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I’ve been really bad at posting you guys, I’m super sorry. But I do have a good excuse! July was Camp Nano and my for that month was to get Dewdrops and Butterflies (my debut novel) ready for beta readers. On August 1st I sent out the first 23 chapters of the book to my […]

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Storm Rising by Ronie Kendig – Bethany House Review

Hello girls! This is NOT this weeks post, it’s a book review that I’m doing for Bethany House. A couple months ago the publishing company was changing out their reviewing system and I did not apply again, because I didn’t know where I was going with it, however I decided to go ahead and apply, […]

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Museum of Natural History

Hello Everybody! Yes. I was late by a day AGAIN but the post is here now soooo. Before we get started, I’ll say I have some very very VERY exciting news. Dewdrops and Butterflies first half is READY FOR BETA READERS! The first 22 chapters are going out August 1st and the second half is […]

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Alone in Black – A Flash Fiction

Hello! Is there more to the road trip? Of course. Did I say I’d post more? Also yes. Did I fail? Yes. I’ve been doing Camp Nano editing Dewdrops and Butterflies for my betas soooooo most of my time on the computer has been used for that. However, I did write a short story a […]

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Road Trip Part 4!

Yes, there’s a part 4. And more. If you haven’t read the previous three parts, you can find Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here. I’m sorry if I’m boring you all. All the commenters said they’ve enjoyed the posts, so I’m just gonna keep going! Day 2 of New York started at […]

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NEW YORK Road Trip Part 3

Goooood day everybody! Today I did not schedule the post so it’s coming out a bit later in the day but that’s ok I’m sure. Here’s part three of our road trip! If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, just click on it to get there! Also, Happy Independence Day everybody! I cannot believe […]

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Road Trip Part 2 (More Pictures!)

Hello! Welcome back for part 2 of our road trip! Let’s jump back in. (If you haven’t read part 1 yet, go Here.) Waiting for the train… Are they adorable or what?! We got on a Train to get from our hotel, in Deerfield. It was so cool to ride the train for the first […]

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Road Trip Part 1 (loads of pics!)

Geoturtle - Roadtrip

Hello my girls! I’m so happy to be sharing with you. It’s crazy that you guys read my blog and I’m so blessed every time a comment or a like goes through and I’m reminded that these posts actually reach people. Today I’m sharing with you the first part of my long roadtrip. There are […]

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Traitor, Flash Fiction by Libby

Traitor flash fiction by libby

I know I said I’d be posting about my road trip when I got back, but a three week long road trip is packed too chock full, and the post isn’t ready yet sooo… Instead I decided to share with you a bit of flash fiction I submitted to a little writing contest. I hope […]

Fiction by Libby My Writing

Ten Things I Learned in School

Happy June/Summer girlies! Ok, to be fair, I learned a whole lot in school. What I meant was during my years in school, over time. Life lessons, outside of cranial knowledge, you understand? Let’s get to it. .1. What seems impossible now, will make an insane amount of sense… eventually.There were some things, especially in […]

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