Seattle Trip (Part 1)


Hello all! It’s finally here! My trip to Seattle WA.

It was super super tiring, we did so much walking! I got 9.5 hours for my PE. 0.0
Anyway. I took a whole bunch of photo’s for y’all and I want to share them with you. I didn’t take the time to edit them by color and make them look super cool, so sorry about that. But here they are!

We started our day at about 8:00. Finished packing up and stocked the car, and stopped at McDonalds for breakfast. (I did not take photo’s until we were actually out of my city. XD)

We were off! My family and I used to do a lot of Yard Sailing, and road trips back when me and my siblings were younger, so road trips for us are actually a lot of fun. My youngest sister is still getting used to it, and she asked “Are we there yet?” a whole one time! It was so cool. XD

At one of the rest stops on the way to Seattle, there was this big yellow crop duster totally showing off! It was really fun to watch, so we pulled off and watched him make crazy loops for a little, before he sort of disappeared. XD

At another rest stop they had this info-board-thing that showed the size of wind turbines. On my side of the U.S., you’re not on a road trip unless you drive by a whole bunch of these things along the way. Sadly, I didn’t get any good photo’s of them, but that’s because I was reading The Coronation by Livy.


The same rest stop, we had a lunch picnic here.


More driving.


My mom likes HomeGoods, so we ended up going to quite a few of those during this trip. XD I’m happy to say that the one we have back home is actually the best one we saw.


Our hotel was actually in Bellevue WA, not in downtown Seattle, and I can’t express how glad I was! Bellevue is so clean and comfortable, we felt safe being out late, where as in Seattle, it’s rather scary to be out during the day!



There’s the street view. We were waiting for our turn at the Cheesecake Factory, so I took a couple photos.
There were also a couple of collage kids (It seems like there are a lot of collage kids in Bellevue) who were doing a peaceful protest about chickens. It was cool the way they dressed all in black and wore masks so that the attention was not on them, but on what the TV’s they were holding were showing. But I mean come on. If you’re gonna do a peaceful protest at 9 at night, don’t do it about chickens. It felt like a joke to me. XD

I had a Reese’s Peanut butter Cheesecake. It was good, but I also drank two full cups of water before we got our food, beside the huge nacho and Salmon roll appetizer, so I had a few bites, and we took the rest back to the hotel. XD Sorry about the bad color. The lighting was super weird, and my eyes were having a hard time adjusting, I don’t think they ever did get used to it.


There’s a piece of some skyline.


Stuck in good ol’ Seattle traffic. Look at this super weird building! I wonder if it’s for property tax reasons. Anyway, I wouldn’t do that for a building. It seems counter productive, but I’m sure they’re experts and stuff, so toodly-doo.


Of course we had to visit the Gum Wall… I’ll spare you close up images of chewed gum, but it’s sad. They recently washed away all the original gum because the sugar started to do something to the structure blah blah blah, so it’s covered in gum again, but now it’s just a wall of gum, instead of the Gum Wall. Because we were there before they washed it, and it was literally layers of gum! (Yes, we did contribute that time, but not this time. So long real Gum Wall)

The Pike’s Market! Apparently this isn’t as popular as I thought it was. For my family it’s the Seattle highlight and we go there every time we go to Seattle. It’s crowded, and loud and there are people everywhere playing instruments and selling stuff.


Look at these tiny pots of clay flowers! They’re hand made and they were so amazing! I would have gotten one, except I literally have nothing to do with it and nowhere to put it.


Little colorful glass stuff. I don’t actually know what they are.


Wood art. Pretty cool.


There is a ridiculous amount of cafe/shops to grab snacks or hot food or pretty much anything you can think of. We’ve been there our fair share of times and never really fell in love with anything they sell, but this time we went out on a limb and tried grilled Cheese sandwiches with the cheese they make right there on Pike’s Market. It was actually really good! Which is saying a lot about food at Pikes Market.

Also, a mini note. Seattle food is INSANELY expensive if you are going with a family. There are six of us in mine and we were not able to stay under $70 dollars for a dinner, and $50 for a lunch. So come prepared to spend more then you would normally.


The world famous fish market section. They did do fish throwing well we were there and it was loud and it was so funny to see the tourists so excited about it. (of course, we’re tourists too, but we’ve been there many times before) It was funny to hear people walk by you and say excitedly “Hurry! They’re going to throw the fish!” XD
Honestly it was more exciting for me when they accidentally dropped one. XD But I felt bad for the guy who dropped it. The crowd exclaimed in absolute devastation.


You see that long long how far the market goes? All along the left side of this super long building is flower sellers. It smells amazing when you’re not walking by fish sellers. XD But they have some amazing bouquets and flowers like below \/.



More flowers.


Ha! Look! That looks like something I should own! People who know me would totally think that was my sweater. (Gray hoodies tend to look exactly the same to everyone except the person that bought it.)


More food.

So that was that. I don’t want the post to get too long, so later I’ll continue this day, we went to the Seattle aquarium and the Peir, and then we walked around Bellevue some more. So that will be next time.

I hope you enjoyed this post! For Part 2 click here!


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  1. Rosalyn Rooney says:

    Oh looks like a lot of fun!!! 😀 We have markets all over England – we have a little one here in our town, but other towns have larger ones! Pretty nice!

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