My Favorite Places

This is the entry where I write about my favorite places in the world. Buckle your seat belt. This might take a while. I am going to do my top 5, least to greatest.

#5 May View Pool

I love swimming. Back when I took swimming lessons when I was ten I made it a goal for myself to eventually get an Instructors Certificate and teach swimming lessons. But five years later I now look back and think it was defiantly fun, but I don’t want to teach swimming. I like being a Sunday School helper much more.

I like this pool because I’ve made friends with a lot of the lifeguards. It’s still in my life goal to be a lifeguard for the summer one year, but you have to be at least 17.

#4 My House

My house is amazing. I have all my folks here and I live here. I don’t live with my my mom like I mentioned in the last post. I live with my aunt Linda, I call her Ma, and my uncle Steve. I call him Steve. My two sisters are actually my cousins, but I don’t call them that. Katy is one year younger than me, and Lily is 11. Steve calls us the Three Musketeers. We have a huge playroom in our shop that we renovate almost weekly. This week it’s a schoolhouse.

#3 Ethan’s house

Ethan is one of my guy friends. He leads a Bible study and I love going over there to study the Bible. We have such a good time and I have learned so much from those.

#2 Church Park

Here we can play pretty much any sport we want. And we do! Frisbee, football, knocker ball, and everything else. It’s awesome and we hang out and enjoy each others company. It’s especially fun when we have a huge group of teens. And our youth leaders.


My home away from home! I love my church! My God is the center of my life, and at church I learn so much about Him! I help Sunday School to 3 year olds and they are all such bundles of energy and fun. My pastor is amazing and my youth pastor is my second dad next to Steve. Here I feel comfortable. Most all my friends are from church too, so I end up seeing them all the time. And it’s just a place I love to be. And on a bike it’s only about a 20 minute ride from my house, so I’m there as much as possible.

Thanks for reading guys.

Intro. to this blog. I am Libby. I am the author of this blog. I write as though this blog is written by a 15 year old girl. This is a FICTION blog, and all the stories posted are FICTION! To find out more, go to “About me.” Thanks guys.

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