Seven Things I Wish Guys Knew About Girls (me)


Here are 7 things I wish guys know about girls. Especially about girls like me.

We look at how you treat your family.

I see guys now a days and the way they behave with their sisters and moms (and even brothers!) really honestly shows us girls how a man will treat you once you get to be close to him. You will be family, the closest thing to a person. Do you want to be treated the way he treats his family? Does he respect them? Does he stand up for them and care? Might he tease them to their face but always defend them against unreasonable accusations? That’s the kind of guy I want. I see that most guys don’t know that. Just this Sunday I attended a birthday party where one of the guys was protesting that brothers never need to thank each other because “then they will expect you to thank them for the smallest thing.” Well then there’s something wrong with your heart. #1 you SHOULD show appreciation for their time and effort of ever thing, that’s a heart you should cultivate, and #2 it’s not really your business what they expect, only what you should do.

Just because we’re not flirts doesn’t mean we’re playing hard-to-get.

Guys should know that just because girls are not throwing themselves at other boys, it does not mean that they are snobbish girls who couldn’t care about a relationship. They just tend to desire a deeper relationship that *cough* (me) would lead to a marriage.

We do NOT like it when you bother us if you like us.

What kind of logic even is this? How does “I’m going to pull your hair and insult you constantly,” communicate “I like you and being around you and I wish you would show me attention”? It’s just mind bogglingly confusing. 0.o

MOST girls like to be treated like ladies.

Sometimes you’ll come across and extreme feminist who will be insulted if you hold the door for her, but MOST girls, especially ladies like to be treated like ladies. You will get a much better reaction and please a girl by holding her door when walking into a building then by throwing  your straw wrapper at her. (although some girls will like that better. IDK why, just watch her reaction, but START by being respectful.)
Other simple gentlemanly ideas. These do not have to be specifically for a girl you like. A reputation as a gentlemen will go a long way.

Don’t show special attention if you are not interested in a relationship.

(SIDE NOTE: I just had to add, being a gentleman is a GOOD thing. Being a bias gentlemen towards only SOME girls that you’re not really interested in is NOT a gentlemen.) Try as girls might, when a guy singles her out, she still gets ideas. Guys, don’t avoid girls, but DO NOT form “special friendships” with girls that you do not plan to seek a relationship (dating is invalid but a WHOLE other topic).
Do not sit next to her alone. With a group of her friends AND your friends it’s possibly ok, but your best bet, if it’s a girl you’re not specially interested in, do not sit next to her. (e.i. at church, youth group, get togethers, restaurants, parties, etc.)
Other examples of special attention include buying her drinks, seeking her in a group, giving her gifts, and asking how her personal life is (that is her girl friend’s job).

Don’t play with her heart

A girl’s heart is a fragile thing. Please quite being selfish and taking advantage of girls. They’re easily swayed by emotion and will seem to be in love with you. Don’t lead her to believe you love her and want to persue worthy things with her if you’re just playing around.
At least let her know seriously that you’re playing around, and allow her to leave.
*shakes head*

Girls like good boys too.

It’s pretty popular, if I’ve seen enough, that “good girls like bad boys” “bad girls like bad boys” for some reason, even where it’s know that girls should guard and keep themselves pure, its WAY overlooked that BOYS SHOULD TOO! Besides avoiding porography, for some reason it seams completely accepted that boys should hop from girlfriend to girlfriend. WHY? Please boys, try and understand that BOTH GIRLS AND BOYS NEED TO STAY PURE AND GUARDED! Thank you.

The end. I hope this might reach some guys and will in turn effect they way they approach girls and treat them.

Thank you for reading.

Girls, what else would you add to this list? What’s the one thing you WISH GUYS KNEW about girls (you)? Comment below!

GYH girls. (Guard Your hearts)