Ten Things I Learned in School


Happy June/Summer girlies!

Ok, to be fair, I learned a whole lot in school. What I meant was during my years in school, over time. Life lessons, outside of cranial knowledge, you understand?

Let’s get to it.

.1. What seems impossible now, will make an insane amount of sense… eventually.
There were some things, especially in Math and Physics felt like complete jibberish, and it all was. Until I learned one step further, and the extra facts that I had to learn earlier fell into place, and I found that *news flash* THEY WERE THERE FOR A REASON.

2. You will, actually, use that in life.
I’m honestly surprised about the amount of things in life I’m actually able to calculate or make an educated guess about now that I KNOW these things. Cooking or cleaning, hosting a yard sale, even creating my own journal cover and crocheting literally ANYTHING I’ve been able to practice the things I would otherwise go without. I mean yes, it’s true that I probably could get by without them. But since I do know them I do use them.

3. If it’s too hard now, set it aside and come back later.
Fractions guys. When I first started learning fractions it was like pulling out my hair. So much so that it was frustrating my mom along with me. There was a page, I remember now, in my 4th grade workbook that my mom waved off and let me skip for the day. Then, the day we were celebrating my graduating that grade, as I flipped through the book, I stumbled across that page.
My mom had me get out my pencil and try it again, and guess what? I had it done in a couple of minutes. It may not be that you can’t get it, but you need a little more time.

4. Don’t give up on something forever, just cuz you hate it now.
Talk to me about writing. Until 6th grade (when I was 12) you wouldn’t catch me writing anything I didn’t have to. I hated it with a PASSION. Writing anything, especially fiction, was grinding my teeth. It just hurt. I dreaded the end of every unit because I had to write a first draft of a basic topic. It was… awful. I still remember the pit in my stomach.
Obviously, that’s changed. For some reason at 12 I decided I was going to write a book. And I did. Granted it took me two years to finish, but I worked hard, and I developed the plot and I grew to love my characters and their story. I haven’t stopped writing since.

5. Always listen to your mama. She can help!
I just put this one to brag my mom. Guys I have the best mom. She’s the wisest, smartest, most patient, loving lady you will ever meet. She grew up with exactly my personality and understands me more that I could possibly explain to her. We relate. And that just means the world. She got me through this. Through twelve years of labor. I owe her an innumerable amount of credit because without her I would not be where I am today. The work she put into finding my curriculum, the stress she put up with going through it all with nothing to go off of. Girls, my mom is a super woman. I love her so much.

6. You won’t die. You think you will, but you won’t.
All through my junior year I felt like I would never get through Physics. It was literally killing me. I complained to everyone who would listen. I cried sometimes, skipped other parts. Screamed at my own self and scourged the internet looking FOR SOMEONE TO GET THIS TO MAKE SENSE. I thought I would be doing physics forever. And yet… Steadily, I moved forward, until, unbelievably, I finished! I was in awe, and still am, actually. How did I get out of it? One booklet at a time.

7. Reviewing really helps.
As much as you think to know what you know, it’s always good to review. Reminders are PRICELESS and humans constantly need to be reminded of things, we even need.

8. U.S. History, Biology, English, and Math are not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
Almost my entire life I’ve been waiting, sweating about when it’s finally gonna get… schoolish. It never did. It never got too hard, impossible. I never thought I would consider dropping out. I mean it’s pretty hard to drop out of school when you literally live at your own school. But I just thought, when am I going to get to the point where drop-outs drop out? I never got to it. I guess It just was never that hard for me. Maybe I was raised differently. Maybe things just never got that hard for me. I don’t know. I never got there.

9. The grade is not what matters, it’s what you learn that you walk away with.
I’d walk away from tests of low Bs and I’d be disappointed, almost upset to tears. But I would review and one time I had an epiphany. After you finish school, the grade you got on that test will LITERALLY never matter again. What matters is the knowledge you walked away with. It’s ok to learn something AFTER you’ve done the test BECAUSE you didn’t do as well as you wanted to. The test is just a test. It doesn’t mean anything when you choose to learn the things you need to learn, even if you can’t go back and change that grade.

10. It does end. And it’s wierd.
School ends. I always knew it would but I guess I never actually thought it would. Like…. I’m done. Forever. I’m done. I don’t know how many time’s I’ll have to say/write that before I actually grasp it. Not too long maybe. Or forever.

I just have to say thank you to my Mom for being the best teacher, my dad for being the best principle/tutor, my sisters for being the best classmates and God for getting me through all of it.

And thank you guys for reading through this! XD I hope you enjoyed. Have you finished school? If not, what grade are you in? Are you excited?

(I’ll be back next week from my trip and I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share with you girls!)

Live, laugh, and love, girls!

10 thoughts on “Ten Things I Learned in School”

  1. Such wisdom in this post!

    1. Libby May says:

      Aw thanks! I’m glad you think so Gray

      1. Marissa says:

        Love this post.
        ‘The grade is not what matters, its what you learn that you walk away with.’ Such wisdom! I get so caught up in trying to get the best grade, but its like what does it even matter, its what we learn from these lessons, not the grade, that really matters.
        In the fall when we start school again, I will be in 11th/12th ish grade. Not totally sure, cuz i technically will be in 11th grade, but will finish the pretty much all the rest of my school next year so 12th grade ish. Its complicated. Lol.

        1. Libby May says:

          I understand what you mean! Homeschooling is hard to tack down a grade. XD I’m glad you enjoyed the post Marissa. Thank you for your comment!

  2. Ah this brings back such memories! It’s been several years since I graduated high school and I was homeschooled all the way thru 12th grade. Loved what you said πŸ™‚

    1. Libby May says:

      Thank you Rhia!

  3. Lilly W says:

    Lol, some of those tips are very useful to a girl going into eighth grade! I am finishing a high school U.S. History, and I think it is hard.☺ At least it should pay off.☺

    1. Libby May says:

      They are! I wish someone had told me these when I was in school still. Then again, I knew most of it. Just didn’t BELIEVE it. πŸ˜›
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll check out your blog!

      1. Lilly W. says:

        LOL, I think we all know it. πŸ™‚
        You actually follow my blog. πŸ™‚

        1. Libby May says:

          Yeah I saw that now

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