Road Trip Part 2 (More Pictures!)

Hello! Welcome back for part 2 of our road trip! Let’s jump back in. (If you haven’t read part 1 yet, go Here.)

Waiting for the train…

Are they adorable or what?!

We got on a Train to get from our hotel, in Deerfield.

It was so cool to ride the train for the first time! We got to…


I don’t know how many of you know this but I’m just at tiny bit bias towards Chicago. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, there are several awesome people that live there. Ethan Swanson, Jesse Flex Lebreck, Chris Digangi and multiple other ninja warriors live there. My youth leader Jamie also goes to Bible college there, and Michella Bates Keilen also lived there for some time. (I can’t remember if she still does at the moment.) Anyway, this was one part of the road trip that I was most ecstatic about. Originally when we were planning this road trip we were only going to stop in Chicago for the night. And I was not ok with that! I needed to see Chicago! I hadn’t been there in my life and didn’t know when I’d be back. So after a bit of prompting my family looked and found that there were a couple things that they did want to see there. So we set aside a full day for it and I was very glad.

Of course we went to see the bean. Or “Cloud Gate” as it’s more commonly known as. Let me get a better picture of it…

Believe it or not that was a lot of walking and we got super tired and very hot. So we walked up the street from Cloud Gate and got Giordano’s. We got Classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and that was some of the best pizza I’ve had in my life. I was so happy eating that pizza in the middle of Chicago I almost cried. XD

This place was just so pretty. Of course, we got a bit lost trying to walk to Navy Pier from the restaurant, but the views were awesome and we got to see more of the city.

I took these pictures. That’s how gorgeous it is here.

Skyline from the Navy Pier. Did I fall in love?

Farris Wheel at Navy Pier. So much aesthetic love.

These swings are awesome! I’ve ridden them both at the Santa Cruz Pier and at Disneyland California Adventures, but these on the Navy pier were the best that I’ve ever ridden. I was so happy it was spilling out of me.

So tired from walking around the city all day. We got an uber.

Back at the train station. The trains left at scheduled times and it was so cool!

We went to a place called Zupa’s for dinner and it was delicious!

I had a nice sandwich with tortilla soup. The salads were amazing too!

A little shopping…

They wanted Mochi. Have you tried Mochi? It’s like a Japanese ice cream sort of thing.

Told them they had to eat their veggies *facepalm*

More Hotel Shenanigans.

Tired babies.

So that was out Chicago day. (I also snuck the driving day in there too *hides*) We had one more driving day (thats for next weeks post) and then NEW YORK!

Have you been to Chicago? Ridden on those type of swings? Do you like Mochi? Let’s talk in the comments!


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7 thoughts on “Road Trip Part 2 (More Pictures!)”

  1. Angie Thompson says:

    Ooh, Chicago is fun! I’ve been there but not done much sightseeing. Still loving the squids! XD

    1. Libby May says:

      I recommend going back! It was a good time.

  2. Kassie says:

    What a blast!! I haven’t been to Chicago but it looks like you and the Squid Brothers had fun! I LOVE MOCHI. It is so, so good.

    1. Libby May says:

      We did! You should check it out some time. And ME TOO! Except a lot of the rice wrapping have potato starch and I can’t have potato starch so I can’t have some one then
      Thanks for your comment Kassie!

  3. Lilly W says:

    I like the photos!☺

    1. Libby May says:


  4. Mariah says:

    So much fun! Glad you enjoyed it so much. I’ve been there but not done much sightseeing.

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