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It’s been too long since I just posted a fun post and it’s time to give you something fun to read.

How are you girls doing? Life has been crazy! I work as a cashier now and the stories I have to tell are endless now. XD

Dewdrops and Butterflies went public in October and after taking a short break, I jumped right into working on the sequel Playgrounds and Black Markers! I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth y’all. I’ve reached for the reality of life instead.

Anyway. If you want to add me as your buddy on NaNoWriMo you can do that by going here! I’ve already reached the 50k goal for this month. Thing is Playgrounds and Black Markers is written, I’ve just been working on typing the 165k handwritten words. That’s why I’ve been able to get so much done. I’m hoping to try and get at least 85k typed up before December.

Dewdrops and Butterflies is also available on Kindle now! I’m very excited. For Black Friday I will be offering Paper copies for $10 free shipping and Kindle copies will be $0.99!

Here’s a fun song that I’m listening to. I love the airy flying feeling of this song. Are you a Coldplay fan?

What else. Well, with thanksgiving literally coming up, I’m very excited. I work 4:45 in the morning until 4:45 in the evening on Black Friday and as early as that is, I’m honestly pretty excited.

And Christmas is coming! I’m having trouble, yes, picking out Christmas gifts for my family, but I’m not too worried just yet. It’s not December yet, so there’s still time before we need to start panicking… right?

As you readers have been seeing, I’ve been trying to catch up on my review reads, which have been a lot of fun honestly. I haven’t had a chance to read at all over the summer, especially with working so hard with getting Dewdrops and Butterflies published, so the chance to sit down and read has been fun. Especially since I kind of have to make it a priority since people are counting on them. XD

I haven’t been writing very much… original work in the last couple of months. My heart wants to explode and write something. It’s time. It’s been long enough since I finished Playgrounds and Black Markers. But there hasn’t been any sort of spark of a story that I’m committed to. So I have yet to fall into another novel XD. That’s a good thing though because I have quite a bit of work to do with Playground and Black Markers.

I’m getting more shelving space for books! My bedroom/office area is getting a bit of a remodel, and we’re covering one of the walls with just shelves for book space. I’m so excited to have all my genres and journals together again without having to search my brain for where nonfiction children’s books are stored in the house. XD.

Update on the blog theme change. It’s going to happen. No idea when, and no idea how long it’s going to take. But I’m excited! It’s going to be a more modern, author based blog with a lot of fun content and lots of book reviews and just basically a lot of the same that’s already here on Geoturtle but it’ll probably change just a bit for the better. 😀

Thanks for sticking around. Make sure you stop by Black Friday through Cyber Monday for the Printed Book Sale!

Live, laugh, and love, girls!

4 thoughts on “Not A Book Review”

  1. Angie says:

    Eeeep!!! I’ve been watching for the Kindle release! 😀 Though maybe I can force myself to wait another week for the Black Friday sale… Either way, I’m extremely excited! So looking forward to reading it!

    1. Libby May says:

      Yeeee! I’m glad!

  2. Ellen says:

    Yay!! Will you be offering $10 + free shipping copies of “Dewdrops & Butterflies” from your site, Amazon, or both?
    BTW, I tagged you on my blog!

    1. Libby May says:

      Aw thanks for the tag Ellen! The sale will be both on my blog and Amazon, but if you order from me I sign them! I also send Dewdrops and Butterflies bookmarks.

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