Trampolining and Julianna BOE

Hi guys! Got a BOE (Bit Of Everything) post today.


First, I’d like to introduce Julianna. Of course she is on my friend’s list here. It was her birthday recently and I wanted to write a little something on her.

So first and foremost, Julianna is super nice. She’s always reaching
out for those kids that don’t have a “group.” In fact she was the one to invite Kate and I to the Junior High group. (I’m moving up to High school group this year, exciting!) When we first joined it seemed like we had the plague or something. Nobody ever really talked to us, and our row in the church was always empty besides us. XD  But she would always join us. And a lot of times people would sit with her, so then we’d have people to greet.

Before too long I made our place set in concrete. In the sanctuary during worship we sit in the middle of the fourth row from the front. We never move. And in the Youth Group room we sit in the second row on the left side. That used to be one of my other friend’s (who I haven’t added to the list) place who I rudely scooted out of the way. XD It’s all good. We’re on agreement bases for that spot. XD We don’t have the plague anymore. Several others have joined my “group” and we have fun. Julianna still sit’s with us though.

What else? She’s super considerate and so dedicated. She’s a role model that I look up to. Her love for Jesus is evident in her life and I’m just so blessed to have her as a friend!

So Happy Birthday Julianna!

Small review on the month of July. We had VBS, which you guys have heard about. We also had Independence Day. I didn’t write very much about my own stuff this month, so here’s some stuff we did:

  • Went hiking with family and some friends
  • Went swimming in the lake
  • Had my Bible study group over like every month. We threw water balloons at each other and ate young coconuts and pizza. It was a blast.
  • Camp Nano. I didn’t reach my goal of 30,000 words, which I knew I wouldn’t, but I still gave myself something to shoot for. I got 11,520. Anyone know how to update a project word count after the camp is over?
  • Read some books, which included a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

Crazy Love was recommended to me by a friend from Ethan’s Bible Study. I have been reading through it this month and I really like how it’s so simple to understand and yet so packed with truth! Pastor Chan elaborates on Love, what it means, and how we need to be living our lives, being madly in love with God.

“Have you ever wondered if we’re missing it?

It’s crazy, if you think about it. The God of the Universe– the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles and galaxies and E-minor–loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. And what is our typical response? We go to church, sing songs, and try not to cuss.

Whether you’ve verbalized it yet or now… we all know something is wrong.

Does something deep inside your heart long to break free from the status quo? Are you hungry for an authentic faith that addresses the problems of our world with tangible, even radical, solutions? God is calling you into a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religions complacency isn’t working harder at a list of do’s and don’ts–it’s falling in love with God. And once you encounter His love, as Francis describes it, you will never be the same.

Because when you are wildly in love with someone, it changes everything.” ~Crazy Love

I highly recommend this book to any girl (or boy) that desires to have a closer relationship with God. I found it challenged me and helped me grow closer. You can order it at your local library or on .

And last but not least, home made strawberry lemonade Popsicle. Sweet!

Happy August all. Don’t forget to read the Verse of the week, and join the Fall in Love Challenge!


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