Setting the Scores

Monday we Cleared the Playing Field. We learned the “teams” and the advantages and disadvantages of each. (Basically we are awful and Jesus has it all). Today we are Setting the Scores.

Yes. There is already a score. The game began back when Adam committed the first sin. -1 and below for the human race.
And for Jesus, well Him being God, He made His first point by not instantly killing us. Even though that’s exactly what we deserved. +1 and beyond.

Recently at a Bible study we had at Ethan’s house, one of my friends brought up a very good point.
There is a great example that helps us visualize God’s Righteousness and our sin. Look at this integer line.

Imagine the 0 to be exactly what 0 is. Neither good nor bad. When Adam was created and when we as humans are born, we are at point 0. If Adam had maintained obedience and walked in the ways God had called him to he would have stayed at that 0. Same thing with us. If we as humans could somehow possible not sinned from the beginning of our lives for any amount of time, we would also maintain that position at 0.

But we are human. We are born into a sinful world. We are born with sin in our blood, and we are sinning before we can even comprehend the idea that it’s wrong.

This took us down ← this way on the integer scale. We are now down to “Negative Infinity.” This takes us to Hell. We are 100% deserving to go there and we have earned it.

Hold on. Remember the 0? Well that’s Adam and Eve when they were first created. That is not what God is. We have earned Negative Infinity? Well God is “Positive Infinity.” He is unmeasurably Holy, Righteous, and amazing. He is so much so that… Well I’m getting ahead of myself.

So the score?

Guest: Negative Infinity. God: Positive Infinity.


Wow. That looks totally hopeless and useless. Guess what? It is. We were totally and completely hopeless. Destined to Hell and Eternity in suffering and punishment.

“Then like a hero who takes the stage when
We’re on the edge of our seats saying it’s too late
Well let me introduce you to Amazing Grace.”
~Flawless by MercyMe

Amazing Grace. Our Savior and Redeemer stepped in and took our place. He took all the penalties that we as the human race have earned. He took EVERY SINGLE ONE upon His own self, His own perfect form and body, and His perfect image was marred. It was deformed and disfigured by our sins, so that our images could be acceptable. His is the only body in heaven that will show witness to what used to be on earth.

Remember the score? And my unfinished sentence? He is so much unmeasurably Holy, Righteous, and amazing that He not only brought our score back to 0, filling every single Negative that we had earned, but He propelled us to the Positive Infinity! He has taken us to the place where we can come before the God of Revelations 4, the Creator of all, the King of kings. We are allowed to come into the Holy of Holies. His death tore the veil in the temple for top to bottom (which is practically impossible) removing the barrier between God and man.

And He is so unmeasurably Holy that He was still God and still Positive Infinity, even after taking the Negative from us.

Wow. It’s just mind blowing. That score is not your everyday football scoreboard. This is a God of Justice and yet God of Love scoreboard.
Nothing is impossible with God. And He proved it at the cross.

Rejection brought acceptance.
Bloody sweat brought peace.
Grief brought joy
Pain brought relief
Hatred brought love.
His death brought us Life.


Dear Jesus, Lord of all,

I am overwhelmed with your goodness. I am overwhelmed with your love. Thank you! Thank you for your life! Thank you for your Grace and your forgiveness. Thank you for your willingness to come to this earth and live a perfect life, knowing that you were living it to die. Thank you that I may come before you washed in your own blood. Thank you for the righteousness that has been placed on me because of you.
Jesus, I don’t want to be the same as I was before this day. I want this image of you, this realization to be a revelation that forever changes the way I approach you when I come to pray, and when I dwell on your goodness.

Help me to grow in you. Help me to fall in love with you and to live my life the way you want me to. I know that you love me and you want me to be very happy and full of joy. I trust that what you have planned for my life is better than I could ever imagine. Please help me to trust you in the dark times when I don’t see it. Grow me.
Thank you for your goodness and love.

In your wonderful and priceless name,

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