Dewdrops and Butterflies Blog Tour Day 1

Hello friends and family and acquaintances and everybody who’s reading this. Hello and welcome to day ONE OF THE BLOG TOUR! Dewdrops and Butterflies is the novel I’ve been working on since September 10th of 2017. I’ve poured sweat and tears (not quite blood I guess) Into this book and here it is, finally, ready […]

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That’s it. We’ve come to the moment where I announce my official blog tour. OFFICIAL BLOG TOUR. FOR MY OWN BOOK. AHHHHH. Ok, I’m having lovely Livy Lynn from LivyLynnBlog host my blog tour, and I’m so very excited! If you need a reminder, here’s all the back blurb for the book! “I smiled and […]

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The Gryphon Heist by James Hannibal – Revell Books Review

Long story short! I wasn’t going to order this book at all. I owe my best friend for prompting me to. Thing is I love getting books in the mail and that month most of the books available for choosing weren’t my type of genre. Well, I shrugged and ordered this one anyway. Guess what, […]

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The Author

Just thought I’d do a little introduction for those of you who haven’t been following from the beginning. And I’ve changed since then. 😉 My name is Elizabeth Maria May and I am 19 years old. I love to write, read, draw, paint, encourage girls, share stories, build up aesthetic boards on Pinterest for my […]

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The Book

Dewdrops and Butterflies, my debut novel. Synopsis. “I smiled and acted like I was supposed to be there. It was amazing how much people assumed by a simple glance. An outfit, an expression, a tone of voice. Anyone could pretend to be anything.Today, I was a rich girl.” Thirteen-year-old Rose Wells was determined to make […]

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King’s Shadow by Angela Hunt – Bethany House Review

Hello! Is it fair to say I’ve been wildly busy? Yes! My job has been keeping me very busy! I’ve been dedicating almost every free minute to formatting my book and getting ready to order a proof copy, and spending lots of time chatting with my best friend about life. And this summer has not […]

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So this wasn’t actually a scheduled post but if you girl’s know me, you know I am a beta reader as well as an author and sister etc. etc. Earlier this year I had the chance to beta read two books, Beloved by Kaitlyn Krispense and Freedom by Faith Potts. Well today is the start […]

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Here it is guys, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Long-anticipated, months of waiting, hyping, signing up, and FINALLY it’s here! Now I don’t believe in making people wait too long to see whatever exciting news posts have, and in fact, you probably already scrolled down to see it and came back up to […]

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Liebster Award 3rd Time!

I have down this tag twice before, you can read the first one here, and watch the second one here! Since the questions are always changing and I’ve been tagged again (probably a year ago now) so I’m finally doing it. I just realized this is my third time being tagged and I feel honored. […]

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Washington D.C. Part 2

Hello everybody I’m back Hello Hello. I’m giving you part 2 of D.C. part of our cross country road trip (to start from the beginning go here) But really quick before we get into it here is the OFFICIAL BLURB FOR DEWDROPS AND BUTTERFLIES THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. “Thirteen year old Rose Wells […]

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