Supporting Authors, Dewdrops and Butterflies Blog Tour Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the blog tour!

We all know books. We all know stories and characters and plotlines. Some of us know about publishing and editors and book covers. But how often, when you pick up a book, do you think of the plot holes and hours of editing and writing that was put into that book? I know I don’t usually think about that at all. I just want it to be a fun read and a good story that’s worth my time.

Today I want to bring up the single most important part of any story ever written. The author. Without the author, there is no story, no imagination, no world, no characters, no depth, and no plotline to have plotholes in.

Authors spend hours upon hours laboring over their work, whether it’s a historical classic or a contemporary novella. Stories take time and work.

When we write a review about a book, that’s super important to think about. No matter how awful you think it was, no matter how many plotholes or inconsistencies you found, and no matter how bad you think it was, somebody sat down and put time and brain power into getting that story out of their head and now, obviously, into your hands. That’s an accomplishment to be proud of in and of itself.

So today I want to talk about authors. I want to you take that name that you see beneath the title of any book you have, or you’re currently reading, and I want you to consider the person behind it. It’s not just another set of letters you can use to find the book on goodreads or wherever else, and it’s not a label for other books of the same writing style. It’s a person who spent hours upon hours of their day, weeks upon weeks, typing, writing, thinking, plotting. And most likely crying a little (unless it’s a guy, then it’s probably safe to say probably not. Then again thats stereotyping girls as always crying and guys as never crying which is not truth either soooo…)

If you have time, if you’re curious, look them up! Facebook or Instagram, usually authors will share their blog or website names in the book too. Check it out. Leave a comment. If you liked the book, email or private message them and let them know that you read their book and you’re glad they went through the process of producing a book that you can now hold in your hands.

I want to bring up the lady who changed my life.

Susan Marlow

Or Mrs. M as I’ve called her forever. If you do not know Mrs. M and her Circle C book series’ then you’re from a blogsphere that I did not originate from and I say Hi! Mrs. M has written a series of books about a girl named Andi Carter. I started at the end of the Circle C Adventures series and got sucked into reading the rest of it, and when she released the next series with the same characters, called Circle C Milestones, I was right on the ball, ordering them from the library as soon as was possible.

Rewinding to a day when I was 13, I decided to visit the blog that was on the back of the book. I have no idea why, or what prompted me to. Maybe I was bored and wanted something new to do with my online time. I don’t know. But when I entered that blog, this blog here, my life literally changed.

There was a small chat box in the sidebar, Mrs. M was consistent in responding to comments and posting, and when fall came the story contest was held! I met so many wonderful girls via that blog and that chat box on the side, and it’s only because of that blog and those girls, that I am exactly where I am today. Had not I enjoyed the idea of a blog, and had not I been prompted by the girls there to start my own, and had not that writing contest boosted me into a desire of writing my own stories, I would be a completely different Libby. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even be the Libby you know at all.

So I’m thankful to Mrs. M for the hours she put into developing her series and the blog that she keeps and to God for guiding me there one day just for fun! I hope some day that my book and my life can influence and bless someone’s life, and I don’t count on hearing about it, but I pray that I can be a light!

Who is someone who has influenced your life? Maybe it isn’t an author for you. Maybe it’s a teacher or a pastor or a friend. Someone you know you would not be where you are today without them? You can let them know that you appreciate them and that they blessed your life!

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Live, laugh, and love, girls!

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