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Today is a fun post! Kate made a cardboard version of the game Catan, which is awesome people. We didn’t really want to buy it new so she decided to make the exact same thing with cardboard!

We have the game Risk, and since we did not have roads, settlements or cities, we used the pieces from Risk.

Well guess what? Steve saw us playing this funny version of the game (It looked a little odd, having these little men laying around as the roads. XD)

So he took it upon himself to home make a version for this game that is a little better quality then the cardboard hexagons with pencil drawings on top. Check out what he came up with.

Believe it or not! That’s all home made! Steve designed, printed, cut out, (with Kate’s enthusiastic help), sawed, painted, and came out with this awesome thing!

The main game board was originally just thick paper, but after a failed attempt to play it that way, Steve bought poster board and glued each hexagon on the hexagony poster board and there you have it!

Now I know you guys are probably wondering “Isn’t it just cheaper to buy the game?” The answer is no, because in all, the supplies only cost about $20, (including printer ink). And he made it the extended version that can play up to 6 people (which is pretty necessary since we have 5 of us plus Joseph). That would have cost us about $60 to buy, so it was a good deal! Plus we have bragging rights. Steve is pretty awesome!

Here are a couple even cooler home made versions of the game. 🙂

3-d Catan

Cookie Catan

Crochet Catan!

Awesome Wood Detail Catan.

So that’s pretty cool. I mean you can honestly do most anything you put your head to.

Do you guys have Catan? Do you enjoy the game? I think it’s pretty cool how there is a land and conquering game without battles and “victory” or “defeat.”

Thanks for reading. 🙂

3 thoughts on “THE GAME OF CATAN”

  1. Gray Marie says:

    My brother loves this game! He beats everyone every time, it’s not fair. XD
    His friends won’t even play with him anymore because there’s no chance of him losing!

    1. Libby May says:

      I’m pretty good a winner my self, but I don’t know anybody personally who is unbeatable. XD Good for him. 🙂 Do you guys have the moving tiles? So the layout is different every time? Cause that causes variation.

      1. Gray Marie says:

        Just saw this, sorry! Yes, we do. 🙂

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