Playlist of Course, Dewdrops and Butterflies Blog Tour Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 friends! Today is all about the music!

Some of you, in fact most of you know, Dewdrops and Butterflies was born from the song When She Cries by Britt Nicole.

Early September I was looking for inspiration to tie together all the little strings and thoughts I’d been dwelling on for a story. I knew it was going to be about a girl, and I knew it was going to be a powerful story of redemption.

At that time I’d also recently gotten a Spotify account and I was exploring the Discover Weekly option. Listening to that playlist while doing some work, that song came on and I paused my work, listening to the words and letting myself wonder the story behind them, what the girl in the song was going through.

Close after that song came Scars by Johnny Diaz. I’d like to say that’s the mom and dad of Dewdrops and Butterflies.

I believe in the power of music, and I almost always find a story in songs. It’s so much fun to find a theme and a purpose that speaks to you in a song written by another person.

Some other very inspiring songs for this book were also By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

There’s a whole playlist! If you have a Spotify account, search Dewdrops and Butterflies and give it a listen, or you can listen right on my blog on the sidebar!

Today’s Blog Tour Stop is at Abigail’s blog where I had the honor of writing another guest post. Go here to read all about it!

Make sure you enter here in the giveaway for your chance to win one of FIVE PAPERBACK COPIES!

Thank you for reading! Be sure to stop back tomorrow because TOMORROW IS THE OFFICIAL RELEASE! I can’t believe it’s a reality. There will be lots of squealing and yelling and exclamation points.


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