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Hey Guys! I want to tell you about the play house dad made for the girls and I in the shop. We renovate it all the time! Once it was a school house, it’s been a hospital, a ranch house, a jail (believe it or not that was Lilly’s idea), a vet office, and even once we made it a jewelry shop. We didn’t have very much jewelry though.

Normally when you think of a playhouse you think of something short and for 4 year old girls to play tea time. Well that’s not how it is. Ours is a full blown room in our shop. It has large glass French doors that open to the outside onto a patio where we also have a pool. On the right wall there is a large window. The back and left walls are both on the inside of the shop and therefore can’t have windows. The door into the room from the main shop is on the left side.

We have hard wood floors that are pretty beat up. We do so much there. The one time we had it as a barn, Joseph brought hay from his house, as well as a bunch of old pallets. With these we made stalls and kept our dog Lucy as a “horse.” He also brought a few grass hats to pretend we were farmers and it was a lot of fun.

Currently the playhouse is a set to be a sports store. With summer literally at our doorstep, the girls and I got together every single piece of sports equipment that we could find. We raided Joseph’s room and took all his stuff. So our shop includes roller skates, a skateboard, about 5 Frisbees, five basketballs (most of them are dead XD), a volley ball, two soccer balls, bikes for our whole family, which takes up more room than I want it to, but the girls wouldn’t let us keep them outside. We also have a football that Joseph had behind his sock drawer. Shows you how much he plays that.

As you can imagine, some people were pretty fascinated, and it’s not uncommon for them to stop by our house before they head to the park. Gives us a ride, and we learn a lot of new games! Ethan and Tanya had contributed a few pieces themselves. Steve is getting worried that we are not going to be able to give all this stuff back when we set up for something else. He says people are going to forget they have it, and then when we go to return it, they won’t have space, so in a way our playhouse has become a very organized and recorded storage shed. XD

So that’s our playhouse. We use it a lot more in the winter because in the summer we are outside swimming and hanging out at the parks and Joseph’s fields and barn. In the winter we migrate there because it’s heated and we are restrained to home a lot more.

Ok, Gotta go. By the way, thanks for signing my cast Bethany. There is still a lot of space, hopefully it will get filled up more before I have to take it off…. oops.. I mean get to take it off….

CJeneva, I was being very careful! You know in Charlotte’s Web, Fern and Avery would do it all the time and I have done it before. I just landed very wrong on my ankle. It was a puzzle though, why I hadn’t broken that, but I had broken my leg. It’s ok. One week down, 5 more to go.




3 thoughts on “Our Play House”

  1. CJeneva says:

    Okay, whatever you say!!! As long as you were being careful.. Ha ha. You can add my name to the cast!

  2. Mariah says:

    Yeah you can add my name too!

  3. Libby May says:

    You guys can see a picture when I get it off. Which will be soon! Like two weeks! Excited about that. 🙂

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