My Top 8 Friends

I talk about my friends so much you guys are going to need to have a list to look at. XD

So here are my top 8. I’ll probably make a new list if I end up making to many new friends in the future.

  1. Kate and Lily. My two sisters. Well really they are my cousins, but who even cares anymore? We live together and share everything and talk into the night. We look sort of alike, but not exactly. The girls’ hair is a little more toward the brown side of the hair color, and they both have blue eyes. Kate is outgoing and SOOO LOUD! She gets to do her school work in the shop because she tends to read her work out loud and can be very distracting. Lily and I do out work at the kitchen table. Lily is quiet. She’s almost like an angel, but not exactly. She is not loud, but when she wants something her way, it is usually done that way. I sort of count her to be my best best friend.
  2. Joseph. He is our 14 year old neighbor. He loves our playhouse, and we always need a guy for our games anyway, so we have a lot of fun. He lives on a farm down the road from us, and rides his bike to our house every day after school. He’s not homeschooled. Mom often tells us it’s like she has 4 kids instead of 3, since he always has after school snack at our house. Anyway, he’s awesome at pretty much every sport, and he taught us most of what we know regarding soccer, frisbee, and everything else we know sporty. He goes to our church too.
  3. Ethan. He leads my group of friends at a Bible study at his house every Wednesday. We always have so much fun there, but I am picking up a bad habit of putting in points of my own thoughts and ideas (everyone does that at his house during Bible study) in Youth Group Fridays! I tend to talk more than I should there. XD He lives in Cedar City in a really nice community. His house is not big, but It’s super nice, and we play games in his yard sometimes.
  4. Tanya. She is one of my best out-side-of-family friends. Tanya is 19 and she plays drums. She’s pretty wild, and sometimes Ma gets worried about her influence on us girls, but she is so devoted to God and ministry, that worry doesn’t last very long. She has short blond hair that is always loose. Anyway, I don’t even know where she lives. Mostly we hang out at Ethan’s and church.
  5. Rina. She is actually my pen pal. She visits us sometimes, but she lives in New York. We became friends when she was visiting Joseph (who is her cousin) over Christmas. I really like writing back and forth with her. She is a figure skater and is dating this one guy Trystan who is her partner.
  6. Baylie. He is a guy that I sort of am friends with. He belongs to a different group than I, but when we get together it’s a lot of fun. He’s just a friend from church. It’s his fault I can do the Rubik’s cube although Joseph was bragging a lot too, so Baylie was just the breaking point. I can do the 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and Megaminx
  7. Darcy. This is my sister who does not live with us. Ok, she’s not a blood relative, but she is still my sister. She is a star at Volley Ball and likes to sing, but she never performs. Mostly she sings for us. She has red hair like me and we like to pretend to trade places.
  8. Julianna. She is my youth leader. I love her. She’s always there for me and she’s so fun to hang out with. Her favorite animal is an octopus and when she told me, it was the first time I have ever heard that to be a favorite animal. She’s always being nice to everyone and likes to play frisbee with us.

So that’s that. I am going to make a list later of friends that are more like acquaintances. We hang out, but the group is different. Anyway, thanks for reading guys!

Also, these lists are getting boring, so I am going to post a review on books next week. Subscribe on the sidebar to be notified when I post new entries!


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