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Hilo everyone! I’m following Jess and her wonderful blog called “The Artful Author” and recently she did a post called the Sunshine Blogger Award. Even though I did not get nominated I thought her questions were way to much fun and asked if I could take them for this weeks post. She said yes! So here we go!

(Since I didn’t actually get nominated, I’m not going to follow the rules to the dot, and I won’t be nominating other bloggers.)

Jess’s Questions

How many notebooks do you own and how many of them have writing in them?
Currently I have about 43ish. Only I think 2 (1 I know of, the second one I put just to be safe) of them are not written in. You can read about all my crazy amount of journals here. I haven’t actually counted since I did that post, and I’ve gotten rid of a few and bought a few more and so yeah…

Write one of those lovely concept things about how you’d like to see yourself in the future.

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for example

“Get real.” My best friend laughs as her and I swing back and forth in the summer breeze, the sunshine warm on our tanned skin. We’d spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing productive. I had written another short story and she had read it and picked on it and laughed. And then we had lunch at a really good walk-in restaurant, before coming here, my favorite place in the world. Sitting here on these swings turns me wild for some reason and we yell and chatter and tease each other about nothing. Tomorrow is Sunday and I get to teach yet another lesson to my little 3 year olds. And then we’re having lunch and coming home to watch a sweet movie. I love my life.

(P.S. As I wrote this I realized this is actually my life right now. I’m so happy with where I am that I don’t really know what I wish for in the future.)

Describe North, East, South, and West in terms of people.

This is North. He was born here, he will grow up here, and he will influence the people around him just by being him.

This is East and her friend. Not a lot of people like them, but they know that God is in control and in the end everything will work out in accordance to His will.


This is South. She was born free, but went through a time of bondage. Some day the world will thank her for everything that she provided to us all.

These people are Mr. and Mrs. West. Just because I wanted to laugh. XD

Do you believe in soulmates?
Kind of. It matters I guess. Do I believe that God has someone in mind for each of us to be by our side all our lives and help us in our every troubled moment and be that perfect friend? No, but do I believe that there are people who will come into our lives right in time? Yes. I believe soulmates are not limited to one person in a lifetime, and not required to stay soulmates for that lifetime.

Weird question, answer any way you choose: How many feelings do you feel in a day?
I don’t know how I feel about this question. XD

Pineapples or Watermelon?
Watermelon for sure.

Favorite show or book series at the moment?
Oh my, did you have to ask? Thunderbirds Are Go.

Sea or Space?
Oh that is a very very hard one. I think I pick sea because I love the ocean, but space has this mysterious calling, this tantalizing wonderful hugeness that we can’t ever get a hold of. (*coughs* this has nothing to do with Thunderbirds… Nothing at all…)

Do you believe in aliens? 😛
Naw, not really. And even if they did exists I don’t believe we humans will find them because God doesn’t say anything about creating life off the earth in the Bible, so obviously we don’t need to know about it on this planet.

What’s the weirdest nickname you or someone else has been given?
This one is hard to answer because my name in real life is different then my online name, so I’m just not gonna answer that. But let me tell you, I’ve been called some weird things.

Could you live as an immortal?
Yes! If God gave me infinite life on this earth, I would be extremely sad to see it go from bad to worse, but on the other hand I would be able to live through history and influence it for Him.


Wow, those were some crazy questions. Thanks Jess for making me think. 😀

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. See you next week!

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  1. Gray Marie says:

    This was fun to read!

    Mr. and Mrs. West, lol! Love it, and I love that movie!! >.<

    1. Libby May says:

      I watched it with some girls from m youth group a couple weeks back. It was hilarious.

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