My Spur of the Moment Trip to Montana! Part #2

Hi all! Yesterday I posted about our drive out to Missoula, Montana. If you didn’t read it, click here. Otherwise, here’s the Part #2 of the trip!

We started our visit by going to the SouthGate Mall.

It was like any other mall with all the typical stores, but they had these mini-lounges where the skylights looked like holes in the ceiling and they had these pretty trees growing out towards them. It was really cozy and nice. I’d read there.

They also had this store called Dillard’s, which I’m not sure if that’s a normal store to have in the mall. For me it seemed like a replacement for the store Macy’s. I don’t know.

And we came across this brand name that just struck me funny. I’m just like, really? Baird McNutt? Ok… whatever toot’s your horn, but personally I would not brandname my cloths that. XD
After the mall we checked into out hotel and went to dinner at this really nice restaurant called “Romeo’s.” It would rival Olive Garden, but since it’s a family restaurant, and there are no Olive Garden’s in Missoula, there was no competition. If you ever find yourself in Missoula in want of Italian, this is the place to go folks!

After dinner we stopped by a store to get some bottled water and some goodies.

Daffodils are my favorite flowers and these were soo tiny! Like finger size!

No, we did not get Swedish fish as “goodies” but these did come without Red 40, which is a food dye my family and I try to avoid. This was colored with radish, (interesting) and I thought it was cool that there is an option that is artificial color free for those of you Swedish Fish fanatics. (Is there such a thing? *hides*)

We headed back to the hotel and had a terrible night, but the breakfast in the hotel was good.
After that we checked out and went to a BOOK STORE!

The Book Exchange in Missoula, Montana is a really good bookstore!

It’s mostly used books, but they’re all in really good condition, and the prices are great!

This huge selection is only about 1/8th of the store. There’s so many books!

And, of course, being me, I had to get a couple. I was excited to see that they had these books, I’ve read them before, and I was glad to finally have them.
Since this is mostly used books, a lot of the new releases and new authors are not available, which was a bummer, but oh well.

Pictures of Hollis Woods, Under the Egg, and Eight Keys. (believe it or not, I actually counted the keys. There were… 8. Obviously.)
If you have a goodreads account you can follow me here. I read and review a lot of books on there.

Driving back, we stopped at this really big tourist shop.

There were a lot of things! SOO MUCH STUFF.

I’m not an easy target, and although I did think about it, we didn’t get anything except (fudge). *hides* But really, that wasn’t my idea. I didn’t even order anything.

They had a big aquarium tank thing with a crayfish. Made me think of the book Rascal and I got hungry. XD

And postcards. Y’all know I love to collect postcards. This one was made of wood! I’ve seen wood postcards before, but they’re just so pricey I never got one yet. Oh well.

And that was that! It was cloudy, so I hardly got any good photos, and I’m fairly sure you guys are tired of Green and blue. So here’s one more as a farewell.

Thank you all for reading this! I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it and I’ll see you all soon!

I got a The Literary Dinner Party Tag by Faith from Stories By Firefly! and even though I wasn’t tagged by name, I was wearing socks… so, that counts right? I’m excited.
See y’all later!


2 thoughts on “My Spur of the Moment Trip to Montana! Part #2”

  1. Gray Marie says:

    I read part one too, but I’m just going to comment on this one and say that, WOW, MONTANA IS REALLY PRETTY.

    And I LOVE all of those books. *thumbs up* XD

    1. Libby May says:

      Right? We never really went to Montana until early last year and we saw how beautiful it was and knew we had to come back! So we did without any plans.

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