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Just thought I’d do a little introduction for those of you who haven’t been following from the beginning. And I’ve changed since then. 😉

My name is Elizabeth Maria May and I am 19 years old. I love to write, read, draw, paint, encourage girls, share stories, build up aesthetic boards on Pinterest for my books, crochet, make friends, and listen to music.

Here are a couple random facts about me.

  • I am a passionate Christ lover!
  • My favorite food is sushi and chili, but I also love Russian dumplings and torched salmon.
  • I am the oldest of four girls and I love my sisters.
  • I am an avid fangirl and it’s something that I work hard to keep both under control and not to crazy XD. My two fandoms at the moment are Thunderbirds Are Go (please don’t judge me!) and American Ninja Warrior. (Fav Ninjas: Jamie Rahn, Ethan Swanson, and Barclay Stockett, but that’s the short list)
  • If I could travel the world I would go to Italy and the Scandinavian countries.
  • If I could go on a big trip all expenses paid I’d fly to visit my best friend in Tennessee.
  • My favorite color ever is red, but because of my book, a lot of purple has saturated my life and I’ve grown to like it quite a bit.
  • I publish my debut novel Dewdrops and Butterflies October 16th of 2019.
  • Writing is something I’m super in love with and I’ve been pursuing publishing since I was 13.
  • I have a love for stickers, washi tape, and journals.
  • I strive to guard my heart to the best of my abilities until and if God guides me to the man I am to call my future husband. I keep my mind and heart pure and do my best to encourage the girls around me to do the same.
  • I get cabin fever twice a year and it’s one of the hardest things ever.
  • I grew up homeschooled and I graduated in April of 2019.

You can find me on Goodreads, Instagram @libbymay117, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and of course, on the Contact Me page.

So tell me about yourself. What’s your name? What’s your favorite food? Where would you travel to? I appreciate every one of my followers and want to know you better!


7 thoughts on “The Author”

  1. Esther says:

    What’s your name? Esther, but I go by many other things on the internet. What’s your favorite food? Cheese! Where would you travel to? Israel.

    1. Libby May says:

      Hi Esther. Cheese is a very worthy favorite food. And Israel is such a cool place to visit!

      1. Marissa says:

        My name is Marissa. My favorite food is hmm, I would say ice cream but thats more of a dessert then food. Prob fab food is tacos or hamburgers. Place to travel: in the world, Swizterland, closer to home, Grand Canyon.

        1. Libby May says:

          Heyo!!! Ice cream definitely counts, but tacos are awesome!! I’ve been to the Grand Canyon! It’s great if you love hiking. For the national park aspect tho I reccomend Yellowstone more

  2. Lilly W. says:

    I am Lilly, and I am 14 years old. My favorite foods are pizza and macaroni and cheese (not healthy, I know. :-). I’d like to travel the whole USA along with Canada and the Congo.

    1. Libby May says:

      Hi Lilly!!!! Thanks for your comment! I like pizza too what sort of pizza do you prefer Pepperoni or plain cheese?

      1. Lilly W. says:

        Pepperoni for sure! (Sorry—I just seen this comment.)

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