ones you guys would be most interested in reading.

Guarding your heart related posts:
A. Guarding your heart when in a relationship.
B. When you’ve messed up.
C. Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.
D. A list of guidelines to look for in a guy!

Short Story related posts:
E. BTT trip with B.R.B!
F. Libby’s adventures well visiting B.R.B.
G. Dewdrops and Butterflies Snippet and more info/fun stuff

Bible Philosophy related posts:
H. The above

Random posts:
I. Book reviews (I’m going to be posting book reviews more, because I signed up for Bethany House Publishing, and I’m supposed to post my reviews on my blog)
J. Journal related posts. Totally excited for this.

K. Other (suggestions in the comments are totally a great idea!)

So those are probably what are coming up. Vote for your favorite (or favorite-s) in the comments and I’ll post those first.

I’m also doing Camp Nano this April and am going to Seattle on the 20-23. So there will be lots of photos and fun notes about that trip too.

So…. I guess that’s all for today. 😀 Have a good week. And make sure you vote!
Also, I have space in my Camp Nano cabin still. If you are a beginner, or a current writer, you’re welcome into my Christian girl’s cabin! Send me a message with your username and I’ll send an invite! (note: in order for this to work you need to have an account on and created a project. Hurry! April is coming soon!


oh.. did I forget something? Libby said I did. Oh right!! The raffle!

1st Place winner, for the book His Princess goes to..
Drum roll…
Rosalyn Rooney!!!

2nd Place winner for the short story The Missing Piece
Mariah Mead!!!
Yay! I’m so excited!

And in 3rd Place for a home town postcard…
If you would contact me via the contact me link with the address you would like me to send the postcard to, that would be perfect!!!

Ok, I think that’s all for now. 😀 Have a good week. 😀

~B.R.B. and Libby.

12 thoughts on “My Blog Plans (and of course the raffle results)”

  1. Mariah says:

    Oh, yay! I can’t wait to read it! The letters D, G, and J look awesome!

    1. Libby May says:

      😀 I’ll email it to you as soon as I can.
      Awesome. Thank you!

  2. Rosalyn Rooney says:

    AHHH! I won! :D:D Should I email you for details?

    1. Libby May says:

      I already emailed you, so if you didn’t get it let me know. There are a couple of other details I wanted to let you know of. 😀

      1. Rosalyn Rooney says:

        Yeah, I didnt get the email.. :-/

      2. Rosalyn Rooney says:

        I’ll send you an email, I think I still have your address. 🙂

        1. Rosalyn Rooney says:

          C, G, and J look interesting! 🙂 I forgot to add these in my previous comments!

          1. Libby May says:

            That’s alright. I’m glad you did now. 😀 I’ll be posting these soon.

  3. Gracie says:

    C, D, G and J, please! Congrats to the winners!

    1. Libby May says:

      Thank you! I appreciate that you took the time to comment. It’s very helpful. 😀

  4. Gray Marie says:

    A. and D. sound very interesting! I’m always curious to hear others thoughts on those subjects. ^_^

    1. Libby May says:

      Awesome! Thanks for your input. I plan to have these up sometimes this spring or coming summer.

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