The Standing House Epilogue

Why is it that true love never comes when you expect it?

With Jackie I wasn’t looking for love. But I got it. So deep was that devotion. So strong was his grasp. So amazing were his liquid chocolate eyes and his gentle, no-nonsense voice.

Why is it that life never turns out how you plan it? What when love finally finds you, it can be wrenched away from you so violently, and no law of love can stop it?

It’s a crime against humanity.

What is love?

I don’t know. I look out to the new saplings in our yard, and see them wave their branches hello. I see the green grass poke through the rich dark soil we brought in. I hear the birds singing their gratefulness to God  that the wind is over. I feel the breeze on my face. This is Love.

I remember when I first saw Jackie. His sudden devotion to me. His concern as he revived me after I had fainted. The singsong of his voice as we tried to get some sleep some, on our way. The way it echoed in the cave. The warmth of his arm as I lay there, wondering about everything. The way his fingers were so hesitant to touch my face for the first time we kissed. The smell of blood as he fought to stay alive, after taking the hit for me. And then the way that he told me goodbye, death lacing his voice, and yet his heart beat it’s last for me. That was Love.

And then there is me. There is the way that I keep on living. Carrying on the life that Jackie had let me live. Helping Dad get back into normal life. The way I enjoy all the sounds and smells and sights of a newly budding world. The way a smile always creeps onto my face when I think of Jackie, even as my heart cries all over again. That’s Love too.

I think Love is not one thing. It’s the combination of all the gifts we receive in life, and all the different ways we receive them. It’s the way we go on living after them. It’s the way they influence us.

Love is too big to use just one word to describe it, but it’s wrapped up in a way that once we receive it, absorb it, it explodes in us and it bounces around without ever leaving us.

Love is not a thing.

Love is life.

~Kayla’s Diary Entry

This is a Sci-Fi based book. I have several parts of the book written out, but I’m wondering if you guys think I should commit to it and write the entire thing. This is the first Sci-Fi book I’ve ever attempted to do. I hate reading sci-fi, I much rather watch a sci-fi movie, but something pushed me to write this. So I did. It’s going to be interesting.

Comment, tell me what you think, I love your guys’ comments, they are so fun to read. You could decide the fate of this book!