The Eclipse!

Hey Guys! I’m sure you all heard about the Epic Eclipse we had this Monday. It was AWESOME. Like we all use that word way to much, but in this case I’m using it correctly. I was amazed! Honestly when I first saw the “bite” or “First Kiss” as it was called, I was like “Hey! That is awesome! It’s actually doing it! Like the Eclipse is for real!”

We did have a pair of the solar eclipse glassed, which we had gotten for free from one of my Sunday School kids’ parents. Thank you Mrs. Lisa! Mom didn’t want us to look directly at the sun, so Steve rigged up this crazy contraption. He took our pair of binoculars, and punched holes into a box, making them big enough to fit the eye pieces through. He taped a piece of paper onto the bottom inside of the box. When we positioned the binoculars toward the sun correctly (NOT LOOKING THROUGH THEM!) the sun would go through the binoculars and shine off the paper. The picture is what we saw with it. There are two eye pieces on binoculars, so originally the page looked like this:

But I have super powers (Photoshop) so I was able to make it just one sun.

We watched it with Joseph, who came over and brought his own pair of glasses. It was so much fun. Defiantly a memory for a long time.

At the point when it was like this it was almost scary. The shadows of everything were rather weak and my eyes were totally confused. It wasn’t dark, but it was odd. Like there was a huge cloud over the sun? I don’t know how to explain it.

And it did get cold! I didn’t realize it until I went to get myself a sweatshirt. I was shocked, because *cough* I didn’t believe it would actually happen. So yes. During a Solar Eclipse it does get weirdly dark, and cool. Not cold like ice cold, but still sweatshirt weather. Keep in mind we are in the middle of August, so sweatshirt weather is very odd.

And what else? The shadow left of the floor from the trees, like between the leaves, left Crescent shapes, rather than “Blobs” like Joseph’s dad said. If you go outside right now you won’t see those crescents.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that was so cool! I really had a good time.

Because we are higher up north on the U.S. we didn’t get a total Solar Eclipse. The got about as covered as the crescents in the shadow pictures, and then started to open up again.

Our God is so Awesome! The way that the Moon is the perfect distance from the Earth and the Sun to be so small and yet close enough to cover the Sun.. I’m just blown away again!

So what about you guys? Did you watch the Eclipse? Did it get covered all the way? 🙂


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