Adventure of the Week

Oh my. The adventure I had this week! So on Monday Kate, Lilly, and I went over to play in Joseph’s barn. We have a playhouse, but he has a barn, so we decided to swing on his rope thing that hangs from the ceiling. I fell off!! And of course of all things I […]

Journal Entries

Book Review

Hi guys! This week I am reviewing 3 books. I’m a huge reader, so I will be posting these a lot.   “Amy Carmichael of Dohnavur” by Frank L. Houghton.   This book was given to me by a person I very highly respect and is very encouraging in my life, especially in the part […]

Book Reviews


So here I am again, with another email. Let’s talk about His Goodness. First and foremost, who are we to define good? Who are we to decide what is good and what is not good. What is right, what is correct, what is perfect? In fact how could we even know if we are so […]

Fall In Love Challenge

Setting the Scores

Monday we Cleared the Playing Field. We learned the “teams” and the advantages and disadvantages of each. (Basically we are awful and Jesus has it all). Today we are Setting the Scores. Yes. There is already a score. The game began back when Adam committed the first sin. -1 and below for the human race. […]

Fall In Love Challenge

The Verdict and Where We Come From

I feel like I veered off the last two emails. Let’s focus on Love today. First and foremost, I want to summarize what I was trying to state in those last emails. Quite simply it means “Jesus Loves You Already.” When you absorb the fact that you are loved, it’s just natural to love that […]

Fall In Love Challenge

Drawn to Love God

Let’s understand what exactly it means to love GOD. Understand why we should love Him. Just look at the raw truth. Jesus is Love. But we tend to push that away, to over look it. It flies into our head, and out the other ear. Instead take hold of that. Grab hold and swallow it. […]

Fall In Love Challenge

Clearing the Playing Field

First. We need to establish four things. 1.Who we are 2.Who Jesus is 3.What He did for us 4.What that means Who Are We? We are human. First and foremost we were created, which leaves us with the accountability to a Creator. What else? We were created with a choice, because Love requires a choice. […]

Fall In Love Challenge